Legolas and Antira- Chapter 26 : It’s time to work things out – Will Legolas and Antira be torn apart by the one ring?

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Legolas and Antira didn’t talk for about a week. They did co-operate but they didn’t say a word to each other unless their lives depended on it.

Their week was coming to an end and the world record for a couple that didn’t speak for a week was set.

That night as everybody went to bed, Antira was restless as was Legolas. They couldn’t go on like this. She got up and went into the forest to a spot that looked just like the one where they had their first kiss.

Walking through the forest, she watched it come into view. It was the perfect night to run away but she decided not to. She tried hard not to think about that night when they were both standing there. She flashed back.

As their lips were released from one and other, Legolas opened his mouth to speak but Antira put her finger to his lips and said

“Shh Elf lord. Tomorow we may not meet each others eyes, but lets not ask questions tonight.” then she kissed him softly on the forehead and ran off into the forest.

That was not a fond memory but in some ways it was. Legolas helped her so much over the time that she was with him. She couldn’t deney it. She loved him so much.

How could she be so mean to him? She felt so guilty when she felt someones arms tighten around her waist from the back. She knew who it was so she didn’t twitch at his touch.

“Antira. Listen to me. This is not the way a relationship is suppose to work. We are not suppose to yell at each other. We are suppose to talk and work it out. Not try to run away on horseback with someone on your tail. That just is not right.” Legolas said as he looked north.
He also flashed back. It was really weird for them to do that because they didn’t really rememeber any of it until that night. It was like their brains were waiting for the perfect time to remind them of what they had for each other and what they didn’t have against each other.
They stood there. They talked. They listened. They worked it out. They laughed. They cried. And this was all over the years of pain in their hearts. That pain in their hearts was the growing pains of love. And they knew it. They knew they were meant to be together for the rest of their days, they knew that. They knew even before they met.

Its a nice feeling to be loved by someone so close. Antira thought as she was sitting there with him at her side. Even when nobody else was on my side or loved me or respected me for what I was, he was always there for me. I love him so much I dont know what to do with myself. She concluded as she put her head on his shoulder and looked south to where they had already been.

Legolas twitched as he looked. He saw something move. He saw something.

“What is it?” Antira said as she too looked south to where he was looking. “No. It cant be! Faramir! Oh my lord! Come Legolas! He knows were here! Let us go and greet him!” Antira said getting up and running though the forest to the camp and then around everybody sleeping on the ground.

They were in such a deep sleep that they wouldn’t wake up even if somebody with a dragon came up and started to make so much noise. They didn’t hear them at all.

Faramir jumped off his horse and ran towards her. They hugged so tight that she lost her cerculation of her blood but she didn’t care. He was alive! He was alive.

Legolas went to tend to Faramir’s horse as they talked. Just then, Antira face turned into pure fear. She ran over to Gandalf and woke him up. They also talked as his face turned shadowy under moonlight of the night.

Legolas wanted to know what was going on so he walked up to her. “Antira, what is going on? Why are you so scared?” Legolas asked as she sat down on a stump.

Antira replied “Legolas……dont you see, we are all in grave danger here. We have to move! They know are exact whereabouts and they are coming for the ring! The Ringwraiths are coming! Gandalf is waking up everybody in the camp! We must get our horses and leave. Faramir was already attacked. But they realized he didn’t have it so he came to warn us! He is going to protect us and we must get out of here! I want to leave right know! Oh no. Their here. RUN!”


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