Legolas and Antira – Chapter 5 (The shock of Antira )

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When she arrived, it looked just like she remembered it. Everything in it’s place where she had left it! Lord Denethor set her down without a word and motioned for the maids to help her change into her clothes.

She changed into a beautiful silk dress that did not cover her shoulders. It started at the top of her arms and came down with sleeves and it came to a point at her middle fingers on each hand where it would have a band that wrapped around the bottom of the fingers. She also had a cape at the back that descended from the beginning of her arms and went down until it dragged 3 feet on the floor.

When the maids were done doing her hair and placed a tiara on her head, they left and Faramir ran into the room and hugged her so tight, she almost lost her circulation. But she missed him so she hugged him back.

Then she started to cry. She told him that she had watched Boromir die. She and Aragorn were right beside him the entire time. She also told him that Boromir found her at the council that Elrond held. For she went with the Prince of Mirkwood. She and Boromir talked but she threatened him that if he told their father he would be dead before he could put up his shield!

Just as she finished, her maid, Aimuna came into the room and announced that dinner had been served and that she was to come down with Faramir.

As she walked through the corridors that lead to the dinning room, Faramir saw a tear roll down her cheek in silence.

“Please Antira, do not cry,” he pleaded, “You do not wish for Legolas to see you in this condition do you?” he finished looking at her with a not quiet comfortable look in his eyes.

She hesitated as she looked back and then slowly she said

“He has already seen me in this condition Faramir. And the only person I want to see me like this is my father. I want him to see that I am not happy. And maybe by chance, he will let me go back to Mirkwood with my love-” She trailed off as they reached the top of the staircase that lead to the dinning room.

Everyone was starring at her. Including her Father. He had a big smile plastered on his face when she came around the table but Antira didn’t know if he just enjoyed seeing her in the palace again or it was for some other reason!

So like the gentlemen that he is, he pulled the chair out for her. She sat down. The whole time starring at Legolas. He never looked up or touched his food.

“Legolas, you must eat something! You will become sick!” Antira exclaimed looking worried.

Legolas took a bit of his food and put it in his mouth. To him it tasted like ash. As he looked up at Antira he saw the worry in her eyes and the pleading of forgiveness on her face but he paid no attention to these things and said

“Are you happy now Princess?”

Antira felt guilt rush over her for not telling him the truth and at the same time she felt relieved that he knew.

She felt a tear drop from her eyes into her lap but she didn’t know if I was from guilt or happiness that she was feeling! But as another tear came down her cheek, she felt someone’s hand whip it away! She turned to her right and laid her deep green eyes on a man with soft golden colored hair and sparkling eyes.

“Eomer! Oh my Lord how I’ve missed you!”

Then Eomer’s eyes pointed to her left side and she turned around and saw Eowen! Eowen’s eyes sparkled with joy as she hugged Antira. Antira felt her long blond hair on her face and she admitted to herself that that’s what she truly missed!

She longed to be back in Gondor, but not to be queen! Just to live a normal life with her friends and family!

Surprisingly, her father stood up to announce something,

“I wish to make an announcement. Now that my daughter Antira has returned from Mirkwood,” he said giving Antira and Legolas a nasty look from across the table, “I am pleased to announce that in 2 days, I am retiring in 2 days and that tomorrow, Antira will be crowned Stewardess of the province of Gondor!”

As Lord Denethor sat down, everybody was silent. Antira was just starring at her father when she fell unconscious into the arms of Eomer.


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