Legolas and Antira: Chapter 22 (The surrender) – Will Legolas and Antira be torn apart by the one ring?

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They all charged toward the army and began to shoot her arrows quickly and at the same time pulling them out of dead orc bodies to shoot again.

She thought that that was the worst thing about war was when you have to pull an arrow out of a dead body to kill another. It’s like that arrow had another chance to kill another soul.

She hated war but if she had to fight, then she would fight and be proud of it.

She knew that lots of people were watching over her right at that moment. Her mother and father, her family, Denethor, Boromir……but as she came to think of Boromir, she saw his face. She was once again brought back to the place where he had fallen. She felt like she was transported to that exact spot.

He was lying in the grass on a hill. Aragorn, he was leaning over him. And her. Acting helpless as she also lay beside him. Tears running down her cheeks. Then he said

“Goodbye Antira. May you life be filled with happiness and promise me something. Get that ring to Mordor no matter what circumstances lay ahead. If you must, I know that you would sacrifice yourself to save this world. Do that if needs be.”He finished as his face got whiter and whiter.

Then, to her surprise she sensed that she said words out loud that sounded like “Yes Boromir, I mean Faramir….I… mean…..”then she felt herself falling.

Falling. Falling into shadow. She was confused. She didn’t know who died. Was it Boromir or Faramir? It was like she was predicting the death of Faramir.

“It was like she was predicting the death of Faramir or something.” She heard Aragorn’s voice say very dimly.

She woke up in a flash. She wasn’t on the battle field anymore, but in a bedroom. She felt a piercing pain in the side of her stomach that she thought was a just miss of her intestines.

She lay there. Eyes closed. She couldn’t open them. She finally felt somebodies hand in hers as she regained consciousness. She tried to open her heavy eyes but they just opened a bit to reveal some of the light in the room.

It was just about sundown and she was lying in her bed with somebody sitting beside her and somebody walking around the room.

Her hand twitched a bit and Aragorn and Legolas either got up from the chair or rushed to her side as she opened her eyes.

“What happened?” She said trying to sit up.

“You passed out.” Aragorn said putting his hand on her forehead to feel her temperature.

“I was standing beside you fighting when you went into a trance and started saying stuff about Boromir or Faramir. I think that you were predicting Faramir’s death….I don’t know.”

“I was transported to the death of Boromir and I became confused because I didn’t know who died! And……that’s all I remember.” Antira said in a very low voice.

“You were hit by an arrow and you collapsed.” Legolas said.

“So that’s probably why I felt like I was falling into darkness. I collapsed when I was hit!” Antira said very softly because she did not intend for them both to hear her say that.

“Well, we had better get you out of here and get you to the Golden Hall. They can treat you there. Legolas, can you carry her out to the horse?” Aragorn asked him as if he meant for him to say something different.

“Yes Aragorn. Come now Antira…” he said as she put one arm behind her back and the other arm under her legs.

“But wait! What happened with the battle? And where are we?” Antira said stopping Aragorn and Legolas in their tracks.

“Antira, we are in Mirkwood. And the battle left over half dead and a quarter hurt and the rest either missing or alive. We ran. We could not do much for the wounded. They all wanted to die because of Sauron taking away their freedom.” Aragorn said with a sad look in his eyes.

“No.” She said softly into Legolas’ ear.

Then she felt the rage take over. How could they surrender! She hatted them for it!

“How could you!”Antira said in almost a yell.

“How could you just give up! I thought that we were fighting for freedom!” Antira yelled almost at the top of her lungs.

“Antira, calm down. We are all fine! Do not worry. We surrendered because nobody could handle the war, and without the Fellowship there, they would all of just died.” Legolas said without hesitation.

Antira just looked at him. Aragorn walked out of the little hut and so did Legolas. They set her on the horse while the rest of the Fellowship climbed on their own horses.

“Why wasn’t the Fellowship there?” Antira asked Legolas and she leaned against him on the horse.

They were on the same horse since she could not handle hers at that moment. Legolas was in the back and she was in the front.

“The reason was because…….listen…….Aragorn did not tell the whole story.” Legolas said as he looked into the elvin eyes of Antira.

She was now paying more attention then she was to the fact that she once again saw the trees of Mirkwood and perhaps for the last time.

“We were fighting the orcs and were killing them by the second. You were doing a great job. Probably in about five minutes you killed about 90 of them. Then you went into the trance. You dropped your arrows onto the ground as well as you bow. Aragorn, trying to shoot at an orc that was in front of you, when, he shot. The orc jumped out of the way and it hit you in the side almost inches away from you stomach. He did not want you to be mad at him so he told me not to tell you but, I love you Antira and I had to tell you. It would have just-made matters worst within a week if you found out. Then he called for me. The rest of the Fellowship also saw. They all rushed to your side. That is why we surrendered because everyone was dying and because everyone was so worried about you that they would of risked leaving the battle to be with you. So, instead of letting them down, we surrendered. It was all for you Antira. We all love you.” He finished and kissed her on the cheek.

She dosed off thinking that she was the reason for the surrender. She was the reason that they lost that war. They surrendered for her.

But why were they so worried. There was something missing in the story and she was going to find out if it was the last thing that she did.


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