Legolas and Antira – Chapter 13 (The confidence of Legolas)

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Legolas always tried to stay focused on important things but he always got back to thinking about Antira! He couldn’t stop! He loved her and it was just too hard to stop thinking about her. She was in danger and he knew that. He always tried to think on the good side. But that good side was bad too! He kept on thinking

(Ok. Antira is in danger at Saruman’s castle and if I don’t save her, she will die.)

That word that he dreaded the most was in that thought. Die. He lost too many in the past and he wasn’t about to loose this friend that he loved so much.

“Legolas, are you alright?” Aragorn asked as everybody stopped walking to listen to what he was going to say.

Legolas hesitated when he looked back but he knew that he must find a way to tell them. Tell them how he felt about Antira and what he heard in his dreams before her capture.

“Yes. I am alright. But I don’t know if Antira is. That is why we must hurry up! He could kill her anytime now. And if he got her that easily, he could get the rest of us like that too! She was the best at dagger battle and we were amateurs. They caught the best. So they could catch us easier than they did her.” Legolas finished.

Everybody looked at him with a confused look on their faces. He never spoke that much in one go in his whole life!

After 5 hours of walking in silence, they stopped because night was just about to arrive and they had no light so they could not go on.

When everybody else was sleeping, Legolas crept out of camp to a tree which he could sit in and think about his problems and how to solve them.

As he walked out of camp, Aragorn woke up and silently followed him. As Legolas climbed the tree, Aragorn stayed down on the ground and watched him climb and climb and climb until he reached the top where he sat in silence. As he sat, Aragorn called up to him.

“Legolas! Can I come up?” Legolas just looked down and said “Yes you may.”

Aragorn climbed up and took a branch beside Legolas. Without looking at him, Aragorn said,

“Legolas, I know that you are worried. We are all worried. She is a part of our group. Legolas, we all love her. She is our friend, and she needs to come back. No one deserves a fate at Saruman’s hands, no matter how bad they are.”

Legolas just continued looking at the sky when he said, “I know we will get her back, but…..the night before the battle and her capture, she said something to me in my dreams. It was like, she knew that she was going to be captured but she didn’t. The saying was: (When the cold of winter comes, Starless night will cover day. In the veiling of the sun, we will walk in bitter rain. But in dreams, I can here your name. And in dreams, we will meet again. When the seas and mountains fall, And we come to end of days, in the dark I hear a call, calling me there, I will go there, and back again.) And know, ever since her capture, I’ve been seeing, hearing and feeling her in my dreams! It’s like she knows were going to win but she doesn’t. Aragorn, what do you think this means?” Legolas finished with his head spinning with questions.

Aragorn thought for a minute when he said “Legolas, do you still have that necklace around your neck?”

Legolas took out the necklace that was tucked into his tunic and held it up not taking it too far away from his neck.

“Legolas, I do not think that It’s Antira who is doing this to you. I think that it’s that necklace. Who is trying to get back to her. So it’s showing her to you and letting you feel her touch and letting you hear her. It does not want you to forget about her. It wants her back just as much as you want her back. But it’s the strangest thing. The only person that the necklace was ever pulled to was Antira but, for some reason, it’s pulled to you now. Why is that?” Aragorn said quietly. Thinking for a minute he said “Legolas, I know why. It’s because you live inside her. And the necklace got attached to her feelings about different things. You are in her, and she is in you. That’s what makes love so strong.”

And through out the night, they just sat there in silence looking at the stars until break of dawn started to come over the horizon. Legolas now felt better. He was confident that he could get her back now.


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