~Leaves of gold~ – Chapter 2

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After the Orcs’ attack in the village of Woodmen, Lykawyn’s life changed forever. She lived alone in the woods as she had no one to turn to. Of course, she searched for her parents and for her few friends but found nobody. She hoped that they had not died but orcs have just taken them as slaves and they were working hard in dark underground caves or in other Orcs’ lairs. However she never plucked up the courage to go near a place where Orcs lived. That night, when her village was burnt, had left profound marks on her tender soul. One of them was a great fear of Orcs that it took her many years to overcome.

And the years passed. Years formed centuries and Lykawyn became a beautiful elven lady with long blonde hair and dark blue eyes. However she was still living in the wilderness, alone. She had grown afraid of people: elves, dwarves, men and orcs alike. She only trusted animals and birds, which were her only friends.

Having no permanent home, she travelled a lot. She travelled from Rhun to the shores of the sea, from Harad to the far north, the realm of Anor layed in the previous centuries. Yet she most liked visiting the mountains or the sea.

She used to climb up to the top of a mountain and, then, stand there and drop her gaze over the vast areas under her feet while her hair was floating in the crisp wind. Then, she would feel really free and proud like a conqueror.

The sea was something different. The first time she layed eyes on it she remained speechless. She stood still, listening to the murmur of the waves and the mournful cry of the gulls. The air smelt of salt and seaweed and made Lykawyn feel a strange kind of nostalgia for something she did not know, yet. It was the call of the sea that every elf who has seen the sea has experienced. However, Lykawyn resisted. She decided she would sail to the west one day but, now, she still loved Middle-earth and was determined to get to know the most of it.

There were certain places she could not go, though. Firsty places that were inhabited by Orcs and secondly, places as Lothlorien, Rivendell or Minas Tirith where she could not sneak unnoticed as she wished. However, she gradually understood that she needed several things she could not find on her own. So, she would collect herbs and fruit and sell them to villagers.

Meanwhile, men and elves have become so alienated from each other that the villagers could not recognise her as an elf. However, they could not help but notice her exquisite beauty -a beauty that only elves possess- and the tinge of sadness in her eyes. So, they treated her kindly and with respect, believing that she was some princess who by a changing of luck had been exiled from her country and ended up being poor, as it often happens in fairy tales.

When she had bought what she needed, Lykawyn would leave and start wandering again. She was quite satisfied with her life. However, she secretly desired to belong to a community as she did when young. But now, she wanted to belong to an elven one. During her travels she had seen many times elves, siging with their beautiful clear voices under the starlight and everytime a great desire to join them grew inside her.


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