Last of a Ragged House Long Bereft of Lordship – Chapter 4: Things Afterward…

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Estel threw his head back and laughed as hard as was possible.
“It was not funny.” Arwen said in her defence to the conversation they had been having.
Arwen had just told Estel about a time when she was very young and Legolas, Elrohir, and Elladan pulled a prank on her after she told her father about something Elrohir and Elladan had done. They had tricked her by calling her outside, while an adult party Elrond was having was going on inside the palace, and dumped a bucket of water on her.
“Actually, it was quite hilarious.” offered Legolas, changing his position to get more confortable in the tree they were all in. He was also chuckling.
Estel, Arwen, Legolas, and Elrohir had all found eachother and desided to talk in a tree. Telling life stories seemed to come up in converstion. And, from Estel’s point of view, it was a good conversation.
“I was soked, and in my new dress, too.” Arwen cried over the laughter of the three boys around her.
“So,” Estel managed to say after the laughing died and all became silent, “Are there any other stories?”
“Well, wait.” Arwen shifted her weight. “What about you, Estel? I would like to know something about you.”
“You mean something embarrassing about me.” Estel said, raising an eyebrow. Arwen smiled. Estel put his finger to his chin in an attempt to think better. “I don’t think I have done something embarrassing.”
He was still thinking when Legolas grinned mischievously. “I can think of one.” Estel’s eyes turned on Legolas, but he continued, “About the time when we met, Estel.”
Estel felt himself flush deep red. “No! Not that story!!” He cried in agony
“Oh, come on, Estel.” Legolas pleaded, “It’s the funniest story. You have to let me tell it.”
Legolas’s shoulders slumpt and he set his jaw in surrender.
But Arwen wanted to know, now that they had set her appetite. “I want to know.” she pleaded. She then realized she would have to take a different aproach. She turned to Legolas and smiled a dazling and beautiful smile. Her eyes sparkled with an unearthly spark. And Legolas was captivated immediately. “Please tell me, Legolas.” She said, sweetly and thick with love.
Legolas’s eyes swiched back and forth from her to Estel, who’s face was pleading with him not to tell it.
“How can you refuse a face like that?” Elrohir said in Legolas’s defence, gesturing to Arwen, who was still smiling. “I’ll tell it. Don’t worry, Estel. I won’t tell all the details.”
Estel put his head in his hands. Of every stoy in the word, Elrohir would tell that one. It was the most embarrassing story of all the other stories.
But Elrohir showed no mercy. “Okay,” he started, shifting his weight to get better sight on the woman sitting straight acrossed from him on another branch, “I had just come from Mirkwood and from visiting Legolas and was on the border of the forest when I heard a noise. Of course, then, I did what anyone would do, I went looking for it. At first I thought it might just be some stray animal but then-“
“Can I leave for this?” Estel interrupted, trying to shake the huge embarrassment that was luming over him like a cloud which was ready to burst at any given moment.
All eyes turned on him in annoyance. Then turn, once again, to Elrohir.
“No, you can’t.” Legolas teased.
“Anyway,” Elrohir continued, “At first I had no idea where it was, then-“
“Aragorn?” called a voice.
Estel, in a hurry to get out of that situation, grabbed a branch and swung down. Elrond stood infront of the tree. His arms were folded and a confused and yet an interrested look adorned his face. Estel landed right infront of him and, playfully, fell to his knees and gripped around Elrond’s legs. Arwen laughed.
“Thank you!” Estel cried, playfully, “Oh, thank you! I’ve never been this happy that you called me by that name, but the fact that you called it just then was perfect! Thank you!”
While Estel was saying all this, Elrond was trying to keep his balance as the boy squeezed on his lower legs. And the three jumped down from the tree and laughed.
Elrond looked down at Estel. “Son, let go of me.”
Estel stood up and ran his hands through his hair. “What is it that you want?” he said, as calm as if he hadn’t done anything.
Elrond looked at him, expectantly. “You have to practice swordplay with Glorfindel. You promised him you would do it, remember? He has been, strangly, looking forward to it.”
“Well,” Estel started, “I’ve never practiced with him before. I bet he wants to talk with me.” he voice lowered to a whisper, “Oh no. That means something bad.”
Elrond’s eyes fixed on Arwen. “Arwen, don’t you have somewhere to be?” Arwen blinked in confussion. Elrond’s eyes sharpened on her, “Elladan is waiting for you.”
“Oh!” she cried, “I almost forgot.” She and Elladan were to have a little sister-brother time. She turned and kissed both Elrohir and Legolas on the cheek, then ran to Elrond and Estel and did the same. In the blink of an eye, she was off running towards the palace as fast as she could.
Estel watched her as she left a mark on his face he would never forget. It wasn’t much, but it was enough. Then he felt Elrond’s eyes burn in the back of his head and, without turning to Elrond, he walked away.
Legolas turned and walked away without a word. He was perfectly fine with Estel and Arwen. The way he looked at it, as long as they were happy together they were fine.
“You realize you just ruined a fun filled day, right?” Elrohir said, coming up beside Elrond.
“You know,” Elrond said, his hands still folded, “telling Arwen about a story that Estel might not want you to tell is not going to separate them.”
Elrohir’s eyes looked at Elrond, who was already watching him. “I can try though, right? Besides, it is a good story. And it’s funny.”
“Yes.” Elrond looked towards Estel, who was still walking away, “But it won’t do much.”
“I can’t wait around while my sister falls for a mortal.” Elrohir’s voice grew hard. “Even if he’s my friend.”
“I know.” Elrond turned and walked away.
Elrohir stood now, alone. No. He would not see his sister have to go through such pain. She was his flesh and blood. How could he stand to do anything eles? He had already lost his mother, he would not lose her. He must separate them. They would not get the chance to connect in any way. He would make sure of it…….

Author’s Note: I know this part might seem like it doesn’t have alot to tell you, but to me, it does play some part. It’s saying that Elrohir is going to try to split up Estel and Arwen and, also, that they’re getting close. They’re learning things about eachother. DON’T MISS THE NEXT CHAPTER!!! It’s a rather big part. Also, I’m sorry it took so long. I’ve been kind of busy. Keep smiling


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