Legolas and Antira – Chapter 3 ( A Fear Stricken Heart )

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” I have to go now. The others are most likely looking for me. ” Frodo said getting up from the place where he sat and headed through the thick brush in tears. Legolas just sat there looking at the full moon with a far away look in his eyes when something tapped him on the shoulder. He turned back to see who it was when he laid his deep green eyes on Antira. ” Legolas…why was the Ringbearer crying? What sorrow does he have on his mind?” Antira asked locking eyes with him. Legolas looked North for the third time that night and sighed. Not looking back at Antira, he replied,” The Ringbearer does not have a troubled mind…but a troubled heart.” Antira took a seat beside him and said nothing but ” I see. ” “Antira…I-” Legolas trailed off as he looked at her. She was in the moon light now and it reflected in her elvin eyes. She turned to him and locked eyes with him again. She started to talk using the elvish language. Legolas understood every word of it. ” Legolas, I know so much about you. Your father is ruler of Mirkwood, and you are prince. Air to the throne of Mirkwood. I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You took me in when I ran from Gondor, you gave me food, a home and loving care. Is there anyway I can repay you for your kindness?” ” No. You don’t have to repay me. Listen, I wish to finish my sentence that I started earlier…” But Antira put a finger on his lips and motioned towards the bushes. Rattling was coming from inside them. They both got up quietly, took out their bows and put an arrow to their strings. They moved slowly towards the bushes. Then finally they stuck the arrows up close to the bushes and shot trying to hit what ever was in there. “AHHHH!” They both heard. They both looked at each other and exchanged scared looks. They finally pulled the branches away to reveal Samwise Gamgie. He looked as pale as a ghost while looking at the arrows that were on either side of him just inches away from were he sat! He could of past for a ghost anytime then. ” Would you put those things away! You could of poked my eye out with them arrows!” He screamed. ” Samwise Gamgie! Have you been eves dropping?” Antira screamed. ” No miss! I haven’t been dropp’n no eves promise! I was trying to find some berries my lady! ” he said innocently. ” Im sorry if I interrupted! Im terribly sorry! It’s just that the camp is hungry and we have all gone out to find food! I must of wandered too far! I will leave now! Goodbye!” He finished running off into the woods. Legolas and Antira went back and sat down were they were sitting. “Alright Legolas, what did you want to tell me?” Antira said looking back at him. Legolas turned back and looked at her and said, ” Antira, I know a lot about you that you don’t know I know! I know why you ran from Gondor.” Antira’s smile faded and turned into pure fear. She didn’t want him to know she was a princess! A princess that was air to the throne of Gondor if Aragorn did not take the thrown before his death! That was the reason she ran away! Because her father was forcing her to become queen when he retires! She didn’t want that! And she told here father that! He never listened to her! Her brothers Boromir and Faramir knew as well that she didn’t want that! They always listened while they fought at the dining room table! So, she ran to Mirkwood! Even though her father and brothers were all men, she was an elf. Although, nobody knew how it happened, she was born elvin! And not half elvin, but completely elvin! So when Legolas took her in, she fit in well with the rest of the village. ” I have been thinking about it and the most logical reason I could find was that your father was abusing you in some way, so you ran. Is that the reason? When you came to your castle, you refused to tell me why you did it. So now, can you tell me?” Legolas finished. Now the moon was coming out from behind the clouds again and it shone in her eyes and on her face. Legolas watched as she lowered her head and a tear fell into her lap. She wanted to tell him, but she couldn’t. The only person that knew her secret was Gandalf. She knew he would never speak a word to anybody. ” Legolas, I am terribly sorry, but I don’t think that you are capable of handling the truth. Im sorry. I cant because-” She trailed off when she heard Aragorn’s voice calling them. ” I think we should be getting back to camp.” Legolas said with a sad look in his eyes. Without another word, the two of them got up and headed back for camp. But when they got there, they were surprised to see a fire! A fire that they had been trying to get going all day! They both sat down next to each other when Frodo said,” Ok. Now that we are all here, I guess I better tell you all the news. On our way out tomorrow, we will be passing through Gondor. Gandalf wishes to speak to the Stuwart of Gondor so we must ask permission to stay the night within the palace walls.” Frodo said all excited for the next day. But Gandalf and Legolas gave Antira a worried look as she starred unblinkly at Frodo. Then at that moment, she gave in and fell over unconscious and in shock. While she was unconscious, she could just see her father and Faramirs faces when they were told that Boromir had fallen and when they realized that she was the princess. That night when she woke up, she woke up with a cry. Legolas was lying awake beside her. He never if ever slept. With her cry, Gandalf also awakened and came over to see her. She told Legolas to get some sleep while she and Gandalf went for a walk. Deep in the forest, out of earshot of the others, she told Gandalf that her father was going to recognize her and the folks will recognize her and her father was going to make her stay and be queen and Faramir will try to defend her and they will get into a big argument and that her life was a disaster! ” Antira, is your life a disaster when you and Legolas are together? ” Gandalf asked with sympathy. Antira didn’t hesitate when she gave her answer,” Gandalf, I haven’t even told Legolas this, but , I don’t feel for him as just a friend anymore! Gandalf I love him! And when we go to Gondor and my father recognizes me and gives out my secret, Legolas, well, I don’t know what he will do! I have a gut felling I should tell him now, but , I do not wish to tell him that I am a princess that ran away and became a Mirkwood princess wannabe! He will get mad! Terribly mad! And it may be the end of our relation ship together! It may be the end before it even started!” she finished with a panicked look on her face. Gandalf thought for a minute and said, “Antira, you love him and I know that Legolas would not play around with love…he loves you! And if he really truly loves you, he will understand!” ” So does that mean that my father does not love me?” Antira asked looking worried. ” No Antira. Your father just wants what’s best for you. He just wants you to be happy.” Gandalf said trying to end the conversation. But Antira would not let it end. ” But Gandalf…Im not happy! I don’t want to be a queen!” Antira growled. ” I think that you should follow what your heart tells you to do! I would let Legolas find out by himself. And then deal with the situation when it comes.” Gandalf said.” But for now lets all get some sleep.” Gandalf finished and went back to camp. But Antira just stood there starring at the moon thinking of only one thing. <> But then, something grabbed her shoulder and kissed her on the cheek. She turned around and saw Legolas starring at her with a puzzled look on his face. ” Antira, if there is something you want to tell me, please do so.” Legolas finished as he watched tears roll down her cheeks. ” No! Im not telling you!” Antira screamed while running off into the woods, leaving Legolas and his puzzled look behind.


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