Legolas and Antira: Chapter 30- – Will Legolas and Antira be torn apart by the one ring?

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Antira opened the doors to the hall very silently as she walked in. She didn’t know how Faramir would react when she told him that she was to accept the thrown, but she had to do it for this was the only life she was destined to live.

She found Faramir in the garden behind the castle. He was taking care of the plants just like she had asked her to do when she ran away the first time.

“Faramir…” she said coming up behind him very quietly.

He turned around, he was startled to see her but he was happy.

“Faramir, I have come for a very important reason.” she said trying to say it as softly as possible.

“And what reason is that my lady?” he asked as she shivered when he said that name.

“I have come to claim the throne.” She said very quickly as she looked at the ground.

He brought her chin up to look into her eyes and sighed.

“You do not want it. It is a burden. I would rather see you and Legolas rule where your kind dwell.” he exclaimed as tears filled her eyes. “By the way, where is the rest of the Fellowship anyways?”

“They are not here. They are in a different land where they shall never see the light of day again. Legolas and I will never rule. That is why I have come to accept the throne here and now.” Antira looked into his eyes. “I know I don’t want it but I care about you more than a stupid throne. So, I have come to take that burden away from you.”

“I will not let you. This love that you and Legolas have together is never going to falter. I do not see why you are not in his arms right now.” Faramir said as he tried to brush her off.

“He does not love me anymore. Nor do I love him. So, as the rightful lady to the throne, I have come to releave you of your duties as Steward. That is a command.” She said as she walked out the door in a storm and headed straight for her bedroom where she could put on somemore comfortable clothing and relax.

Faramir followed her all the way up the stairs. Much to her dislike, he even stepped into her room. “Im not going to let you do this to yourself. You will see that when he comes back, you will love him. You do love him and he loves you and you have just forgot that feeling for you are in a war. You must fight this urge. For it will pass.”

“No it will not happen. It will never happen. I don’t want to see his or any other fellowship face again. Now, if you may, please leave. I wish to get changed into some more comfortable clothes and relax while I still have the time because as you say…”It is a burden”. Good night Faramir.”
Antira finished as he stepped out and closed the door.

He didn’t like what she was doing for he knew her far too well to know that she was in love…and the kind of love that will not falter.


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