Legolas and Antira – Chapter 17 (The arrival of the Fellowship)

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The Fellowship was asleep when Legolas was sitting on a rock with tears running uncontrollably down his pale cheeks that had no sign of happiness in them at all because he was playing with the neckless thinking about the times that he had had with Antira and wishing that she was sitting on the rock at that very moment.

Finally, day break had come and he woke the rest of the Fellowship. They were on their way in half an hours time. They were trying to keep their minds on helping Antira get out of there alive but Legolas was not having any trouble keeping his mind on that. Every second of his day was concentrated on Antira and how he was going to get her and Lord Denethor out of that place.

As they were walking out of the clearing, they all didn’t know that a wizard was watching them. Saruman. Saruman was sitting on his thrown with the ball in front of him watching and listening to every word that they were saying.

“I think we will be there anytime soon you know.” Gandalf said in a hushed voice to the Fellowship.

But that wasn’t enough for Saruman. He kept listening.

“Gandalf, how close are we? We need to get there really fast if we want to get them out of there!” Frodo said.

“SHHHH!” said the whole Fellowship at the same time and at the same time Frodo blushed from embarrassment.

Finally, Saruman went and got the orcs and asked Antira if she would go and get the ring and she said

“No! I already told you that I would not! Nothing within this world could make me do it!”

And that’s the answer that he wanted to hear because he wanted to let the orcs beat them so that when they got to the tower, they would see what state they were in. The orcs were happy that they got to beat that day.

Then he went back to his ball and watched them all run up the marble stairs that lead to his front doors a half an hour later.

The Fellowship ran in and stopped 20 feet away from were he sat. But Legolas refused to stand his ground and he tried to run to Saruman but Aragorn and Gandalf stopped him but he got away and ran up the steps to the place were he sat.

Legolas grabbed him by his robes with both hands and said “Where is she. I want her and Lord Denethor in this room now or I’ll kill you.”

So, Saruman motioned to the orcs to bring them in and when they came back 2 minutes later dragging 2 forms by the arms that looked almost dead. They threw them down 30 feet away from where Legolas stood. He took one look at Antira and then started to run towards her in a panic thinking she must be dead. But the orcs grabbed him by the arms and stopped him from getting to her.

They threw him backwards and he landed at the feet of Gandalf who was in shock by the sight of Antira and Lord Denethor.

Legolas got up and grabbed his bow and arrows and shot 2 arrows at the 2 orcs that grabbed him. He ran towards Antira and Lord Denethor again and he reached Antira, he tuned her over and saw the most bruises that he had ever seen in his life on one person.

He pushed the hair our of her face and tears started dropping from his eyes as he looked at her badly bruised face. As the tears dropped on her face, she twitched a little and then opened her eyes to see Legolas over her.

She looked at him and then raised one hand and wiped a tear from his cheek.

“Please don’t cry. I’ll be fine. Go and help the others while I tend to my father. He needs it more than I do.” she said in a very weak voice as she lay there on the floor.

Finally she tried to get up but she couldn’t so she pulled herself over to her father to tend to him.

“Legolas, go and help the others! I will be fine. Don’t worry.” She said in a very controlled voice.

“No. I cant leave you again. I need you to live. I love you Antira.”

He said but then realized that she was looking at him like she meant it. Like she really was going to be fine.

So he nodded and ran over to the Fellowship, ready to take on Saruman and the orcs at the same time. He looked like he was ready to take on Sauron himself.

That was when she realized, from everything he has said and done, he truly and deeply loved her. And the shock. She did too.


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