Legolas and Antira – Chapter 2 ( Frodo’s Secret Revealed )

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Legolas hesitated. He looked blankly at the sky again and said as he turned and looked at Frodo “I do not know tiny halfling. But all that I am certain of right know is that this love that I fell for Antira is greater than the seas and lands I have traveled! It is bigger than eternity that we shall always share in each others grasp. My love for her is greater than my life and everybody’s life here in Middle Earth! I would give my last breath if it would give her the power to live on…Ringbearer…have you…ever been in love before? As in a love that you thought would last an eternity?” ” No.” Frodo answered without hesitation. But Legolas saw the small tear run down his cheek and he knew what had happened. He lost her in some way. ” Please Frodo do not cry. Tell me about her. What was she like? Maybe you will feel better if it is all out of your mind.” Legolas said trying to be a friend. ” She was like an evening star, flickering against the blue night sky. She was more beautiful than a flower that was so beautiful you could die at the sight of it. She had the heart of an elvin girl born with all the knowledge she would need to help the entire continent of Middle Earth. With her heart, she could even bring Sauron to his knees and transform him into a rose. That is until that fateful night. Me and Emil, that was her name, we went down to the edge of the hills where we would watch the sun set. But on that night, we stayed there until dark to watch the stars appear. When we got to the roads, she insisted that she walk herself home. That was a mistake. I should of gone with her. But by surprise, she gave me my first real kiss. And it was going to be my last. When we split up and went our separate ways, she had to go thought he shire gates to get to bywater where she lived. There on the road, she was slaughtered by the 9 Ringwrathes that regularly ride by late at night. She was also suffering from a long term illness that she would die anytime then. But the horrible Ringwrathes brought it to her faster and more painfully then when she was suppose to die. And it just brought me more pain to see and hear people yelling, ” Help! Help! She’s been slaughtered! Emil! From Bywater! She’s gone! Help! Help!” Those words resounded in my head month after month. But I never thought they would go that far. I never thought they would kill her and after that come after myself.” Frodo now whimpering, he turned to Legolas and said “I don’t know why they did it, but, I promise that one day, I will destroy the 9 Ringwrathes and destroy the one ring that I know wear around my neck.” Legolas now had much sympathy in his eyes for his friend, but now, he had more reasons to hate the nine Ringwrathes. And then, it came to him. What would he do if that happened to Antira?


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