Legolas and Antira – Chapter 11 (The capture of Antira)

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Antira and Legolas got in front of the Fellowship because they had bow and arrows and could shoot from a distance. But there were too many. As they both ran out of arrows, they started to back away at the same time getting their daggers out.

Everybody else was charging towards the Orcs but were having no luck in defeating them. They were Urk-hai.! They were stronger than Saruman himself with them all put together.

As they all fought out this terrible war, Antira was int eh middle of the pack trying to kill them with her daggers but it wasn’t working! They always just stood there as she stabbed them every where!

Finally, she got exhausted and stopped stabbing. Even though she was probably the best at dagger battles, she wasn’t winning! As she stopped stabbing, the Orcs circled around her. She was surrounded. She had no way out!

As she flung her head from side to side trying to find a way out, she was thinking. Thinking about all the good times she has had with the Fellowship, Aimuna and especially Legolas. She had it in the back of her mind at this point trying not to think about it but she thought she was going to die.

But just as she thought that, she turned around and gave out a loud scream. One of the Orcs held up a dart and he threw it. It hit her in the side of the neck. After a few seconds, she pulled it out. She looked at it and said out loud

“It’s poison.”

Her body motions began to slow down. She felt dizzy and felt tired. She fell to her knees. All the Orcs that were around her backed away.

She got up almost using up all her energy. As she walked, she noticed one orc following her. At this point she could hardly see because it was getting blurry as she walked. She leaned against a boulder trying to call out to Legolas. But she couldn’t. Her voice was gone. But as she leaned against the rock, Legolas turned his head and saw her there.

He was pushing his way though the crowd to get to her and at the same time defending himself. He had a clear view of her. He watched her fall to the ground unconscious. He was almost there when he saw the orc run over to her and pick her up off the ground.

Legolas kept on pushing through the crowd when he stopped. The orc looked at him straight in the eyes and mad a loud noise. Out of Antira’s hand dropped a dart as the orc ran into the forest with her in his arms. Legolas ran over to the dart and saw what it was. He wasn’t an expert on the poison but he realized what it was.

He ran into the forest and began calling out her name. But little did he know that while he was looking at the dart, the orc climbed a tree and were now camouflaged. But as soon as he left the forest 30 minutes later and went back to the war, the orc climbed down the tree and began calling out to the troops in a different language. All the troops retreated and headed back into the forest.

The whole Fellowship stood there looking confused. The only person with a different look on his face was Legolas who now had tears running down his cheeks. He dropped to his knees and said

“They took her. She’s gone. Antira. They took her. She’s gone.”

His face now looking shocked. Everybody was waiting for him to explain but he wasn’t going to say another word. He was going to be silent for the rest of his life if they didn’t find her soon. But hen the whole Fellowship began to think. What would the orcs want with Antira?

But then, Pippin bent down and looked at a shiny thing in the dirt. He told Gandalf and he examined it. It was Antira’s necklace. It was ripped of her when she was captured. The opal in the middle was turning black. Gandalf looked scared at that moment and then said

“I know what happened to her.” he said looking up at the Fellowships confused faces. “She has been taken to Saruman. She didn’t know this but when her opal in her necklace turns black, it means that she is near evil. And if she’s near evil….im afraid that her necklace will not go back to her! She may die and if her opal go’s missing then she is dead. Legolas, take charge of her necklace! And remember what I said!”

So Legolas took the necklace and they were on their way to search for her.


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