Legolas and Antira – Chapter 12 (What must I do?)

by Mar 15, 2003Stories

Antira woke up 2 days later. As everything came into focus, she realized that she was looking at the ground! As she looked up, she saw that she was flung over the shoulder of one of the orcs that had been at battle.

As she started to move around, he made a loud scream that really hurt her ears. As she covered them after the noise, he dropped her to the ground and al the orcs gathered around her.

One of the orcs (The one that hit her with the dart) started to walk over to her. Her voice had not fully come back yet but it was improving. In a slow tired voice she said

“What do you want with me? Why have you brought me here?”

As she looked up at the orc, he said (In English)

“We have brought you here because our master Saruman sent us to capture you and bring you back to him for his own purpose.” he finished

“But for what purpose?” she asked.

“We do not know.” said another orc stepping forward. “He did not tell us his purpose. But it must be something important for he told us to call you by the name of Princess!” he finished.

Antira did not want to hear that word ever again she had had enough with it! At that moment, the orc that gave out a loud roar and one of the orcs picked her up off the ground and were off. As Antira lay, flung over the shoulder of the orc, she was thinking about what the Fellowship was doing right then.

What if they were looking for her! They would all be killed! She wanted the Fellowship to go and save the rest of Middle-earth! She was just one elf. Just one. But there are hundreds of elves waiting to be saved.

And that was when she dosed off.

When she awakened 12 hours later, she was walking on cement! It wasn’t the same orc that she dosed off. He was different in some way. But she didn’t know which way!

As she thought, trying to figure out what he was doing with her, she looked down and she was going up steps. Almost a kind of marble, but not.

As they reached the top, another orc came out and held a sword in his hand. The orcs started to talk and then the orc that was carrying her set her down and went inside and shut the door.

The other orc looked at Antira and pointed the sword at her neck.

“Now you try anything funny like running away and I will kill you. Got it?” he asked.

Antira just nodded her head. 5 minutes later, the orc that carried her to this place came out and told the other orc to go inside. The orc picked her up and walked in the tower.

They walked into a spiral room and suddenly, al the double doors shut. She was trapped. The orc flung her on the floor, and then bowed to who ever was in the room. As Antira looked up, she saw a person who she never wanted to encounter! Saruman!

“Well, well, well. What do we have here? A princess, on my floor, bowing to me?” Saruman asked with a bit of sarcasm in his voice as he got up from his seat and circling her as she lay on the floor with her head up looking at him.

“I’ll never bow to you! You monster!” she screamed.

The echo was really loud in the circular room. But he was just circling her like a hawk who had o catch her. A grin came onto his face.

“You will bow to me when you see what I caught in the river Isen! Bring him out!” he yelled at the orcs.

A few seconds later, the orcs brought out a beaten figure who looked like a regular person who was beaten almost to death, but… she looked at the person, the orcs pulled back his head really fast to reveal……

“Oh no! Father!” Antira yelled trying to get up from the spot where she lay.

But the orcs rushed over and held her back.

“Antira! Your alive! Thank god! I almost killed you didn’t I?” Lord Denethor said with shock in his voice.

“No father but you did kill Aimuna! I watched her die!” Antira said calmly.

“Antira Im sorry! I had so many things on my mind and I didn’t realize what I was doing and I hit you and….-” Lord Denethor trailed off as they took him back to his cell.

“Now Antira. You must do something for me so I can let your father go.” Saruman said

“But I…..” Antira thought for a moment. Then said “What must I do?”


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