Legolas and Antira – Chapter 16 (The Seeing ball)

by Mar 16, 2003Stories

As she woke from her sleep that lasted until noon, she looked over at the door where an orc now stand. He looked at her and her father and said

“Lord Saruman wishes to see you both. Now.” He walked over and grabbed Antira and Lord Denethor’s arm but Antira pulled away and said

“We will follow in peace. We should not be hulled everywhere we are to go.”

So the orc let go of his grasp and he lead them to the main part of the castle.

As Antira and Lord Denethor walked side by side through the main doors that lead to the cells, Antira said in a hushed voice to her father

“I hope they come soon. They have probably already noticed that you are missing. I hope they can find out where we are.”

And at that point, she felt week. She felt like she was going to collapse and that was when she felt around her neck to play with her neckless as she always did but… wasn’t there! She hadn’t realized that since they got to eh castle!

(What could of happened to it?)

She thought as they walked through the hall towards Saruman that was sitting in his thrown at the top of the 3 stairs leading up to it.

The orc pushed them down to their knees and just sat there looking up at him with hatred in their eyes. But, Saruman raised his staff and they both felt a heavy weight on their backs. As if a giant hand was pushing them down to the ground.

Of course, Lord Denethor was the weakest so he fell to the ground fist but Antira stood her ground and began to get up with all her might.

The weight was still on her back but she began to walk over to Saruman and very slowly he began to smile as he put more weight on her back but she resisted to the weight and kept on walking.

As she approached the 3 stairs leading over to his thrown, an orc tried to catch her before she reached the stairs but she threw him off of her and began to climb the stairs.

When she got to the place where he sat she said in a very bow and tiered voice

“What did you want with us because we wish to return to our so wonderful royal chamber that you call a cell.”

” Well what I wanted was to show you where your little friends are now at this very moment. And if you will just look over at the Seeing ball, we can get you back to your royal bed chamber in the matter of minutes.” He said calling an orc over to her to carry her to the ball.

The weight that was on Lord Denethor’s shoulders had lifted and he walked over to the ball and stood beside Antira. Then she asked

” Before I even set my eyes on that dangerous ball, I want to know what did you do with my neckless. I need it back”

“You will see what they did with your neckless when you look into the ball Princess.” Saruman exclaimed.

She did not react to the name princess because she did not have much power to react to anything that he or the orcs said. But she was going to have to get use to that name if she was going to go and live in Mirkwood for the rest of her life. Because the news has probably already spread around Middle-earth by now.

All three of them looked into the ball and to her surprise, she knew exactly where they were. They were in a clearing that she had saw in her dreams 2 years ago. The clearing that she couldn’t remember until now.

Then…..she saw Gandalf, then Aragorn, then Frodo, then the rest of the hobbits, then…..she saw Legolas. He was playing with something that was making tears run uncontrollably down his pale cheeks that had no sign of happiness in them at all. It was her neckless!

“You see Antira, this is what has become of your neckless. It was pulled off of you when you were captured and Master Perigrin found it in the dirt. And they gave it to your one and only love to take care of it.” Saruman finished as he saw that there was a tear that came from her eyes and down her cheek and onto the floor in front of her feet.

“Take them away.” Saruman said as the orcs came and brought them down to their cell all the time she had a tear rolling down her cheeks thinking

(What did I do to deserve this fate. Why did this have to happen to me and my father?)


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