Lady Nadia – Part 4

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Nadia got a glass of the wine and went to sit down next to Lorrieane. Lorrieane was watching Arealion dance with every other beautiful, unmarried elven maiden there.
“Its ok Lorrieane. Arealion is only dancing with them because of Thandruil. He doesn’t want to dance with them.” Nadia looked at her friend but she remained untouched by the words.
“He is enjoying himself. He appears far to happy to be dancing with them only for his father. I will be fine. Ada and Amil will find someone for me to marry. I will eventually have to love him.”
“You don’t have to love anyone. Arealion is just trying to have a good time because there is no sense in making yourself miserable. I wish you could do the same.”
“I don’t want to have a good time if I can’t have it with Arealion.”
Nadia looked and felt defeated at those words but she wasn’t giving up hope for her best friend yet. She stood up and looked for Earendur. He was getting more wine for himself and Celebrian. She walked over to where they stood.
“Hello Earendur. Celebrian.” Nadia smiled at them. “Earendur. I need to talk to you.”
They went a little ways away from Celebrian.
“I want you to help me cheer up Lorrieane. She’s not having a good time yet and I want you to dance with her to try to get her to have fun.”
“Nadia. You know I am willing to do almost anything for you but I am a little busy right now. I can’t.”
“I will explain everything to Celebrian. Come on, I only want you to dance with her for two songs. It will make her feel much better. Besides Arealion might see her and realize he wants to dance with just her. Please. Do it for me as a favor. I will find a way to repay you.”
“You had better explain everything to Celebrian. When I think of something I want I will let you know.”
“Thank you so much Earendur.” Nadia walked over to Celebrian while Earendur walked over to where Lorrieane was sitting.
“Where is Earendur going?” Celebrian asked. “Why is he dancing with her?” Celebrian had a mixture of puzzlement and hurt on her face.
“She is my best friend. She wasn’t having a good time so I asked Earendur to help cheer her up. He is only doing it for me. It won’t take long. He’ll be back soon.”
They both sipped their wine and watched them dancing. Lorrieane was laughing and seemed to be enjoying herself immensely. Nadia noticed Arealion watching them closely. After the first dance ended he walked over to where they had stopped. He said something, Lorrieane appeared to think about it for a little bit then shook her head yes. Earendur gave Arealion, Lorrieane’s hand. They walked a bit from Earendur then started dancing. Earendur came back over to them.
Nadia hugged him and said, “Thank you brother. She is happy now.”
Earendur hugged her back and replied, “Of course she is. She just got to dance with me.” He gave Celebrian his arm, Nadia a wide grin, and they went to dance.
Nadia felt a tap on her arm. She looked down and there was Legolas with Thandruil standing beside him. They stood there for awhile until Thandruil looked at his son, raised an eyebrow and said, “Well?”
Legolas blushed. “I’m sorry m’lady. I didn’t mean to get upset.” He looked genuinely sorry.
Nadia smiled. “It is alright Legolas. I understand.”
Legolas took his eyes off the ground. “Really. Then you’ll stay?”
“Legolas!” Thandruil said in a sharp warning voice.
“I’m sorry Legolas. I can’t stay. I have to go to Rivendell.” Nadia pulled Legolas close and hugged him tightly to her chest. A couple of loose tears slid down her face and onto his hair. She let him go and smiled at him. Legolas blushed again.
“Nadia. Would you sing a song? We all love to listen to your voice.” Thandruil asked.
“Of course my lord.” Nadia walked towards the front of the room. She told the musicians what she wanted them to play. They started and Nadia waited until it was time for her to sing.
She sang about the flowers and trees. About apples, birds, laughter, the sun and it warmth. She sang about all of spring. She sang until she could sing no more. She let her voice fade out until she stopped all together. The little elven children ran up to her and asked for more.
“Please. Please. We want to hear another.” They said putting on their sweetest faces. Nadia couldn’t resist them. “What do you want me to sing?”
One of the older elven children asked for the Lay of Luthien. The younger ones were puzzled for they had not heard it yet.
“Alright. I will tell it just for you.”
She sang her voice becoming stronger when the time called and softer when need be. [everyone knows the story so I am not putting anything else about it.]
When she had finished the younger children were sad. Some were even still frightened. She walked with them answering all their questions about the story. Eventually they ran out of things to ask and left, leaving Nadia alone with Legolas and Thandruil.
“Thank you for singing, Nadia.” Thandruil said.
“Your more than welcome Lord Thandruil.”
Legolas sat in silence for awhile before asking Nadia to dance with him.
“Of course I will Legolas.”
They went out in the middle of everyone else. They danced in silence until Legolas spoke.
“Why do you love Elladan?”
“Oh, Legolas. It would have to be because he is sweet, nice, handsome, funny, smart, he would make an excellent father, and he loves me back. Why do you ask?”
“Because I wanted to know how to make someone love you back.”
“You can’t make someone love you. They either do or they don’t. You can’t change their feelings. Besides everyone loves another for different reasons,” Nadia said. “By the way, who are you trying to get to love you? Is she anyone I know?”
“Yes. You know her very well. It doesn’t matter who it is though.”
They danced in silence for the next two songs. Then they broke apart and went to sit down. Nadia looked to see how Arealion and Lorrieane were doing. They were dancing together still. They held each other tight and enjoyed every moment together, afraid it might be the last song they would get to dance with each other. They looked so happy and content. Nadia almost envied them.


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