Legolas and Antira: Chapter 23 (Is it love, or is it guilt?) – Will Legolas and Antira be torn apart by the one ring?

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2 days later they arrived at the Golden Hall. Faramir, Eomer and Eowen all arrived there before the Fellowship to tend to the army’s wounded.

But during that time Antira’s wound was getting infected. She was getting really sick and Aragorn felt the guilt rise up within himself.

Every night he would think about her and her wound that he had caused. The wound that may result in her death. But then he’d think that she has stared death in the face before and lived. But then again, this is something that he could of prevented from happening. This is something that now, nobody could heal.

He felt like it was his fault. He walked through the halls to her bedroom where she lay and rest. Legolas was at her side when he knocked and opened the door.

She looked straight into his eyes and saw the guilt that he felt. To her, it looked like he hadn’t had any sleep for days.

“Legolas,” She said as Aragorn stood by the door. “Can you leave Aragorn and me for a minute to talk.”

Legolas nodded as he left and closed the door. He thought while they talked he would take a little walk around the gardens in the back of the hall.

“Aragorn, what is wrong, you look like you are sleep deprived, you are stumbling… you feel something that I should know about?” Antira asked as she walked towards her.

He did not want to tell her about his guilt. He thought that she didn’t know that he had hit her with the arrow.

“Antira, I have to confess to you. I….I hit you with the arrow. Im truly sorry. But I missed the orc. I didn’t see you!” Aragorn said sitting down on the edge of the bed.

Antira tried to sit up, but when she did, the pain got worse. Aragorn put his hand behind her back to help her.

He felt the bandages. He felt how much he missed her. Arwen. He missed her. Just feeling the soft skin of Antira. He wanted to be with Arwen.

“I already know Aragorn. Legolas told me because he thought that I would be mad with you if I found out some other day.” Antira said silently.

He looked into her elvin eyes and it was like he hadn’t heard a word that she had said. He read the words in her eyes. He looked down at the necklace around her neck and for a minute he thought that he saw the necklace that was around his very neck.

Trying to cope with mixed feelings, he didn’t know who his feelings were for. Was it for Arwen? Or was it for Antira?

He felt someone’s hand brush his that was on the bed. He looked down and saw Antira’s sitting on his. He looked into her deep green eyes that were full of confidence.

He lowered his head and a dime smile turned into a slight frown. She brought his chin up with her hand and said

“Don’t feel guilty. It was an accident. And accidents can make somebody forgive.”

Aragorn smiled. “Thank you for understanding My Lady.” He said with his eyes in contact with hers.

Antira smiled. She was happy….but….then again……there was something else that was bothering him she thought.

“Aragorn, do you miss Arwen,” Antira said in elvish. He looked stunned. He looked at her and read her expression. It was serious but it also had a hint of concern.

“I….how did…..” He shuddered. She took on a more serious look.

“I know what you look like when you are around Arwen. You took on that expression when you look in my eyes, when you see the necklace around my neck, when you helped me sit up…..yes, I am an elf, but I am not Arwen.” She said again in elvish.

“You must understand that we will win this and you will see her again. But remember. I am not her. You need to find the confidence in yourself to pull through until we destroy this ring and we get to go home.” she finished but this time, she said it all in English.

Aragorn just looked at her with a confused and kind look on his face.

“You act like you are predicting the future. You act like you know what is in store for us. Then tell me, what is in store for us if you know so much?” Antira looked happy that he once again had a sense of humor.

“Well, I see peace, happiness and love…..that is between you and Arwen when you go home, and I see that the ring is no longer in Frodo’s possession. He has destroyed it. He has destroyed it.” Antira finished.

Legolas walked in after they finished. She told him some of the things that they talked about, but the part with Arwen involved, she and Aragorn decided to keep it a secret.

And as for her heath, it rose after that so that she was heathier than she was before.

They finally left the Hall in happiness. And after that day, she and Aragorn became closer than even Frodo and Sam were. They now have a great friendship that will last well into the after world.


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