Lady Nadia – Part 3

by May 31, 2004Stories

A maid came in with lunch. “Prince Arealion sent me to bring your lunch.”
“Thank you,” they both said in unison.
They leapt upon the food and devoured it in a matter of minutes. A guard came to the door. He bowed and said, “My Lady Nadia. Your ada and amil are in my lord’s study.”
“Oh. Ok. You can come to Lorrieane. Ada and amil will love to see you.”
They both followed the guard down the hall to Thandruil’s study. When they got there Nadia rushed to greet her mother and father.
“Ada! Amil! I missed you both so much. Where is Earendur? I thought he was coming. When are we leaving to Rivendell? Amil did you bring that new dress? Ada will you promise to be nice when we go to Rivendell?” Nadia paused to take a breath.
“Nadia, my darling slow down,” Uruvie [her mother] said laughing. “We can only answer one question at a time. First, we missed you very much too. Earendur is in the stables. We are leaving tomorrow morning. I did bring your new dress. It turned out very nice, if I do say so myself.”
“I will see about being nice at Rivendell. If this Elladan is not who I would want my daughter to marry then I might be forced to take drastic measeures.” Orodreth [her father] smiled and hugged his daughter. “Here is Lorrieane. How have you been? Did you find someone to settle down with yet?”
Lorrieane smiled and stole a glance at Thandruil. “I have been fine sir.”
“Ada. Amil. Lord Thandruil. I was wondering if Lorrieane could come when we leave to Rivendell tomorrow? Nadia asked sweetly.
“I think that could be arranged.” Orodreth said.
“Thank you ada/sir.” Nadia/Lorrieane said.
“Come, Nadia, I will show you your dress.” Uruvie said.
They walked out of the study towards Uruvie and Orodreth’s room. They went inside and shut the door. Uruvie took the dress out of her drawers and held it up for Nadia to see.
“Wow Amil. It is beautiful.”
It truly was. It was light pink. It had flowers that came up to wrap around her neck. They each had a diamond in the center. The upper half was light pink with decorated with an even lighter pink flowers. The lower half was pure pink except for the bottom which had white flowers around the bottom.
“Why don’t you try it on Nadia?” Uruvie said with a smile at the expression on her face.
“Can I? I would love to!” Nadia exclaimed.
She hurried to put it on. It was absolutely stunning on her. It fit her like a glove.
“It makes me feel beautiful Amil! Thank you so much.” Nadia hugged her mother tightly.
“Don’t start crying yet. I had a bit of time on my hands so I decided to make you another dress.”
The next dress was simple but just as beautiful. It was a light purple with a V-shaped neckline and it flowed behind Nadia as she put it on. She smiled as she looked at herself. She hugged her mother again and slipped off the dress.
“You truly are beautiful my daughter,” Uruvie said after she had gotten her clothes back on. “Come. You must get ready to leave tomorrow.”
Nadia went back to her room to get ready. A maid had brought the dresses to her room. She packed them up tightly so nothing could hurt them. She got out all of her clothes and packed them beside her other dresses. She put all of her jewelry into her jewelry box; made sure nothing was missing and tucked it inside one of her dresses.
She was just finishing up when Earendur came into her room. She was swept laughing off her feet as he picked her up.
“Hello, little one. Did you miss me?” He said and kissed her cheek.
“Hello, Earendur. I missed you so very much now put me down.”
“I forgot. I can’t call you little anymore. You are to big to be picked up now. You might get married and I don’t think your husband would like very much if strange elves came into his house and carried off his wife.” Earendur laughed and hugged his little sister.
Nadia kissed his cheek and said, “Sit down and talk to me. What has been happening back home. I want to here everything.”
“Everything? Ok. There isn’t much to tell anyway. Everyone isn’t as happy because your not there. But other than that everything is the same.”
“Nothing has changed? I don’t believe you.”
“I am telling the truth. Nothing happens there. Its boring without you there to cheer everyone up.”
“That’s to bad. Help me pack.”
Nadia grabbed the little mirror she took with her everywhere and put in her bag.
“You’re not going to need that you know.” Earendur said.
“So. I like it and I want to bring it with.”
Earendur shook his head and smiled. When they had finished packing Earendur left so she could get ready for tonight.


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