Legolas and Antira – Chapter 21 (Orcs vs. Men vs. The Fellowship)

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The Fellowship arrived at the hall 3 days later. They had obviously stopped to rest a lot along the way. The horses were exhausted, they all needed some food because they were just about to collapse and they were just about to go into a fight so they needed their strength to fight in this.

They finally ate, slept and talked about what had happened. Faramir hardly said anything. He was still in disbelief of the death that had come to his father. When they tried to get him to talk he just sat there.

“Faramir, I am as sad as you are but you cant be silent for the rest of your life. Come now. Aimania tortilandia archamina toi a ma caldi miche orh ed formi. Remember?” Antira said as she sat beside him with her hand in his.

“Yes Antira. I remember. That is the phrase that you taught me when I was 3. Right before you ran away.” He said looking down at his feet.

“Faramir, do you remember what it means though?” Antira added.

Faramir sat there with his head down and said “It means never give up no matter how hard things seem, they are not impossible. But what does that have to do with this? That is just a mire saying.” He finished looking into Antira elvin eyes.

“Faramir, I know that saying is easier than being done but life goes on with or without those people that we loose. Its not impossible to move on and moving on means never giving up. Tell that to yourself whenever you think about your father.” Antira said in a soft voice.

Faramir was silent for seconds afterwards. “Maybe you are right. Maybe that wiser at an old age saying that you told me before is kicking in!” Faramir said elbowing her very softly.

They all laughed as they walked out the door to the battle. Heading down to the village was not an easy thing because of the rough terrain that Rohan had.

Moving around the hills, up and over, down and under and more was more confusing than anything! They got lost once or twice and had to retrace their steps back the their exact position of where they were before they got lost!

The battle against the orcs. They knew that this wasn’t going to be easy from the experience that they had had with the orcs. But if they did win, they would take their bodies and burn them in a big ball of fire. That would surly get Saruman’s attention.

When they arrived, Eowen, Eomer and Faramir went to meet their army since they took a longer way to the battle. Getting ready, Antira moved her way towards Legolas.

” This wont be easy.” Legolas said sensing that she was there looking down at his bow.

“I know.” She said sitting down beside him on the rock. “I know. But we must not give in. Even if the Fellowship is the only team standing. We must not give in.” Antira said as she placed her cold freezing hand on his shoulder and bending over to look at him. “If worst comes to worst, we will let the Hobbits go to Mordor and we will stay and fight. If that is what we need to do, then it will be done. We cannot lose this battle by surrendering. We lose by dying strong with our bows, daggers, swords and ax’s at our side.” Antira finished as Aragorn joined in on their little conversation.

Antira just looked up at him and she seemed to read his eyes. He was worried too. What if Frodo was killed. What if they lost to the orcs and the ring was taken back to Sauron. What if they killed them all. Dying was a word that everyone feared.

But the Fellowship would stand proud to live or to die for Middle-earth It was like saying

“I will serve my people, my Lord, my friends. I will fight till death will call on me to give my life for everyone else in this country.” and then you hold your sword up tight against your neck, to show that you will sacrifice yourself if needs be. Then say… “I sacrifice myself to save the race of Men, Elves, Dwarves, Wizards and Hobbits when my time is to end.”

Aragorn and Antira held each others gaze for just seconds when Legolas and Antira looked to the North East to hear the sound of rushing feet. They knew and the rest of the army knew, that it was time.

Time for those humans to sacrifice themselves for the freedom of Middle-Earth. Terrible thing to do, but if for freedom, let them come.

Then Antira got up in front of the army with the rest of the Fellowship, Faramir, Eomer and Eowen at her side and said

“Give us freedom……or let there be war!”

And they all charged as she watched the first of the lives be taken away from the first dying soldiers of war. Terrible.


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