Last of a Ragged House Long Bereft of Lordship – Chapter 1- The Day After Yesterday

by Jun 8, 2004Stories

Estel’s leather-soled shoes treaded softly on the forest floor. He carried a long slender bow, its handle was worn by hours of practice and use. His eyes jumping this way and that. He was hunting a deer which had led him this far. For the last few days every dawn Estel would leave Rivendell and go into the woods and every dusk he would return, empty handed. The deer’s movements were swift and cunning and it had jumped from his arrow times before. In Estel’s mind it was mocking him.
He had been tracking this deer all day and sweat trickled from his forhead down his face. The sun sank down into the trees. Estel was discouraged and tired but he couldn’t give up now. Not when he was so close.
He knelt to the ground and touched the hoof-marked soil. They were turned. He looked to his left and saw a clearing. Hmm. The deer would be tired and hungry and want a grazing spot. Perfect. Estel crouched low and hit behind a brush just outside the clearing. Just as he had suspected, the deer was calmly munching on grass. He fluently grabbed an arrow and knocked it into place. He pulled on the bow string.
He smiled in his mind. He had gotten the deer for sure. Then, just as he was about to let the missle fly, a horn sounded. Taken off guard, Estel let go of the arrow. The arrow sped to the ground aimlessly. The deer jumped up and pounsed away.
“No!” Estel cried. He ran out into the clearing, but stopped in the middle. The horn sounded again. Estel sped around. That stupid, stupid horn, he thought.
Elrond had given a horn to Elladan to call in Estel. Because if they didn’t Estel would stay out in the forest all night. But Elladan had been using it for other things as well. It was barely night and he was calling him in.
Estel grabbed the arrow off the ground. He grinded his teeth. At the moment, he was debating what he was going to do to that horn. Should he crush it or burn it. Or maybe he could stuff it down Elladan’s throat. Maybe not. He didn’t think Elrond would be very happy if he did that.
Estel whisled and a horse apeared in the clearing. As he rode back to Imladris he thought about how many times he had come into this forest. Here was where he met Legolas son of Thranduil. They were very young when they met. Estel smiled. He remembered how Legolas was so annoying towards Estel. And Estel kept mouthing off to Legolas. They could barely stand eachother. But then they both made a compromise and desided to be friends. Even though Legolas had become his best friend, sometimes he still drove Estel mad.
Estel had gone hunting so many times here, too. He had came though this pass time and time again.
He was in Imladris, now. Elves greeted him as he passed. He came to the stables and tied his horse.
“Your home early.” came a fimilar voice.
Estel spun around. Elrond stood before him. His arms were crossed. Not in an angry way, though, just in a calm way.
“Yes, well, you have a son to thank for that.” Estel said with a smile.
Elrond walked around Estel as he said, “How did your hunting go?”
“The same as it did the last time. And the time before that, and the time before that, and the time before that. I had it within my reach and then the horn blew.” Estel smirked.
Elrond snorted. He guessed that since Elladan had blown the horn earlier this time, Estel must be gettting closer.
“I had better go wash up.” Estel stated.
As Estel walked away Elrond called out to him, “Tomorow,” Estel stoped and turned, “I have a meeting with the Advisers of Imladris, but I do have something I’d like to talk with you about. So would you consider staying awhile longer before you leave again?”
Estel nodded and walked out of the stables. He came to the palace and walked though the halls. He came to his room. When he finished washing he heared muffled voices just out side his door. He pressed his ear to the wall. It was Elrond and Elrohir talking in Elvish. He also heared paper crinkling. It was rather hard to translate through the wall but all Estel could get from the conversation was ‘take this, read it in-room’ from Elrond.
It was unmistakable that Elrond wanted Elrohir to read something important. If it wasn’t then they wouldn’t be speaking in hushed voices, thought Estel. When the conversation had ended and Estel was sure of it, he crept out of his room. Estel always had an irresistible urge to get into things which he was not meant to get into. He silently moved towards Elrohir’s room.
Then Estel walked into Elrohir’s room and asked, “What’s that?”
Elrohir jumped and dropped the paper.
“Estel, you know I don’t like it when you do that.” said Elrohir.
Elrohir reached down to grab the paper but Estel got to it first.
“Well, well, well. Is this the paper Elrond wanted you to read?”
Elrohir looked at him, amazed.
“How did you know that?”
Estel smiled, “You should have known better then to have that kind of conversation infront of my room. Now,” Estel walked around Elrohir, “what is this?”
Estel held the paper up to get a better look at the incredibly fluent handwriting that had been writen on the paper.
“Who wrote this?” Estel asked, not really reading the words but rather the letters, how they flowed together so smoothly.
“No one. Now can I have it back?” Elrohir said as he ripped the note out of Estel’s hands.
“I just wanted to see it.” said Estel.
“Yes, well, I don’t want you to see it.”
Estel stared at him for a moment. What was it about this letter that Elrohir couldn’t tell him. It made him wonder what eles Elrohir couldn’t tell him.
“Fine.” Estel said after awhile. He started towards the door then bolted his head back. “Is it a girl?”
Elrohir thought about it for a second. “Yes.” he finally said.
Estel smiled and winked at him. Then he turned around and left.
Elrohir sighed. He couldn’t tell Estel about the letter because Elrond said it could change his life. Elrohir didn’t want Estel to change. He liked the way Estel had grown up. He had become like a younger brother. Like one of the family. Exept… He wasn’t. But Elrond would tell Estel who he really was soon enough. Maybe tomorow…


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