Leaving Middle Earth

by Jul 13, 2011Stories

Frodo silenty boarded the Elwe: the last boat leaving middle earth. He had not shed a tear. He knew he must be brave in this new world. As the Elwe began to sail away, He heard voices. Merry and Pippen had begun to weep. Frodo bit his lip untill it bled crimson tears. Over all the sobs he heard Sam’s voice. Frodo could not hear what he said. Frodo knawed on his lip. Blood trickled down his chin. But he knew he could not turn back. Not now.

Bilbo, who had lost his eyesight and some of his hearing, smiled and waved as the port dissapeared along with thier old lives.

“It’s a lovely day for a new adventure.” Bilbo commented happily before walking off to explore the cabins. Frodo did not answer. He had begun to cry.

Smoothly gliding without a sound, the elves carried frodo to his cabin on a feather soft bed. It was there Frodo wept at the losses he would have to face. He understood that he had lost all of his dearest friends forever and would never see them again. Frodo held his head in his arms, but removed them quickly when blood trickled down his sleeve. He wondered if he could ever move on.

After a time, Frodo noticed a pitcher of water across the room with a washing basin. Frodo removed his hankerchief and washed away the blood. Blood and tears fell away from his face like paint in clear water. Frodo remembered how he had tried to be brave. He felt like he had failed. He had not failed and deep down, he knew that. But he was too sad to care.

Frodo noticed a mirror by the pitcher. He peered over it. For a second, he thought he saw Sam behind him. Frodo turned around as fast as he could, but in vain as he turned to an empty room.

“Sam.” Frodo whispered. He wanted so badly for sam to reply. But the air was silent. Frodo looked in the mirror again. His eyes were swolen and red. His curly hair clung to his wet cheeks. He thought of the shire once again. Sam still had rosie. He would still be happy. Merry and Pippen were friends to the end.

“And I have Bilbo” thought Frodo. So what was wrong? Frodo climbed the deck to find Bilbo watching the sun rise. It was then he realized he had cried all night. Frodo shivered as the harsh winds blew his cheeks raw. He clutched his cloak. Frodo looked down at Bilbo who was shaking very slightly. Frodo took off his cloak and wrapped it around Biilbo who sent up a smile. Frodo stood with a freezing body and looked down at Bilbo. He clamped his teeth together and tried his best not to shiver.

“Do you need this back?” asked Bilbo begining to take it off.

“No, no, no, no uncle!” Frodo said between his teeth. “I’m rather warm actually.” Frodo tried very hard not to sneeze. It was a lie. Of course it was a lie! But Frodo didn’t care. The friends he had in memory burned in his chest. His heart kept him warm enough to withstand any harsh sea wind.


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