Lady Nadia – Part 5

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“That’s it?” Nadia said exasperated. She realized how late it was getting and decided to go to bed seeing as how she had to get up really early in the morning.
“Legolas. I am going to go to bed. I will see you in the morning.” Nadia kissed his forehead and hugged him.
“Goodnight m’lady. I promise to get up early so I can see you again.”
Nadia smiled at him and went to her bedroom. She undressed and put on a light pink silk nightgown and climbed into bed. She had just started to doze off when someone came barging into her room.
Nadia sat up. It was only Earendur.
“What are you doing here Earendur? I am trying to sleep.” Nadia cried.
“Not much. I just figured out how you can return the favor.”
“Yes. I decided that when we get to Rivendell you let me ask Elladan whatever I want no matter how personal or private. And you can’t cry when I decide you can’t marry him.”
“I’ll agree to the first part but the rest isn’t fair. You don’t even get to make the decision. Besides if I can’t marry him I am going to cry. There is no doubt about it.”
“Ok fine. But you have to give me your desserts the whole time we are there.”
“You pig. Fine. Now get out of my room.”
“Yes ma’am. I love you. Sleep well.” Earendur said and kissed her cheek before walking out of the room.
Nadia fell back against the pillow and slept deeply. The next thing she knew was her mother opening the curtains to the window to let sunlight in.
“Hello sleepy. Hurry to dress. Breakfast is ready.” Uruvie smiled at her daughter and walked out of the room.
Nadia pulled on her velvet, forest, green dress and braided her hair. She washed her face and went over to where the tray of food was. She had just started eating when Legolas came in. He sat down on her bed and stole her apple.
“Hey. What do you think your doing?”
“Eating. I haven’t eaten yet. When are you leaving?” Legolas asked.
“As soon as the horses are ready.”
“Oh. I will miss you.”
“I know. I will miss you to. I will see you again.”
“If Elladan and I marry you will be there for our wedding. If we don’t I will come back here.”
“Oh. Ok.” He looked ready to say something else but was holding back.
“Legolas. Is there anything else you wanted to tell me?”
Legolas hesitated for a second before saying no. Tealwona came by to get her stuff ready to go. After Tealwona was gone Legolas let the tears out. Nadia wrapped her arms around him and cried to.
“It will be fine Legolas. Don’t be sad.”
Legolas lifted his head to look at her. “I will never be happy while you are gone.”
He laid his head in her lap. Nadia stroked his hair and wiped away his tears.
They stayed like that until Earendur stopped by the room. He looked at them and shook his head. He didn’t like interrupting them like that.
“Nadia. It is time to go.”
Legolas sat up. Nadia started to kiss his cheek but Legolas turned his head and the kiss landed upon his lips. Nadia pulled back quickly. Legolas looked at the ground and his face turned 10 different shades of red. She didn’t know what to say to him. So she stood up and put on her dark green cloak. She fastened it. Then she turned towards Legolas. She took him by the hand and started to pull him towards the door. Legolas resisted and Nadia turned back towards him an expression of bewilderment across her face.
“Legolas. What is wrong?”
“Nothing. It’s just…”
“I love you.” Legolas wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close.
“Lego…” whatever she was about to say was cut short by Legolas pressing his lips against hers. Legolas held her there for awhile. Nadia was too shocked to pull away. He released her when he realized what he had just done.
“Legolas. No. I can’t. I love Elladan.” Nadia turned to leave but was stopped by Legolas.
“Nadia. Wait. I am sorry. I didn’t mean to kiss you. I don’t know why I did. Forgive me and don’t hold it against me. I don’t want you to leave angry with me. Forgive me please.”
Her voice was firm and cold, “Of course you know why you did that. You shouldn’t have done it Legolas.” She looked at him and saw a single tear drip down his face. Nadia left before she started to cry again too.
Earendur was holding her horse when she came out. Everyone was there to say goodbye. Nadia held in her tears as long as she could but they came out when Thandruil hugged her goodbye.
“I’ll miss you Nadia.”
“I’ll miss you too my lord.”
“Yes, my king.”
“You must come back and visit. You are one of the few that can make my son smile. The only other one who ever could was his mother. I want to see Legolas smile again. I know while you are gone I won’t see him smile or laugh or be happy. It is not fair for me to know that the only one who makes my son happy is weeks away. You must come back.”
“My Lord, I will come back, if only to make Legolas happy. It pains me to know that he won’t be. I am sorry my lord.”
Thandruil kissed her forehead and helped her onto the horse. Nadia looked back at everyone for the last time. She saw Legolas by the door. He had tears in his eyes. He made no move to brush them away. He stared at her silently pleading for her to forgive him and come back. Nadia tried to smile but couldn’t do it. She shook her head as if to clear her thoughts. She turned her horse as they started to move down the path.


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