Lay of Aragorn and Arwe: Part 1

by May 5, 2004Stories

(Night has fallen over the camp. Horses neigh and men rode into camp. Gilraen waited for Arathorn’s return.)
Gilraen: My lord, you have return at last.
(Arathorn dismounted.)
Arathorn: It is as I promised.
Gilrean: Too long have you been away. The days of your absence are like days without joy. I worried for thy health and not returning.
Arathorn: Worry not my love for I am here safe and whole. And now my heart fell no pain for we are untied once again.
Gilrean: I too am glad once more.
(They kiss. Dirhael enters.)
Dirhael: My lord Arathorn.
Arathorn: Dirhael my father’s friend and mine also.
Gilrean: Father, why have thy come.
Dirhael: To greet the returning of our bravest warrior. How was the hunt? Well and prosperous I imagine.
Arathorn: It is as we have hoped. Gondor is safe once more.
Dirhael: For the present at least. Oh yes Gilrean my daughter you mother calls for thee.
Gilrean: Farewell then, father, Lord Arathorn.
Arathorn: Farewell.
(Gilrean exit.)
Arathorn: This is not the reason for this meeting I am sure.
Dirhael: Nay this is not.
Arathorn: What then is that which you need? Nay don’t tell me for I already know.
Dirhael: If that be the case then answer me. Do you love my daughter?
Arathorn: I do, and with all my heart. Indeed had you not seek me I would have found you. For now is the hour which I had looked for, Dirhael, father of fair Gilrean this question I must ask.
Dirhael: What is it then? Do speak for we are both men of honor.
Arathorn: I must ask for thy daughter’s hand in marriage.
Dirhael: I must confess that is exactly as I predicate, but even so I have not yet the answer, for a matter of such importance should not be left in the care of one man alone.
Arathorn: Very well, I would wait for thy answer be it aye or nay. Time would not matter.
Dirhael: Very well. You have my word that I shall send a reply though count not on yes for my heart forbids this union.


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