Lady Nadia

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Nadia woke up to the sound of a child crying. She looked around her room, but saw nothing. Becoming worried she looked out of her window. Little Legolas was sitting beside his father crying. King Thandruil looked like he was becoming very impatient with him. Nadia hurried to put on a full, silver, silk skirt and dark blue dress over it that opened in front so the skirt showed and left without brushing her hair. She collided with the maid who brought her breakfast everyday, quickly apologized, and ran to see what the matter with Legolas was. When she got there he had stopped crying, but his face was still wet with tears.
“What is the matter with Legolas?” she asked Thandruil.
King Thandruil got up and bowed when he saw Nadia coming towards them, “I’m sorry my lady if Legolas woke you, but I just explained to him why he cannot go with you when you leave to go to Rivendell, and he’s grown very attached to you and doesn’t want you to leave.”
“It’s quite alright,” Nadia replied.
She sat down and let Legolas crawl into her lap. She rocked him and kissed him.
“Legolas, you know I don’t want to leave you, but I have to go to Rivendell. I promise I’ll come back and visit you whenever I possibly can.”
“That’s what mommy said she would always be with me before she left, but she lied because she isn’t here,” Legolas told her and started crying again.
Nadia and Thandruil exchanged a look. Legolas’s mother had died from a wound she had gotten trying to protect Legolas from orcs when they had been traveling back from Rivendell. Legolas had been told she had to leave for a long time because he didn’t understand about death then. She died when Legolas was only 300 hundred years old and had been dead for a hundred years.
“I promise I will come back and see you again, because I love you to much to go away forever,” Nadia told him.
“I think we should go get you something to eat, ok Legolas,” Thandruil said and took Legolas from Nadia’s arms.
“Ok ada.”
“I’ll be there right after I finish getting dressed,” Nadia told Thandruil.
“Of course. Take as long as you must. No need to hurry.”

Nadia walked back to her room. A maid came in to help her finish getting ready. She pinned her hair back with the two matching silver butterfly clips inlaid with a sapphire that The Lady Galadriel had given her and washed her face. She went into the side hall the was beside the Great Hall for breakfast. Legolas and Thandruil were already at the table along with the Legolas’s only other sibling Adreanil and a few other elves. When Nadia stepped into the room everyone stood up and bowed or curtsied. Nadia smiled and walked to her chair. Tealwona, Nadia’s servant that went with her wherever she had to go pulled out her chair. Nadia smiled again and sat down. Everyone else sat down when she did.
The servants brought out all of the food. Nadia took fruit and bread smeared with a sticky sweet syrup. Everyone concentrated on their food and there was no conversation. Nadia asked Thandruil, “Where is Arealion?”
“I don’t know. I have not seen him today,” Thandruil replied.
Arealion was Legolas’s older brother and only sibling.
Nadia finished as quickly as possible and went out to the gardens. She was walking along the path when her best friend Lorrieane appeared walking with Arealion.
“Hi, Lorrieane, Arealion! I didn’t see you two at breakfast this morning. Where were you?”
Lorrieane blushed and cleared her throat before replying, “I felt like taking a walk and I wasn’t very hungry. Arealion decided to accompany me. That’s all.”
“Well, mi’lady, Lorrieane, I must be getting back to the caverns. I will leave you two alone,” Arealion bowed and left.
Nadia sat down on the bench and Lorrieane sat down beside her.
“You both realize that everyone knows there is something more between you and Arealion, don’t you Lorrieane?” Nadia asked.
“I love Arealion and he loves me, but King Thandruil would never approve of us marrying. So I must be content with the time we are allowed to spend together. Lady Nanawe from the Lothlorien will have the pleasure of marrying him. The Lady Nanawe wants to marry him as much as he wants to marry her. She is in love with another and Arealion loves me. King Thandruil is already preparing for their marriage. I will stand by, watch, applaud, and try to be happy, but deep down I will be miserable,” Lorrieane said. Nadia looked at her and realized she had tears streaming down her face. She took her and hugged her tightly.
“There is nothing I can do to say to make you feel better. But have you and Arealion asked for Thandruil permission to wed?”
“No. But I know it is pointless to even ask. So why bother?” Lorrieane replied between sniffles.
“You don’t know unless you ask.”
“Your right. But I will not be able to see him for an entire year and when he comes back he will marry.”
“Why will he be gone?”
“He is to go in Thandruil’s place to escort you to Rivendell.”
Nadia said nothing, she just held her tighter. They stayed like that for awhile until it was time for lunch.
“Come Lorrieane. You should get something to eat.”


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