Legolas and Antira – Chapter 4 ( The travel to Minas-Tirith )

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The next morning, Antira was still awake at the hill where she ran back to after Legolas left for camp. As she walked back to camp she said to herself,

“Well, today is the day. The day when my whole life drowns itself in a pool of tears when they reveal my secret.”

When she got there, the others were just walking up. Since they had no food, they would just get their horses and leave.

The ride was about 12 miles from where they spent the night. As they rode through the lands, Antira had all her memories come flowing back to her in a big splash. Tears started rolling down her cheeks when they finally arrived.

They left all their weapons with the gate guard of Minus Tirith. As they were heading through the city towards the castle, people stopped and whispered stuff. She knew what it all was about. Her. They all knew!

When they reached the front doors of the palace, Gandalf gave 2 loud knocks and the doors opened by themselves. She walked through the hall gracefully and looked around ( trying to fool Lord Denethor ) as if she had never see the place before. They all bowed to the Lord who was sitting on his thrown. But as they all stood there looking around, Antira left Legolas’ side to talk to Gandalf. When she was done, she walked to the front of the Fellowship and bowed to the lord again.

“My lord. We have terrible news. Your son Boromir has fallen-”

Antira trailed off when she laid her elvin eyes on Faramir coming into the room. They stared at each other for 30 seconds when Lord Denethor interrupted their gaze.

“Yes I already know that but…would you mind coming closer to me please?” Antira looked back at Gandalf with a nervous look on her face when she saw Gandalf nod his head telling her to go and not to be frightened. Finally, she moved forward. Noticing Faramir looking at her while letting his sword drop to the ground ( He was shining it ), she knew he knew.

She finally reached the platform that he was sitting on. “May I say miss, you look just like…like…like my daughter!” he finished.

Then he saw it! Her necklace! It was put on her when she was born and even if she tried to throw it away, it would always come back! It was a sign that she was a princess.

“Would you mind taking off your necklace and showing it to me please?” Lord Denethor said with a little bit of a stutter in his voice.

Antira nervously took off her necklace and handed it to Denethor as she tried to keep her hand still so he could take it, it just wouldn’t stay in one spot! After a look at her necklace, he jumped off the platform where he sat and went down and hugged her.

“You are! I knew it! You are my daughter! Antira I’ve missed you so much!” He finished.

Antira looked back at the Fellowship. They were all in shock other than one person. Gandalf. But the only person that she was worried about was Legolas. She mouthed the words im sorry to him as he dropped to his knees.

“So Antira. This is what you couldn’t tell me? That you were heir to the thrown of Gondor if Aragorn did not take it before his death and the Boromir and Faramir are your brothers and that you are a princess?”

Legolas finished in a calm voice. Antira hesitated and looked at him. She thought that she could see his eyes turning grey, dark grey. But after thinking, she said in tears

“Yes Legolas. I am. They are and I am a princess. The reason I ran away was because my father was forcing me to be queen when I chose exile!” she finished

“So you couldn’t tell me?” Legolas asked in a very uncomfortable calm voice.

“No Legolas! I couldn’t! I didn’t know how you would react! And Legolas the only people who knew were…” she was afraid to say it, “was me and Gandalf.”

As Legolas sat there in silence, the whole Fellowship looked stunned and Gandalf looked a very unusual shade of white, some hand maidens tried to come and take her to her room. But the pain of seeing Legolas in that state was too much!

She refused them and tried to run for the doors but Lord Denethor motioned and the doors closed and behind them stood 2 guards. She started to run back, her eyes full of tears ( it made it very hard to see ), and the next thing that she knew, she was on the ground. she had bumped into her father.

“Stay away from me!” she pleaded crawling backwards.

But it was too late. Her father had picked her up and was carrying her to her bedroom flung over his shoulder.


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