Lante Taurelasse : Prologue

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Hello, my name is Tack, as I’m sure all of you have figured out, and this is my story, Lante Taurelasse. Now, if my translation is accurate (and I’m usually 95% accurate) my story is also called "Falling Leaf". I would give you a summary, but I’m afraid that would spoil all the fun of writing a prologue who’s intention is to spark curiosity in the reader. So instead, I will have faith in the human intuition that makes US the smartest of mammals on earth, and just say a few things that I want to clear up before you move on.

First, as you will soon figure out, part of the dialouge is in elvish, while the rest is in english. "Now why, pray tell would you write part in elvish and part in english Tack? Why not just do all of it in elvish, or vice versa?" Good question curious readers. Here’s the answer. Because the prologue takes place in the Mirkwood forest among elves (hey, it’s not a spoiler. If you all are intelligent individuals, as I’m sure you are, it’s pretty obvious within the first paragraph), then it goes without saying that ALL of the context, if it were to really happen, would be in elvish. So I would like to go with that. But for those of you who are elvish iliterate, I understand it can be a little daunting to come upon elvish text, even when it’s translated in large amounts. So it is for you that I don’t have this entire thing in elivish, and also… it takes a lot of work to write any amount of text in elivish completely accurate. Which brings me to my next and last reason for not writing everything in elivish. There are a lot of people who, despite the fact that elvish is not a complete language like, say, Spanish or English, like to point out that whatever elvish text they are reading "isnt accurate" or "I know elvish and that makes no sense". I’m telling you, this is as accurate as I can possibly make it, but I already know someone is going to say something along the lines of "your elvish sucks". So, the less text, the less material they can pick through and tear apart. But I want you to assume, that everything the characters say throught the prolouge is in elvish.

One more thing. As I said, part of this is in elvish. I will write in paranthesis ( like this ) underneath the elvish the gist of what everyone is saying. If you want a word- by word translation I will include it at the very end, and you can take a look at it.

Now onto the reading!


There was a pitter-patter of swift, light feet, and the crush of leaves as an adolescent elven boy with chestnut bown hair came running into a clearing of the woods, excitment spread wide on his face.

"Tono, en! Kuru, kelva taurelasse wende-"
(Tono, come and look! Magic, there’s a maiden of moving leaf-")

"Taurelasse wende? Laa lau laume!"
("A leaf maiden? Don’t say such ridiculous things!") His blond haired companion, from appearance of similar age, Tono, replied high in a tree over the pages of a book he was ingrossed in.

Handa looked about the clearing, and finding the tree his friend was in, stood at the trunk and shouted up,

"Laa, anwa quenta Handa quet! Taurelasse Wende-"
("No, I’m telling the truth! There’s a leaf maiden-")

Tono lept lightly from his tree, tucking the small book he had been reading in a pocket of his tunic. Irritated at having been torn from his book by his friend he strode toward him.

"Handa Lasta-"
("You listen to me Handa-") But suddenly he paused, hearing something in the woods about them, he spun to his right, in the blink of an eye his long knife in hand and aimed at the sound.

("Oh!") When Tono saw who it was, he nearly dropped his long knife. He recoverd quickly and sheathed it, "Haryon Legolas!"
("Prince Legolas!")

Both Handa and Tono bowed deeply, waiting a long moment before straightening.

"You two were so occupied you didn’t even hear me. Your fathers would be ashamed if they knew," Legolas teased as he walked up to them. Handa blushed and looked away, but Tono simply fought to keep the fear out of his face at having the prince stand before him.

"But you are the prince of mirkwood," Tono stammered, trying to sound as polite as possible, "with your light feet and swift movements you could take even the great eagles of the misty mountains by surprise."

"What is it you two were arguing about?" Legolas inquired, avoiding what Tono had said.

"Taurelasse," Handa became excited again, "Taure taurelasse wende-nii – faina!"
("A leaf,") ("A foriegn leaf not of this forest in the form of a sentient female being – emmiting light!"

Legolas’ eyes widened slightly, then returned to normal. Shifting his weight to the side, he crossed his arms and cocked an eyebrow, "Indeed?"’

"Please, Prince Legolas," Tono pleading anxiously,"My companion, Handa, has a vivid imagination, quite harmless trust me. Pay no heed to him, he is a good boy of only forty summers-"

"What is this?!" Handa exclaimed agast, "I’m not lying! it’s the truth, every word of it. And Tono, you’re not much older than me so you have no right to say-"

"Be at peace, both of you!" Legolas finally silenced the two, "I believe you wouldn’t lie to me. Take me to this Nii-faina."

"See, I told you," Handa growled at Tono.

The small troop had come to where Handa had led them, and Tono stood surprised while Legolas studied the limp form on the forest floor before them.

It was a maiden, just as Handa had said, with medium length auburn hair that fell across her face slightly and flitted about her shoulders on the breeze. Woven around random locks of hair and wrapped around her exposed body (that wasnt covered by a small green gown) were strange leaves on thick leathery vines.

"Handa, quente wende sisiila faina," Legolas said confused.
("Handa, I thought you said she was emiiting light,")

"Ninquita faina, Haryon Legolas," Handa said tentativly.
("She was, bright white light, Prince Legolas,")

Her eyes were closed, and all throughout their talking she had not stirred. Legolas came slowly to her and kneeled down next to her. Lowering his head to her face, he closed his eyes and listened. After a moment he smiled, opening his eyes,

"She is very much alive, but," Legolas pulled back her ear, startling the boys, "She is no more than a human, look," exchanging glances they leaned forward to see a graceful ovalular haped ear, not the slightest point could be seen, as was present in elvish anatomy.

"But how…" legolas murmered softly to himself, "Could a human get past the forest guard?"

After a moment Legolas sighed, then swept down, scooping up the girl and lifted her into his arms. Both Tono and Handa did not hide their shock this time.

"I will take her to my father," was all Legolas said before walking away. In the blink of an eye he was gone.

"Did you see that, how he touched her!" Handa exclaimed once Legolas was gone, immitating his movements as he had pulled her hair and lifted her from the ground, "Can he do that??"

"He’s a prince, I guess they dont have the same rules as us," was Tono’s only reply.

The word-byword translation I promised. Once again, despite how inaccurate it may be, it is as accurate as I can possibly provide, so please be nice.

"Tono en, Kuru, kelva taurelasse wende-" = "Tono, look! Magic, a moving leaf maiden-"

"Taurelasse wende? Laa lau laume!" = "A leaf maiden? Nonsense!"

"Laa, anwa quente Handa quet! Taurelasse wende-" = "No, true words I speak! A leaf maiden-"

"Handa, lasta-" = "Handa, listen-"

"A!" = "oh!"

"Haryon Legolas" = "Prince legolas"

"Taurelasse" = "Leaf"

"Taure taurelasse wende-nii…faina" now, i admitt, the way i translated this may be a little inaccurate, but only this
= "foriegn forest leaf of a female sentient being emitting light"

"handa, quenta wende sisiila faina" = "you(he is referring to handa in third person, like in japanese) said she(again, referring to the maiden in third person) shining/emmiting light"

"Ninquita faina, Haryon Legolas," = "Bright white emitting light. prince legolas"


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