~Leaves of gold~ – Prologe

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Feorian became aware of the silence that has fallen heavily in the room. She was alone, sitting on a chair, staring blankly at the front wall. She got up, walked to the window and flung it open. As the fresh air got in, stirring her raven hair. she sighed with relief.

The evening wore on and Feorian started getting nervous. her husband has never been so late to come back home. Through the window she could see the tall trees of the west side of Mirkwood moving their branches. There was no sign of him, though.She sat again on the chair and started knitting to kill the time. Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door. Iy was her husband! He was tired but happy, his face glowing pleasantly with cold.

“Deohill” Feorian cried “Why have you been late?”

“Oh, I am sorry, dear” said Deohill “But look what I have found”

It was only then that Feorian noticed that her husband was carrying a small bed with bedclothes in which slept a little girl with her little thumb in her mouth.

“I found this baby deep in the woods” said Deohill “The poor little creature was crying helplessly. I think she must have been abandoned by her parents, for although I was waiting for a long time nobody came. So, I brought her here.”

Feorian looked at the baby. Her clothes were beautiful and seemed to be expensive. She also noticed that she was wearing a locket round her neck:a golden locket set with a huge emerald. The little girl herself was very beautiful.

Suddenly, the baby woke, revealing a couple of clear dark blue eyes. Instead of bursting into tears, she stirred and looking curiously at the two people benting over her, she giggled. Feorian felt a sudden affection for the girl and taking her in her arms she started singing a nursery rhyme. She has not finished when she stopped in shock.

“What is wrong, love?” asked Deohill.

“Deohill” Feorian whispered in awe “This is an elf! “

“What are you saying?” he asked confused.

“This is an elf” repeated she “Look at her ears”

Indeed, the baby’s ears were elegantly pointed. Deohill had never met elves before but he had heard about them. As, it was said, some of them lived in the northern side of Mirkwood but Woodmen rarely, if ever, went there, for the way was full of huge spiders and other dark creatures. He knew that elves had pointed ears, though. So, judging by that and by the baby’s whole appearance he understood that his wife was right.

“So, what are we going to do now?” Feorian’s voice disturbed his thoughts.

He did not reply immediately. After thinking for some time, he decided. “Let’s keep her and let her be our daughter”

Feorian smiled. “That is what I was also thinking” she said “Her name will be Lykawyn”


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