Lady Nadia – Part 8

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Elohir came up to Elladan and put one arm around his shoulder. “She’ll be fine brother. Ada will heal her.”
Elladan smiled but it was weak and shaky. Elohir guided him back to his room.
“Get dressed Elladan. Be strong for her. If she was to see you like this she would lose all hope.”
“I am sorry Elohir. I am just scared for her. What if she doesn’t make it Elohir? What do I do then?”
“If she doesn’t make there is nothing for you to do.”
“What would you do?”
“I would go to Valinor to try to forget about the pain of loss.”
“That is what I will do then.”
“You don’t have to worry about it though Elladan. She’ll live. I can feel it. Besides what would I do without my other half here?”
“You could come with,” there was a pause as Elohir looked at Elladan with sorrowful eyes. “Thank you Elohir for trying to make me feel better.”
“When you are sad I am sad. I was doing it for your sake as much as mine. Go take a bath and come down to dinner.”
Elladan took a bath and relaxed in there awhile before getting out. He dressed in a simple dark blue tunic and matching leggings.
“Elohir? Are you in there?” it was Uruvie. “May I come in?”
“You may come in.”
Uruvie walked into the room. She came over to the bed and sat down next to Elladan.
“Elladan. I want to think you for bringing my daughter back to me. She means the world to me.”
“I wasn’t the only one there my lady. Your husband and son were there as well as all of the other elves.”
“I know. But you are the one who wants to marry her. Your actions proved to me that you truly love my daughter. I wasn’t planning on letting you two get married but I think you changed my mind as well as my husbands.”
“Thank you my lady. I can only hope she lives for us to get married.”
“She will. Do not give up hope. You have given up before she has. Don’t go see her like this.”
“Like what?”
“You seem defeated. You have given up on her. It is one of the few things I do not like about you. You were so ready to die for her. Now look at you. You can’t go to her until you have regained some composure.”
“I don’t know what you are talking about. I haven’t given up hope.”
“Yes you have. It is in your voice whenever you speak. It is in your eyes whenever I look at you.”
Elladan looked at Uruvie and knew it was no use trying to deny it. He took a deep breath and spoke, “She can’t recover from that kind of wound. It is impossible. Even my father can’t help her now. The only thing we can do is give her something for the pain and try to make her comfortable. I just wish I had gotten there in time. It is my fault she is dieing. I didn’t get there in time to save her.” Elladan voice broke and he started sobbing.
Uruvie took him in her arms and stroked his hair, “Hush. It is not your fault. Illuvatar would not have let it happen if it wasn’t supposed to. Maybe he is trying to help you two become closer through this.”
“He could have picked an easier way to help. He didn’t have to hurt her. If one of us needed to be wounded he should have picked me over her.”
“I don’t have the answers Elladan. Not even the wisest could tell you. If she lives than I am sure it is because you are meant to be with her. If she doesn’t…. If she doesn’t live than maybe it is because Illuvatar has a different path for both of you.” Uruvie’s voice was gentle and caring. It soothed Elladan until he stopped crying. “You must be famished. Go and get something to eat.”
“Thank you my lady. Your words have helped me.” Elladan sniffed and dried his tears.
Uruvie smiled and release her hold on him. “I need you to be strong for my daughter.” She kissed his forehead. “After you have eaten go see Nadia.”
Elladan got up and walked out of the room. He entered the dining room and took his place at the table. Everyone who was not wounded was sitting there also eating.
“How are you brother?” Elohir asked as soon as he sat down.
“I feel better.” Elladan gave him a weak smile.
“The lady Uruvie talked to you?”
“Yes how did you know?”
“She asked me where your room was.”
His mother looked at his nearly empty plate. “You didn’t put much of anything on your plate. I want you to eat more.”
“No buts. I know you haven’t eaten anything yet.” Celebriann started piling a little bit of everything onto his plate.
“Amil! I can’t eat all this of this.”
“I don’t care. It will help you regain your strength. I know you haven’t slept for more than a week. I also know you won’t be sleeping much until Nadia recovers. Eat.”
Elladan obeyed and dug into his mountain of food. Earendur and Arealion started to laugh at him but stopped when Celebriann gave them a look, “You two haven’t got enough on your plates either.” She started to pile food onto both their plates then put food onto Elohir’s plate. “You aren’t allowed to leave until it is all gone.”
“But that’s not fair. You gave me more than Earendur, Elohir, and Elladan.” Arealion protested.
“You are the skinniest of you three so you get to eat more.”
Arealion muttered something incoherent under his breath and started to eat. Elladan finished as quickly as possible so he could see Nadia. He got up and went to the healing rooms after giving his mother a kiss.
“How is she ada?” Elladan stood in the doorway watching his father fuss over Nadia.
Elrond turned around and looked at his son. He was worried about him. Elladan’s eyes were sad and weary. Elrond knew he would probably have to force Elladan away from the healing room and give him a drought to make him sleep.
“She is in a healing sleep. I have done all I can on the outside of her body. It is up to her to heal the inside.
“Will she be alright? Is there anything I can do to help?”
“It is too early to be able to tell if she’ll live. The only thing you can do to help is sit by her and let her know you’re here and there is something worth fighting for here.” Elrond held his arms out to his oldest.
“Ada.” Elladan leaned into his fathers embrace. “I love her so much. I wish I had been able to get to her before the orcs did.”
“It will be alright Elladan. She is a fighter. I just don’t know if she will put up enough of a fight.”
Elladan lifted his head and got his first good look at Nadia. She was paler than usual. Her lips were parted slightly as air passed between them. Her golden blonde hair lay upon the pillow in waves. On her face was a look of peacefulness. The only thing that worried Elladan was the fact that her sea-blue eyes were closed. As if reading his mind Elrond said, “Her eyes are closed because she is in a healing sleep. Nothing else.”
Elladan broke the contact with his father and walked to her side. He took her hand and held it against lips.
“Nadia. I hope you know how much I love you. Lle naa vanima.” He released her hand.
He pushed the hair back that had fallen into her face. She looked so innocent and almost happy laying there. Elladan kissed her and pulled the chair that was in the room up closer.
“I sent a messenger to Mirkwood Elladan. She still has family there and I thought they might want to know. The orcs also seemed to be heading that direction from what Arealion told me. I thought they could help.”
“Thank you ada. I know Nadia’s family would appreciate it.”
“I want you to get some sleep tonight Elladan. Sit with Nadia for awhile then go to your room and rest. Your mother will be angry with me if I did not try to make you sleep. I know you won’t but just in case she asks, I told you to. Now here. Drink this.”
“I will tell her that ada, and I know this is something to help me sleep ada.”
“I have trained you well my son.”
Elladan woke to the morning sun hitting his face. He looked over at Nadia. She was starting to struggle for every breath.
“Nadia?” Elladan moved closer to her. “Nadia?”
She was starting to lose the fight.
Elladan got up and ran to find his father. He found him in the library with Celebriann, Orodreth, Uruvie and Earendur.
“Ada! It’s Nadia. Help her please.”
Elrond ran with Elladan back to the healing room.
“Stay out here Elladan.”
“No. Do not come into the room.”
“What is the matter with my daughter?” Uruvie had reached the room.
“I don’t know my lady. She couldn’t breathe. She was struggling. I don’t know what the matter is.”
“Oh no. She can’t die. Orodreth she can’t. It isn’t fair. She is still so young.” She turned and leaned into her husband.
“It will be alright Uruvie. Elrond knows what he is doing. He will save her.” Orodreth took his crying wife into his arms and did his best to comfort her.
Elrond came back out of the room after being in there for a half hour. No one noticed him as they were too caught up in their own thoughts. Elrond went over to where Orodreth and Uruvie were standing against the wall. Orodreth was the first to notice him.
“Nadia? Is she alright?” Orodreth asked his eyes pleading with him to not let her be dead.
“She is alive. Blood had gotten into her lungs making it difficult for her to breathe. I washed out the blood and she is better. Nadia is a worse than she was before but she is getting better.”
Elladan and Earendur both ran into Nadia’s room. Her eyes were open and she appeared to be awake.
“Nadia. Lle tyava quel?”
Nadia turned her head slightly so she could get a better look at them. Her breathing was short and shallow but she wasn’t fighting for the air as much.
“I’ve been better.”
“Nadia. You had us worried. We didn’t know if you were going to live or not.” Earendur told her.
“I still hurt Earendur.”
“Elladan. Earendur. Both of you must leave. Nadia needs to rest and she can’t do it with you two in here.” Elrond had come in to the room.
They both kissed her and walked out of the room.
“Will she be alright adar?”
“Uuma dela Elladan. She will live. I am certain of it.”
Elladan wrapped his arms around his father.
“Thank you ada. Thank you so much.”
“It was you and all of the elves that went with you that saved her Elladan. She is also saving herself. Nadia will go back into a healing sleep. I had to wake her out of it.”
“That doesn’t matter. All that matters is that she will leave.”
“Try to take your mind off of her. Go find Arwen and play with her. Take Earendur with you.”
“My lord. I would rather stay with Nadia. I haven’t got to stay with her. I want her to know I am here and I care.”
Elrond thought about it for a moment. “Alright. You may stay with Nadia. It will be good for her to have someone who cares.”
“Ada. We all care. She knows that.”
“Go find Arwen. She has missed you.”
Earendur went back into Nadia’s room, Elladan went to find Arwen, Orodreth and Uruvie went to speak with Celebriann, and Elrond went to his study.

Lle naa vanima-You are beautiful
Lle tyava quel?-Do you feel well?
Uuma dela-Don’t worry


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