Legolas and Antira – Chapter 19 (Where is Faramir?)

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The ride back to Gondor took a long time. The whole Fellowship knew that they had to tell Faramir about their father and what had happened that day. Antira reclaimed her necklace from Legolas right after they got out of the tower and now was not reciting a poem under his breath every 10 minutes.

Everyone was perfectly happy now other than Antira. Now, in her life she had only 1 living relative that she knew about. Faramir. One living relative out of three that were living before this Middle-earth threat began. And both of those 2 people died at her hands. Even her best friend had died at her hands.

Nights were her most terrifying time for her because in her dreams she was always remembered about these deaths. She was always brought back to the place of their death. She always had to relive it all.

She longed to be back in Mirkwood under the trees of the elves but she dreads she ever will be.

When they reached Minas-Tirith, they went up the stairs to the castle. She could see in the eyes of the people of the village that they wanted to know where their King was.

” My lady. Where is our King? What has happened to him? Is he all right? Please tell us.” said a man in the streets.

” I cannot tell you until I have told my brother. He must know first. I am sorry sir. I cannot .” Antira said.

When they reached the top of the stairs that lead into the Hall where Faramir was to be, they saw Eowen rush out. Why she was there, Antira did not know. She gave Eowen a short hug and they started to talk. Eowen said

” We came here to talk to Faramir because some folks from Northern Gondor told Eomer when they saw him. That they saw the king pass the river Isen with orc. They also said that there were hundreds beyond count. Eomer came for me for he left his men at Helm’s Deep ( A place of sanctuary for the people of the country Rohan ) and he could not go alone but when we arrived, we searched the Hall and the city and we could not find him anywhere. We think that he went looking for Lord Denethor. But……..what happened to the Lord I think that he was captured and taken to Isengard.” she finished as they walked into the Hall.

Antira now ready to tell the story when Eomer came in.

“Antira! You’re here! Good! There is a rumor going around the city that the King is dead! Is that true? Antira please tell me!” Eomer exclaimed panting from running through the corridors of the castle when he heard Antira’s voice.

” Please listen to me. ” She said as they sat down at the long table in the Hall and looking down. ” My Father was taken to Isengard. I was also taken there. I was beaten to almost certain death, ” She said showing them almost faded bruises on her arms and legs. ” But the Fellowship came for us and they were over run by Urk-Hai. My father is….he’s….he’s dead. They beat him so much that when I finished fighting, he said to me Goodbye Antira. I will love you forever then his cold eyes closed for the final time. He is gone.” Antira finished looking up at Eowen and Eomer.

They were both looking very sad and amazed.

” But why did they take him then. Why?” Eomer asked. The Fellowship was looking very confused by this thought that he brought up. Why did they take him? That was a question everyone kept in his or her mind as the Fellowship, Antira, Eomer and Eowen left on horse back to find Faramir.

They didn’t have much food but they managed because they had Sam. Everybody pitched in to find food but when the food they were looking for was going scarce in that part of the country, they had to move again.

It was really hard for them to feed themselves and the horses at the same time. Where they were, there wasn’t much grass for the horses and the horses were starting to get very picky with what they ate.

Finally, they moved again. But this time, instead of going in the direction of Rohan they went in the direction of Mordor. They think that he might of crossed the river Isen. But on the other hand, he might of been slain by the 9 Ring Wraiths. What happened to him?


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