Legolas and Antira: Chapter 29- Running – Will Legolas and Antira be torn apart by the one ring?

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The next morning she woke up and felt back to normal. Although she heard everything that happened last night, she could hardly remember any of it. That is, until she saw his face.

Legolas’ face was pale, droopy and expressionless. It all came back to her. He lost hope. Every little bit of it.

She didn’t know what to do. She had to talk to him. She just had to think of a way.

After ten minutes of thinking, she found it.

Trying to be unnoticed by the rest of the Fellowship, she slipped into the forest and left her horse there. Silvermane soon took off into it without another thought.

Antira came walking out looking puzzled. Putting on a really good impression she started to talk to the rest of the Fellowship.

“Aragorn, have you seen Silvermane? She was just here.” She asked Aragorn as he walked by.

“No. I haven’t. Sorry. Didn’t you tie her up last night” He asked her as he looked around.

“Yes. I tied her up like I usually do” Antira said trying hard not to laugh.

“Don’t worry. We’ll find her. For now, just catch a ride with somebody else” He said as he walked away.

She convinced Legolas to let her hope on with him.

She didn’t know what she’d say to him on the way but she had a pretty good idea. She just didn’t know if he’d believe her or not.

Finally, the Fellowship got on their way. Antira was sitting on the front of the horse while Legolas was in the back with his arms around her and controlling the horse.

“Legolas, I think we need to talk.” Antira said as they remained in the back of the Fellowship.

“Talk about what. There is nothing to talk about. You said it last night. There is no hope.” He said as he continued to stare at the trail that they were riding on.

“No Legolas. We didn’t lose hope. Saruman was controlling me last night. I was just his way to get to you! I didn’t say any of that! Saruman is targeting our love because it is one way and start to breaking the Fellowship and getting the ring. That is why he is doing this. You have to believe me!” She yelled as everybody looked back to see what was happening.

“Yes, well, I don’t. You lied to me throughout this entire journey. I can’t trust you anymore. Not with the way you lied. Im sorry. I just can’t.” He said as he continued to stare.

“Legolas! I didn’t lie to you! I never have! And I don’t intend to start now!” Antira said as she kept yelling that he had to believe her.

But he didn’t. He never would again. She felt her life was over. She had nobody there for her. Nobody.

They all continued to ride.

As soon as night fell, Antira left the site where they were all sleeping and ran into the forest. She whistled. She heard a distant thumping coming her way.

It was Silvermane. As soon as she arrived, she rode off with her.

“I never want to go back…” she thought as she rode through the forest with tears in her eyes.

There was only one place for her now. Gondor. The last place on earth anybody would expect to find her. Home. With all her memories. All the lonely times that she spent in those palace walls. She didn’t have a life anymore.

So, without hesitation…she rode off to Gondor. To accept the thrown. To be crowned Queen of
Gondor and relieve Faramir of his duties of Steward.


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