Lay of Aragorn and Arwen part 2

by May 13, 2004Stories

(Dirhael’s camp, Ivorwen stands besides the tent’s door waiting. Dirhael enters.)
Ivorwen: What news? Has he answered?
Dirhael: Yes he answered. And the replay is as I feared.
Ivorwen: Though bitter is it to you for others is fair news.
Dirhael: Yes that may indeed prove.
Ivorwen: Then why do you object to it? Why do you delay their union?
Dirhael: For this reasons and many others beside but most clearly does this ring. Gilrean has not yet arrived at an age which we are accustomed to marry while Arathorn is a stern man of proper age and will be chieftain sooner than man may look. (More quietly) Yet my heart fear he should be short lived.
Ivorwen: Then more is the need of haste. The days are darkening before the storm. Should they wed now hope will spring for our people but if they delay it will not come while this age last
Dirhael: Many reasons have I against their union but more have you to defeat my. Very well the final choice is up to her. No longer can we protect her, she must face this world.
Ivorwen: But isn’t the answer already plain their hearts have long before united and wed.
Dirhael: More comfort has I to talk to her still. The answer I need from her lips along. Guards fetch me my daughter and bring her forth to me.
(Guard exit.)
Ivorwen: Is this truly thy heart’s will?
Dirhael: What matter have I left in this?
(He smiled. Guards enter with Gilrean.)
Gilrean: You call me father. What is thy will?
Dirhael: Blessing we wish to give and answer too. Do you love him as he does you?
Gilrean: Yes my father with all my heart and soul. I wish but to be with him, and that along bring me peace.
Ivorwen: Very well our blessing you have to wed with him.
Gilrean: Oh great is the joy which spring from this news. Can I bring this answer to him myself?
Dirhael: Yes that you should do for an answer I had promised to give. Go and celebrated my daughter with the lord which is thy own.
Gilrean: Thank you father for seeing my way, and mother too for staying by my side. I take my leave.
(Gilrean exit.)
Dirhael: Too fast have our daughter grown.
Ivorwen: Yes that is so. Soon she shall have a child of her own.
Dirhael: What will we name him or her when it does come?
Ivorwen: That is up to them. But for me I wish to call him Aragorn if indeed be a he.


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