Legolas and Antira – Chapter 1 ( The begining of a new love )

by Jan 19, 2003Stories

When Antira had left the happy elf’s sight, he flashed back to his happy life as a child. He always had flashbacks, but ever since that night when the Lady Antira Luthien had come into his life, the rest of his life seemed so worthless without her! Even though he was 2,931 years old, he could still remember clearly his past and the most memorable sights and adventures he had ever seen and done. Ever since Legolas was a small lad of 200 years old, he always had a long memory span. He sighed. Looking up at the sky after the most memorable and beautiful flashbacks past through his mind, he suddenly remembered Antira. “What would of become of me if this wonderful woman had not come into my life and filled me with the happiness that I feel now?” he asked himself hoping an answer would instantly pop into his head. Looking blankly at the stars, he was interrupted by the sound of loud foot steps coming his way. He knew it couldn’t possibly be an elf not a man. He turned around slowly ready to grab his bow that he was keeping in his pack. But, he relaxed when he laid his eyes on a halfling. He could not tell which of the 4 it was, for he was still in too much shadow to even tell what color his clothes were. But, just as he was coming closer to Legolas, the light from the moon crept out from behind the storm clouds overshadowing the north and it gave off enough light to tell which of the four halflings it was. Legolas finally concluded that it was Frodo Baggins of the shire. The halfling sat down beside Legolas and looked North as the moon once again hid itself behind the storm clouds which brought snow to the North where the orcs now rest under the surveillance of the great eye. ( A powerful thing that never slept. It watches the whole of Middle Earth day after day making sure that the one ring was being brought to the land of Mordor where its master, Lord Sauron, would take it back and destroy Middle Earth and its inhabitances forever.) ” Tell me master Greenleaf, What would of become of you if Mistress Antira had not come into your life and filled you with this happiness and love?” Frodo asked with the knowledge that Legolas’ hearts had just been attacked with the love that Antira had threw at him.


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