Legolas and Antira: Chapter 25 (The stress of Love) – Will Legolas and Antira be torn apart by the one ring?

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The day was drawing to an end as they left their campsite. Even thought they knew that it was foolish to leave at that hour, they also knew that it would be foolish to stay for the orcs were on their trail and so were the Nazgul.

They had to get out of there fast incase the dark lord Sauron decided to put something else of their rear ends too!

Riding side by side, Legolas and Antira stayed silent. Legolas was worried about her. He didn’t like what she had said that day in the woods. Although his brain couldn’t figure out what she meant, his heart knew it all along.

He didn’t know if they were drifting together, or apart. He didn’t know what to do if she was ever killed or fell ill or ran away because of her feelings like she did in Gondor.

They rode on for 20 miles at the horses regular walking pase. Finally, Legolas hung back trying to give Antira a hint that he wanted to talk to her in private. But she didn’t seem to get the message and just kept on riding.

He just sat there on his horse that he had stopped. Did she feel guilty for saying all that stuff?

He had to talk to her and fast. If this was the case, then she was depressed and that could kill a person in a matter of time.

“Antira!” Legolas said in a whisper when he caught out to her and the Fellowship.

“What?” Antira said sternly as if she was ignoring him.

“I need to talk to you. Please stop your horse and come with me.” Legolas said pulling up along side of her.

He then looked at her as she tried to speed up.

They came into a valley that was very long but narrow. She took off trying to get her horse to move faster. But then Legolas took off after her. Was she really going to run away?

Trying to catch up to her before she go to the exit, he saw tears run off her face as they rode at high speed. She was almost at the exit and the Fellowship was out of sight when her horse collapsed.

She went flying onto the ground as Legolas flung himself off his own horse to rush to her aide.

She was lying on the ground. Her eyes looked red as she tried to stop crying. He just looked into them trying to hold back the tears himself.

“Why do you try to avoid me? And why were you crying?” Legolas asked as he got down on both knees and helped her sit up.

Antira bursted out with tears in her eyes. She couldn’t hold them back any longer. They had to come.

“I don’t know. Im very stressed out at the moment and I just wish to be alone. And why do you keep following me where ever I go?” Antira said while Legolas pulled her close.

“Im just scared that……and I don’t want you to……do you know what im saying?” Legolas asked as she looked at him more calm then she was.

“I know what your saying. Your saying that under all this stress you don’t want to leave me alone because your afraid that I will run away from it again as I did last time. Right?” Antira said as she felt herself boil over with mixed feelings.

Legolas just sat there and nodded when she got up and she found that Legolas was following her.

“Antira, I just want you to be safe. I know what all this feels like. I know what stress love, ruling and more important stuff can bring. Just trust me. I know that under the certain kind of stress, you will run. And it has already begun inside of you. Lord Denethor’s death, Boromir’s death, the fighting at Helm’s Deep, everything to do with royalty will stress you out. But you must accept that and try and fight it. I will help you do that. Even if no body else knows about it. I will keep you safe.” Legolas finished with sympathy in his eyes.

She just looked at him with a disgusted look on her face.

“How could he protect me while I cannot protect myself? It is foolish of him to think that way.” Antira thought to herself. “What could love do for me now. If my destiny is running from this group, then so be it.” she concluded her thoughts when she finally saw the Fellowship that came from behind a big rock.

She went and tended to her horse and looked at Legolas as in she was trying to say,

“You speak one word of this to anybody and I will hurt you so bad that you will be wanting just to hand over the ring to the orcs and run back to Mirkwood and hide in your bed.”

But of course, she didn’t say that to him because she knew that it would name him feel bad about this relationship. Well, if it was even a relationship anymore!?,


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