Legolas and Antira – Chapter 14 (What will come next?)

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When Antira was brought back down to her cell, she was met by her father (They were sharing the cell).

“Antira! You can’t do it! I wont let you! Do not deceive your friends! They are the only ones you’ve got! Please! Im begging you! Don’t!” Lord Denethor yelled. “I tried to kill you! I deserve this. I deserve this punishment!”

“Father please! Don’t yell at me. No one deserves to fate of Saruman, no matter how bad they have been!” Antira said calmly.

But as she finished she started to think.

(Maybe he is right. Maybe if he thinks that he deserves this then maybe he does. Maybe he should make the decisions for me.)

At that moment, Saruman came down to the cell door and said, “Are you ready to leave to get the ring Princess?”

Antira stepped forward and said “I refuse to go. I will not deceive my friends for you. I loose both ways. One: I loose my friends and Sauron destroys my life and Middle-earth forever and two: If I don’t do it my life again. So why don’t you just kill me now. It would be a lot simpler for you and for me.”

At that moment, some guards stepped forward, opened that door and grabbed her. They flung her across the room where she could be killed (from severe beatings).

“Why do you refuse to do my bidding? Why do you refuse to when the consequence is death? Why do you sacrifice the life of your dear father?” Saruman asked.

Antira looked up at him from the floor and said “He is not my father. He is one of my many so-called fathers. I was born to………I don’t know whom I was born to but it was even before Lord Denethor’s days. Im one of his ancestors who were never well thought of. But now look at me and how I changed my family around forever. Yes, that does mean that Faramir and Boromir are not my brothers. Everyone in my family was a human, but I was an elf. No one knows how it happened but it just did! I will not do your bidding because other people will die and not just me, but hobbits, elves, dwarves, wizards and men and woman too. So I refuse!” Antira finished.

Saruman just looked at her and said “Yes, I already know Antira, I know all about your life and the life of your father. Did you know that? I will find the ring, kill the one who carries it and destroy Middle-Earth and then do whatever I wish to do with the remainder of it! And you cant stop me!” Saruman finished.

He looked at her as she starred at him with hatred in her eyes. “Frodo Baggins will stop you and so will the Fellowship. As for me, I will lead them all to victory and then celebrate it by burning you. You have killed many people over the years and I will see to it that you get what you deserve.”Antira finished as she tried to walk back into her cell but the orcs grabbed her and threw her against the wall and held her there.

Her feet were 2 feet off the ground. Saruman took his staff and put it under her chin to hold it up and said, “See her Princess, if you try to escape then you will be beaten. If you back talk, you will be beaten and if you try and kill me……well, you will be beaten to death. Do you understand that girl? And you better not do anything to interfere with my plans or your future father will get what he deserves. Do what you wish with her. If she refuses, beat her.” Saruman finished walking up the stairs to the main floor.

As he sat in his thrown, listening really hard, he could hear the screams that came from Antira as the orcs beat her to the limit of almost certain death, but she was strong and lived.

As she lay in her cell after the beating was over and her father sitting next to her black and blue body, she thought to herself

(What will they do to me? What will come next?)

And at that moment, she fell into an uneasy sleep until the sound of the cell door woke her up the next morning.


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