Lady From Beyond the Sea – Prologue

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Lady From Beyond the Sea-Prologue

This story has been in progress since I first read the Lord of the Rings in fourth grade. Every time I have read LotR, my story has become more refined. I had never considered actually writing it down until I started to read some of the wonderful stories others have written. Thanks to everyone who has submitted stories for helping me have the courage to submit my own. I don’t claim to own any of Tolkien’s characters, or any of his words, I am just having fun. I hope that you enjoy reading “Lady From Beyond the Sea” Please tell me what you think.

*Second note: I’m going through and editing/filling out chapters in an effort to improve the story. Hopefully some newcomers will read this, and if others wish to reread it, all the better.

Bilbo walked though the brightly lit Elven camp back towards the mountain, wondering to himself if he had done the right thing by giving the arkenstone to Bard. Suddenly an old man, wrapped in a dark cloak, came towards him, followed by a figure with the hood of a cloak pulled forward to hide it’s features.

“Well done! Mr. Baggins!” the old man said, clapping Bilbo on the back. “There is always more about you than one expects!” It was Gandalf.

Bilbo was delighted for the first time in many days. But Gandalf interrupted him before he could stammer out all of the questions that flew to his mind for the wizard.

“All in good time! Things are drawing towards an end now, unless I’m mistaken,” Gandalf glanced swiftly back at the hooded figure behind him, but Bilbo didn’t notice. “Towards an end anyway. There is an unpleasant time ahead of you; but keep your heart up! You may come through all right! There is news brewing that even the ravens have not heard. Good night!”

Puzzled but cheered, Bilbo hurried on. As he climbed carefully back towards the gate, he suddenly thought of something, and half turned back. He shook his head, and continued on muttering, “I wonder who that was with Gandalf.”


Legolas shook his head in distaste. Going to war for a bit of gold was very much not to his liking. But he realized, as he stood by his father, that they had to support their friends the Lakemen. Their friendship and the trading treaty had lasted many years, and with the destruction of the dragon, Thranduil foresaw many profitable years ahead.

Bard was approaching the gate one last time to attempt a parley. Before him walked an old man bearing a strong casket of wood. Legolas had noted the old man earlier, as well as his hooded companion. Legolas had puzzled about this stranger, ordinarily his keen Elven vision would at least have been able to detect the glitter of the person’s eyes, but it seemed as though this stranger’s eyes were dull and lifeless, emitting none of the ordinary glow of life. He glanced around again to locate the slight hooded figure, and found him with the Lakemen, apparently watching Bard and the old man, though it was hard to tell as the hood still shrouded his features. Legolas turned his attention back to the gate as a great noise arose upon the ramparts.

“You! You!” Thorin was shouting at a small curly headed figure at his side, “You miserable hobbit! You undersized–burglar!” Legolas looked at Bard and the old man, who was holding aloft a stone that shone like a star.

“By Elbereth!” he whispered in amazement, forgetting to pay attention to what was happening. The old man threw off his cloak saying, “Stay! Your wish is granted! Here is Gandalf!”

Mithrandir! Legolas thought, the situation must be more important than I had thought if he is here. Who then is the hooded figure? He wondered again.

Thorin reluctantly promised Bard one fourteenth of the gold in the mountain to trade for the arkenstone, though he warned the hobbit that it would be taken from his share. All those gathered dispersed to await the next day when payment would be made.

The next morning runners came to report that the host of Dain had come. As he heard the news Legolas’s hopes at an end to this encounter died. With support from his kin there was no possibility of Thorin’s peacefully keeping to his agreement to pay the fourteenth. Sure enough, each army took its position, and the Dwarves began to attack, but suddenly a huge black cloud formed over head, thunder rumbled, and lightning flashed, striking the field between the armies.

“Halt!” cried Gandalf, who appeared suddenly, his hooded companion behind. He stood with arms uplifted, between the advancing dwarves and the ranks awaiting them.

“Halt!” he called again, and lightning once more struck the ground before him. “Dread has come upon you all! Alas! It has come more swiftly than I guessed. The goblins are upon you! They ride upon wolves, and Wargs are in their train!” The wind swirled around them, and Legolas suddenly saw the face of Gandalf’s companion.

“A lady!” he whispered in amazement. He looked again as the wind continued to blow, and sure enough, those delicate features, and soft green eyes were definitely female. But despite their lustrous color, Legolas was struck by the darkness that lurked within them; it seemed he had never seen anyone so sad.

“Who are you?” he wondered aloud.



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