Lady Nadia – Part 6

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Lorrieane rode up beside and grabbed her hand. “I want to thank you for last night.”
“What did I do?”
“I know you asked Earendur to dance with me. It was very kind of you.”
“I only did it because you’re my best friend.”
Lorrieane smiled and they rode in silence for awhile. Arealion came up next to Lorrieane and said, “We have perfect weather for traveling. I don’t sense any orcs. I think we will have a good trip.”
Lorrieane smiled at him. Arealion looked at like he had just seen her for the first time then leaned in and kissed her. Lorrieane took his hand and they rode together like that.
There were ten other elves besides Lorrieane, Arealion, Earendur, Uruvie, and Orodreth there accompanying Nadia to Rivendell. They were there for protection against orcs. Nadia felt safe knowing they were all around her and making sure she was away from harm. They rode on until dusk.
They stopped to set up camp. A small fire was built and blankets were laid upon the ground to cover up with. Nadia took out her package of lembas. She broke one in half and gave half to Lorrieane. The ten others sat by the fire talking amongst themselves. Arealion and Orodreth went over to join them. Nadia lie upon the leaves and fell asleep instantly. Earendur smiled and pulled her blanket over her. He kissed her cheek.
“Lorrieane. Amyl. You both should sleep too. Lay down.”
Lorrieane lay beside Nadia and Uruvie beside her. They each took longer to fall asleep. Arealion came over beside Earendur who sat watching them sleep.
“You are very protective of her Earendur. How are you going to be able to stand having Nadia married?
“I don’t know. I haven’t gotten much of a chance to get to know Elladan. I know Elohir well but not Elladan. I don’t really like the thought of my sister getting married. She is still so young.. for and elf anyway.”
“It’s not your decision Earendur. At least she loves him.”
“I know. I don’t know if he truly loves her back. If I find out he doesn’t and he breaks her heart, I promise I will not rest…”
“Earendur? What is the matter?” Nadia had woken up.
“Nothing Nadia. We are just talking. Go back to sleep.” Earendur said.
The next morning they woke up bright and early. They had lembas and got back on the horses. The going was slow and boring. Weeds and bushes choked the path. Suddenly they saw sunlight.
“We are out of the woods.” Someone at the front of the line shouted.
Once out of the woods they urged the horses into a quick trot.
The days passed slowly and little happened of importance. With each passing day they all became more anxious to reach Rivendell.
Arealion came back to where Nadia and Lorrieane were riding. “If we can make 10 more leagues tonight we will be able to get there by noon tomorrow.”
“Oh thank you. I am tired of traveling.” Lorrieane said to him.
Nadia just smiled and closed her eyes thinking of Elladan. They sped up the horses in order to cover the distance.
They made camp for the night and went to sleep leaving two keeping watch. Nadia lay back against a tree and let her mind drift. She thought back to Legolas and how she had left him behind. Nadia hoped he would be ok. If Elladan knew that she had almost enjoyed the kiss had she not been so shocked that he had kissed she didn’t know what she would do. He would be so upset. “No one knows about it except me and Legolas. Elladan wouldn’t find out,” Nadia told herself. Still it was weighing upon her conscience and she felt guilty.
“Nadia? What is the matter?” Earendur asked. He was on guard first that night. He saw her tears and wrapped his arms and around her. “Tell me what the matter is Nadia. Is there anything I can do to help?”
“I can’t tell you here. There is nothing you can do to help me.”
“Please Nadia. You’re my sister. You can tell me anything. Please,” Earendur pleaded with her.
“Not now Earendur. Tomorrow.”
Earendur sighed and kissed her cheek. “I will not forget Nadia. I want you to be happy.
Nadia lay down and tried to fall asleep more for Elladan’s sake than hers. She knew he would be awake until she was asleep. Eventually Nadia managed to fall asleep. When she was awoken she was helped onto her horse immediately.
“Don’t we even get to wake up fully before we start?” Nadia asked whoever was listening.
“Nay m’lady,” an elf told her. “There are orcs about. We must go at once.”
They rode quickly.
An elf at the front of the group held up his hand. “Stop. There are orcs here. Draw your weapons.”
Earendur grabbed Nadia and Uruvie and put them into the middle of the circle. Then he grabbed Lorrieane and put her beside them. “I would feel better if you three were safe. Stay here.”
“Earendur. I feel helpless without a weapon. Let me help fight. I can. You know that.” Nadia said. She had often gone with Earendur to his sword and bow lessons.
“No. It is safer for you here. I can let you each have a sword at least.” He drew three swords from a pouch on his horse. “Here. Be careful.”
He fit an arrow onto his bow and watched the trees. Suddenly at least 100 orcs came running out of the trees towards them. They appeared to be running away from something.


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