Lady Nadia – Part 3

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Nadia put on her sapphire blue dress with beading. She put on her necklace with sapphires and diamonds going all the way around it. She had a matching bracelet to go with. She swept her hair up to the top of her head and fastened it with a diamond clasp. When she was ready she walked out the door to find Earendur waiting for her.
“You look absolutely gorgeous Nadia. Who are you trying to impress?” Earendur asked with a grin on his face.
“I am not trying to impress anyone. Are you saying that I don’t look beautiful any other occasion?”
“No. I am not saying that. You just look extra done up.”
“Well, that is ok then. By the way, you look very handsome tonight Earendur. Anyone special you are trying to impress?”
“Actually yes there is someone.”
“Really?! Who?!”
“You’ll see sister.” Earendur offered his arm to Nadia.
She took it and they walked to the Great Hall together. They saw their mother and father and walked over to them.
“Nadia. You are looking lovely. You have grown up so very much since the last time you decided to visit.” Orodreth said.
Nadia smiled and hugged him. “Where is King Thandruil? Is he coming or is he already in the hall?”
Her question was answered by Thandruil coming down the corridor. He took Uruvie’s arm and Orodreth took Nadia’s arm. The king and Uruvie went through the doors first followed by Orodreth and Nadia, then Earendur and Arealion with Legolas in between them. Everyone was standing when they got in there. They all took their places at the table with Thandruil left standing up. It was tradition for him to make a speech before the feast.
“This will be the last night for a long time we will have the Lady Nadia in our midst. Hopefully she will not forget us and visit as soon as possible. Let us drink to her and a happy marriage.” Everyone raised the goblets and took a sip. “Come. Let the feast begin.”
Servants started bringing out the first course. It was always fruit. There were strawberries, grapes, bananas, nectarines, and star fruit. There was a honey like syrup for dipping the fruit into. The conversation was loud and pleasant. Nadia made small talk with everyone and smiled at everyone, just like she was taught to do.
When everyone had finished the second course was brought out. Freshly baked bread, jam, vegetables. Nadia ate only a little bit of each thing. The third course was soup. Then the salad came. Then the yogurt came out to help make everything go down easier. Everyone hurried through the food in order to get to the main course… It was roasted chicken with secret spices, potatoes, and more vegetables. Nadia was starting to get full but she still had dessert to eat.
When it was brought out everyone gasped. It was a cake representing two beautiful ships in the grey havens. It was colored and carefully detailed. The background was a drawing of the grey havens. It was beautiful. It was carefully cut and served to everyone. It was delicious. Nadia savored every bite. When she was done she watched Legolas carefully cut it with his fork and put it delicately inside his mouth. He looked at her and glared. She laughed at his expression then bent down to kiss his chubby little cheek. He wiped it off as soon as she pulled away.
The servants cleared away the dishes. Now it was time for dancing and singing. Nadia sat on the side watching her parents dance together. She drank her wine and watched Earendur talking to a beautiful elven maiden. She had long blonde hair blue eyes and a delicate face. Earendur took her hand and led onto the floor. Thandruil came over and sat beside her.
“Do you promise to come back and visit as soon as you can?” Thandruil asked. “Legolas doesn’t want you to leave and he doesn’t really understand why you must go away from him. I don’t want him to be miserable forever. You are the only one that could ever make him smile aside from his mother.”
“I promise my lord. I don’t want to have to leave Legolas and everyone else behind, but I will come back and visit. I love Legolas and I don’t want him to be unhappy.”
“That is good,” Thandruil stood up. He took her hand, kissed it and asked, “May I have this dance?”
“Of course my lord.”
They went on to the dance floor and danced together for three songs. When the third was over Nadia noticed Legolas in the corner watching them.
“Excuse me King Thandruil. I have another I must dance with.” She nodded her head in Legolas’s direction.
“Of course my lady.”
Nadia went over to Legolas. She sat down beside him and stroked his hair.
“Legolas what it the matter?”
“You are going to leave tomorrow and you won’t come back.”
“Legolas! Of course I’ll come back. What makes you say I won’t?”
“Because you’ll have a husband and forget about me when you have your own children.”
“I won’t ever forget about you.”
“You could just stay here and wait until I grow up so I could come visit you whenever I want to.”
Nadia laughed but stopped when she saw his extremely serious expression.
“It’s not funny. I am serious.”
“Legolas. I can’t. I already promised Elladan I would marry him. I can’t break my promise to him. Besides I love him and don’t want to break that promise.”
“But he doesn’t need you as much as I do. Elladan is mean to me anyway. I don’t like him.”
“Little one I love you but I love Elladan.”
“So.I don’t want you to marry Elladan,” with that Legolas got up and ran outside into the gardens where he could be alone.
She saw Thandruil and his worried expression and just shook her head and smoothed back her hair from her face. He came over to her and sat down. “What was the matter with Legolas? He seemed rather upset.”
“He doesn’t want me to marry Elladan. I tried explaining it to him but he didn’t want to understand. I don’t know what to say to him to make him feel better.” Nadia could feel the tears building up in her eyes. She didn’t want to leave Legolas behind while he was still so upset. Thandruil wrapped his arms around her and said, “It is ok. I will talk to him. Do not worry about him.” He got up and went to find out where Legolas was.
Earendur came over to where she was sitting, “What is the matter little sister?”
“Legolas is making my leaving tomorrow difficult. Where was the pretty elf you where with?”
“Getting wine. Legolas knows he get to come to Rivendell for the wedding. I don’t know why he would be that upset.”
“He doesn’t want me to leave him and get married. “
“Oh. Well were did he go?
Earendur stood up and offered his hand to her. He helped her up and gave her his arm. They went out onto the floor and danced together until Earendur spotted the elven maiden sitting with the wine watching them. Nadia noticed him looking at her and said, “Go talk to her. Wait. Before you go what is her name?”
“Celebrian Vanimedle.”


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