Legolas and Antira – Chapter 10 (The war has begun)

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When Antira and Legolas rejoined the Fellowship, they both told the story of what had happened (and why they were gone for 3 days).

Everyone felt sorry for what had happened because they all befriended Aimuna before they left.

That day, they all just rested for they knew that the next day would be hard going through the orc inhabited forest. They also knew that if they got lost, and the Orcs found them, they would be killed. But since they had 2 elves with them (Legolas and Antira), they knew that they would all get though safely.

That night, they all went to bed early, but Legolas never even thought of sleep. Antira was standing on a boulder looking over a rock wall made by the elves before their forest was taken over by the Orcs.

She was trying to imagine what Aimuna would be doing now if she was still alive. Antira thought for a moment in disgust of her father and thought as she starred at the star covered sky


But her thoughts trailed off as she sensed Legolas standing behind her on the boulder.

“Antira, you have something on you mind. I can see it by the way you were moving tonight. What are you pondering about?” Legolas asked.

Antira turned around and looked at the camp. Everyone was asleep but Aragorn who was on Watch out for Orc patrol! As she watched him, he turned the corner of the wall to check to see if his eyes deceived him or it was really an orc watching them.

Antira looked at Legolas and again and said nothing. She turned around and looked at the blue night sky again. Legolas now standing beside her said

“You are thinking about Aimuna aren’t you.” she said nothing. “Antira…..look at me. I know that you are sad but it will heal and then well, I don’t know what will happen after that but I know it will heal.” Legolas said trying to make a point.

But for Antira, that point was hurting her more and more each moment. Legolas now looking very sad for he knew that he had hurt her, he said

“Antira, I know your grief. I know what you are feeling. I have also lost many friends over my life time and I have to accept that. Now it’s your turn. You must accept this change. Yes, your heart will still ache but you must understand that she too wanted to let go. And if you are a friend, you will and have to accept her decision. Am I not right?” he finished.

Antira nodded. She tried to keep it all in but it had to come out.

“Why did this happen the way that it did. I should of been able to save her! It’s not fair!” Antira said with tears dropping on the wall as she leaned on it.

Legolas looked down at his hands on the rock thinking


Finally, she got down off the boulder without a word and headed back for camp.

All four of the hobbits were sleeping soundly. Frodo in the middle, Sam on the right hand side of Frodo trying to keep him warm, Merry and Pippin also trying to keep warm by Gandalf who was on the left hand side of Frodo.

As she looked back at Frodo, a piece of his sword was sticking out. It was blue! At that point she turned tot he forest. She could hear them coming! She could see faint shadows coming her way towards that camp!

“Aragorn! Legolas! They’re coming! Everybody up! Hurry!” She screamed.

Legolas came running off the boulder with a look that she had never seen before. It was a look of war. She thought that this meant that the was ready.

Aragorn came running into the camp from behind the corner where he was checking out the plain lands. Aragorn got out his sword and Legolas and Antira got out their bow and arrows and put an arrow to their strings as the whole camp awoke.

They all knew what was happening at the first sight of the 3 of them standing there ready.

They all got out their swords and ax’s and were ready. As they all stood there in their spots frozen, they appeared through the trees and charged their way towards the Fellowship.

They all knew that the war of the ring had now officially begun.


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