Legolas and Antira – Chapter 8 (The unthinkable)

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“Aimuna! I know that Antira made up that story! And you let her get away! Did you know that I could have bounty hunters scattered around Middle-earth within 2 days?” Lord Denethor screamed as they sat at the dinning room table.

” Yes sir. I am fully aware of that. But I assure you that the story that I tell is true!” Aimuna exclaimed trying to make him believe her.

And the story was true! But the only thing that she did not tell him was that it was planned!

” Alright Aimuna! That’s it!” Lord Denethor said. Aimuna backed away. “Antira will be captured and you will be dead when she get’s here!” Lord Denethor finished.

Aimuna screamed. Antira heard it and 10 minutes later, she and Legolas turned their horses around and were heading to Minus-Tirith!

Before they left, they told Gandalf that they would meet them at the forest that was 30 miles ahead.

They almost rode their horses to death when they arrived. Aimuna was almost dead from Lord Denethor beating her so badly when the 3 story high doors flung open and the 2 elves ran in. Legolas caught Aimuna as she fell unconscious. Antira running up to her father pulling out her bow and arrow.

As she loaded her arrow on the string and pulled back, she spoke very rudely to her father.

” Alright! That’s the last straw! You’ve hurt Aimuna, Legolas, the Fellowship and me! Some people that died deserved life! But you! You are the other way around! You live and deserve death! Father! I am going to grant you that wish! Goodb-”

” No Antira! I can explain!” Lord Denethor pleaded.

But Antira would not have any of that!

” No Father! Goodbye!” Antira finished ready to let the string go. But as she loosened her grip on the string, something or someone jumped on her and the arrow went flying through the window on the ceiling shattering the glass that landed on top of them.

She could not see who it was at first, but as she lay pinned to the floor, he took her bow and arrows and shot them across the room!

She finally looked up at the man that lay on top of her and realized it was her brother Faramir. At first she looked at him in shock thinking that it was Boromir but when her focus came she realized it was Faramir!

He looked down at her with shock in his eyes and said, “How could you?! Your own Father!” He finished getting off of her.

She got up without a word. Legolas just starred at her.

” Now I understand.” Lord Denethor said. ” That you deserve to die!” he finished as Antira turned around with fear in her eyes as she watched him let the string go.

The arrow hit her in the stomach. He pulled another arrow to the string and Antira held her consciousness as she watched the arrow hit Legolas in the right hand shoulder. Just then she lost her consciousness.

When she opened her eyes 2 days later, she still had the arrow in her stomach and she was surprised that she had lived when she realized that Legolas and Aimuna were still on the floor across the room!

But just as she came into focus, she heard the sound of footsteps coming her way. She closed her eyes because she had a splitting headache but when she opened them again, she waw someone over top of her.

“Are you alright? Your lucky to be alive!” he said.

Then she realized that it was Faramir.


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