Last of a Ragged House Long Bereft of Lordship – Chapter 3: A True Beauty

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She turned towards him. Her blue eyes like wild fire, yet they were so calm, so understanding about something Estel would never know. They were like stars hidden within a sea. So fragile, like crystal glass. Yet so firm, and steady.
“Tinuviel.” he blurted out.
Her eyes questioned him. They were not angry but light.
“Why do you call me by that name?” she asked, kindly. Her words flowing together like honey. So smooth, so delicate.
To him, everything she did was so flowing. She was like a dream. He realized he had made a terrible mistake. She looked so much like Tinuviel, though. It seemed hard to not be mistaken by her grace and beauty. He desperatly tried to think of an explanation, but all he could think of was the truth. And besides that, he shouldn’t lie to her. Even if he might never meet her, again.
“I am sorry, lady. I thought you were Luthien Tinuviel. But I see that you are not.” His eyes traveled to the ground as he was sure she’d be angry at him for being so jugemental. But she simply smiled.
“Many have thought that,” she said. That made him feel a little better. “Who are you?” she asked, rather curious to know why a mortal was walking in Elven territory.
He opened his mouth to say ‘Estel’ but then he relised that was not his name. “I was called Estel,” he said, “But I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn, Heir of Isildur, and Lord of the Dunedain.”
Sure. He was boasting a little bit. But that was only because in that moment he had never felt so small and insignificant in his life compared to her. But she laughed. It reminded him much of gaying bells. A sweet tune that even a balrog would soften at hearing it.
This time it was his turn to ask, “Who are you?”
“I am Arwen, Elrond’s daughter,” she said, “I am also called Undomiel.”
Now he was really confused. ‘Elrond’s daughter’? Elrond had a daughter? A man of many secrets, he thought.
“It’s often seen that men hide their treasure during dark times,” Estel said, “Yet, it is a wonder that Elrond and your brothers have never mentioned you. I have lived here since my childhood and I have heard no word. How come we have never met before?”
She raised her crystal eyes to the mountains. “I have lived with my mother’s kin in Lothlorien. But I have returned today to visit my father.” Her eyes traveled to the forest. The trees, the brushes, the grass. Her voice grew low as if she were talking more to herself and not to him, anymore, “It has been long since I walked in this forest.”
Estel understood, now. Elrond must hide lots of things, he thought.


Estel walked with Arwen in the woods. All his tears and all his anger vanished with her presents. He could barely take his eyes off her. How could all that beauty be bestowed upon one person. Until today, Estel thought that would only happen to Luthien. He was also amazed at her gracefulness. She seemed like a cloud. Flawless. Almost untouchable. Like a dream.
She obviously knew he was staring at her as she kept looking away and plushing. She also knew he thought her to be beautiful beyond words, almost everyone did. But somehow, she felt comfortable around him, in a flirty, jumpy, calm sort of way. She had never felt this way before. She would have said that they needed to go back to Rivendell, except, the air in the forest that day was so perfect. She didn’t want to leave.
As they walked they talked about everything. Mostly about other lands. Lothlorien, Rivendell, wild parts of the world, ect. As time passed, the feeling of nerviousness ended. Unconsciously, they began to hold hands. But there were no signs of uncomfortableness. No signs of wanting to pull away on either of they’re parts. Simply talking.
Their conversation soon turned to families. Arwen was the grandaughter of Galadriel and Celeborn, the lady and master of Lorien. Estel had met them both before and knew they were good and wise people. He never trusted anyone in the same way as he did with them. And it was obvious that Elrond felt that way, as well, if he was willing to send his only daughter to them.
Then she asked about him. She wanted to know why he, a mortal, was in Rivendell. For it is not often that that happens. But he was a little reluctant about the matter. But she pressed him forward.
“Well, go on and say it.” Arwen urged him.
“Alright,” he took in a deap breath which he felt like he needed desperately, “Until today, I always thought I was Estel, son of Elrond. I mean, I knew I wasn’t an Elf, but it was nice to think I was somehow connected to him. I grew up in Rivendell with that thought in my heart. Then this morning Elrond told me who I really am. I guess you think I’m foolish, huh?”
“No.” she said rather quietly.
He continued, “I guess I shouldn’t have said what I did. After Elrond told me I was ferious. After yelling at him my best friend found me and I yelled at him. Now do you think I’m foolish?”
“A little.” she laughed.
“That’s when I came here and broke down.” He was suddenly sadened by all the memories that had passed through his mind earlyer that day.
She smiled, “Ah, so that’s why your face was tear-stained when we met.” she said, placing her finger underneath his eye.
For a moment, all time and space seemed to stop. They stared at eachother for a moment. Her finger paused on his face and he didn’t dare breathe. When she realized what was happening she pulled her hand back. Her eyes retreated to the ground. She let go of his hand. A moment of uncomfortable silents passed. She needed to change the subject. And quick.
“Estel,” she said walking away to a brake in the trees which opened up to a beautiful orange and pink sky, “Look at the sunset!”
Estel was somewhat suprised that she continued to call him by that name even though he knew no one eles would. He walked towards her and stood by her. Sunset. Had he really been with her this long. It seemed impossible. Yet, the sunset proved him wrong.
Estel’s eyes fixed on the colored sky. Then he turned his gaze to Arwen. Her eyes sparkled as she watched the sky slowly grow dark.
“Isn’t it beautiful?” she said silently.
He glanced at the sunset then back at her. “Yes.” he said more rather to her then to the sky.
She smiled. Estel’s heart skipped a beat. It was in that moment that Estel loved Arwen Undomiel.


The sun had finally gone down when they both walked back to Rivendell. Arwen had alot of things to do so they parted for the night. Estel walked in the gardens for a while. He needed to get away, and for a while he was, but then he found Elrond also walking.
“How are you doing, son?” Elrond asked timidly.
Estel nodded. “Better then I was.”
Elrond thought of something to say. “Did you go hunting again?”
Estel smiled, “No. Not this time. But I did learn something, today.”
Elrond lifted an eyebrow. “Really? What?”
“That no matter what happens, you’ll always have secrets and I’ll just have to get used to them.”
Elrond thought a moment about what this meant. ‘He’ll always have secrets’? The assumption was correct, but how did Estel know that? They were nearing the palace, now, and Elrond desided to ask Estel about it.
“And just how did you figure that out?” he asked.
Estel smiled, “Lets just say your daughter came back from Lothlorien, today.”
And with that, Estel walked inside. But Elrond stood there for a moment, wide-eyed. He now knew what was going to happen. He had the gift of forsight and he knew what was at hand. His heart began to ache. He knew, in his heart, from this moment on, Estel and Arwen would fall in love. Forever…


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