Legolas and Antira – Chapter 7 (The reunited Fellowship)

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As she lead him down to the garden, she told him that her father wasn’t always like this.

On their way to the bench in the middle of the garden behind the castle, she gathered some herbs. Legolas just walked beside her being careful not to loose her and get lost, he looked around astonished of what the garden resembled. To him it resembled a forest that belonged to the elves.

“How did you get it to look so beautiful?” Legolas asked as he walked beside her looking from side to side.

“I was really the only one who took care of it. It was the only thing that I could do besides sword fights with Faramir and Boromir. It was the only thing that mattered to me. People that came into the garden said that I gave it a powerful touch of the elvin environment. I think that they were right!” Antira answered as she continued to pick up herbs from the plants.

After she was done gathering them, Legolas went and sat down on the bench as he watched in astonishment as Antira mixed, added and combined the herbs that she collected.

When she was done, she walked over and sat on the bench beside him.

“Alright. Just to tell you, this will stop the bleeding where my fathers ring scratched you!”

After she put it on and the bleeding had stopped, she put her hand on his forehead where the cut was and recited something in elvish. Legolas understood what she said. She said:

“What grace has given me, let it pass to him. Let it heal the pain that Hell has made him endure. Lasto Beth nin. Tolo Lanagalad-” was all he heard before falling into a deep trance.

Just as she finished and his wound healed, Faramir came out from the palace and started to walk over to her. He also looked astonished because he hadn’t been out here for a long time.

“Antira, whenever father ordered you around in that manner, you never fought back, why now?” Faramir asked.

Antira hesitated. Then looked up at Faramir and then down at Legolas and said

“Faramir, this time, I had something to fight for.” she said locking eyes with Legolas as he came out of the trance. “My love for someone.” she said looking up at Faramir with a dreamy look on her face.

As Faramir left, Legolas and Antira went inside and went to bed in Antira’s room. When Antira woke up the next morning, she rolled over to look at Legolas, but, to her surprise, he wasn’t there! She ran downstairs and her father told her that he ordered them to leave! He also told her to go and get dressed, for her coronation was in 2 hours!

She went up the stairs silently with her maid Aimuna following her. As they walked into her room and closed the door behind them she turned to face Aimuna.

Antira could see tat Aimuna knew what she was going to say. She had tears in her eyes. Antira said

” Aimuna, you are the best friend I’ve ever had, but, I have to leave now. And I need you to follow through with my plan. When I tell you to, turn around and get a dress and some other stuff from inside my closet, I will head onto the balcony, whistle for my horse Silvermane. And jump off onto the ground. You just have to tell my father that when you turned around again, I was gone. Ok?” Antira finished.

But as she finished a tear ran down Aimuna’s cheek and she nodded. Antira walked over and gave her a hug.

“Goodbye Aimuna! I will be back before you know it! Don’t worry.” Antira said with tears in her eyes just like the first time she ran.

” Goodbye Antira. I wish you well.” Aimuna said with tears uncontrollably down her face now.

Then Antira gave her the thumbs up and she turned. After a loud whistle, Silvermane came running. Jumping down and onto her back she headed off.

She knew that the Fellowship stopped at nightfall, so if she rode fast enough, she might catch them. She rode 7 miles before she saw the light of the fire.

As she crept through the bushes, she saw that everyone was sleeping other than Legolas. As she crept up behind him, she took out one of her arrows that she retrieved from the gates the day before. When she was right behind him she ran the arrow along his jaw bone and said

“Well, well, well. What it this? An elf crying? I thought the silvan folk came without that fault!?”

As she finished Legolas turned around and immediately stopped crying.

“Legolas! I’ve missed you so much!” Antira said hugging and kissing him. As the words came out of her mouth, she spoke so loudly that she woke the whole camp!

“Well, now that the Fellowship is reunited, we better get going before my father sends bounty hunters on me!” Antira said and in 10 minutes, they had packed up, got their horses and were on their way!

On their way out, Aragorn mounted his horse and said

“So Antira. . . now that we all know your little secret,” now the whole Fellowship was listening, “should we call you Princess….or maybe your highness, or maybe even-”

he tried to finished but Antira cut him off, “If anyone of you call me anyone of those names…you will all be beat to death with the handles on my daggers!” she said

“But my lady….wouldn’t you rather use the dagger blade?” Pippin asked.

“Pippin, if you call me one of those names, I’ll dig all your eternal organs out will a spoon! That will hurt even more! My special treatment just for you.”

To this comment Antira made, everybody laughed. And this was the 1st time that Antira had laughed in days.


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