Keldorian Sisters – ~Part 5, On the road again

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+++++++ = Time skip

******** = Character change

, = See note


I couldn’t sleep after my dreams. It was like it had all happened yesterday, but it had been 300 years. After many hours of trying to get back to sleep, I gave in and rose. I turned slowly as if in a trance. I saw a flash before my eyes of the “yánao I firn”[check grammar of elvish] ,, the resting-place of all of Keldor. A memorial to the mass slaughter of an entire civilization, it was made up of rows, upon rows, upon rows of graves. Each was marked with a carved white stone, and, in front of the each stone rested a single flower. It was the last glimpse of Keldor I had ever had.

I sighed heavily. I changed, then crossed to the balcony. I swung my legs over the side; sitting precariously on the edge. I gazed off into oblivion, partially watching the sky grow lighter, as the sun wasn’t visible through the grey clouds.


I had heard the fellowship was leaving, with nothing else to do; I went down to watch. There were very few there to see them off; only Elrond and a small number of elves were in attendance. Gandalf was yet within.

As the members of the Fellowship waited for Gandalf to arrive, Boromir explained the presence his war-horn “Loud and clear it sounds in the valleys of the hills,” Boromir said, “and then let all the foes of Gondor flee!” Putting it to his lips, he let forth a blast. It that echoed through the land around. I saw birds take flight from their trees. All within the vicinity of Rivendell with half an ear would no doubt have heard it.

“Slow should you be to wind that horn again, Boromir,” said Elrond, “until you stand once more in the borders of your own land, and dire need is on you.”

“Maybe,” retorted Boromir, “but always, I have let my horn cry at setting forth, and though thereafter we may walk in the shadows, I will not go forth as a thief in the night.”
My only thought was that at least a thief’s enemies do not have its location.

I thought the man a fool, but then again, my mind had become accustomed to expecting danger, for if you expect danger, when it comes you will be at least then you were prepared.

The company of travelers had packed rather light. There was but one horse, a pony that carried many of the bags. He actually seemed the cheeriest of the group. I watched turned my attention to one of the hobbits that was standing by the pony.

“Rope!” I heard him mutter to himself. “No rope!” And only last night you said to yourself: `Sam, what about a bit of rope? You’ll want it, if you haven’t got it.’ Well, I’ll want it. I can’t get it now,” he finished huffily. I smiled. Hobbits had simple minds but great hearts.

Finally Gandalf emerged. I only half listened as Elrond gave his farewell speech, as I was occupied in watching the Fellowship instead. The whole company was anxious about the journey. They all knew it was important; well, at least most of them did. I gave a sideways glance at the two youngest hobbits; mischief glinted in their eyes.

Gimli and Elrond had gotten themselves into a small debate; once resolved, Bilbo said farewell and the company headed out. After a left turn, they were out of sight and the elves returned to their duties. I headed for breakfast.


I awoke from pleasant dreams. I didn’t really want them to end. I missed my old friends. I missed Keldor. But most of all I missed…

There was a loud knock at the door, startling me back to reality.

I got quickly out of bed, slipped into a blue dress, and opened the door. It was Adriel.

“Good, you’re up,” she said with a hint of a smile.

“I am now,” I replied mutinously. Her smile grew.

“Care to join me for breakfast?” I nodded.

As we headed down I told her of our trip to Lothlorien. Which I had been informed of last evening. She took it all in silence. We entered the hall and went to find food.


My pack sat open on my bed as I set out my things out on my bed to make sure I had everything. There was an elleth who was supposed to be helping me pack but if anything she was just a nuisance. All she was really doing was holding a very spirited one-sided conversation. I didn’t even make a half-hearted attempt to listen. My mind rested elsewhere and seemed resolute on staying there.

I only managed to pull myself back to reality when she pulled the atrocious pink lacy dress out of the very back of my wardrobe.

“Now you’ll need this and a few other nice gowns, just in case. Of course, I’m sure they’ll give you many lovely gowns when you arrive in Lothlorien. I think you look stunning in pink. It is the very best colour for you, dear.”

She folded it with the utmost care, smoothing out the wrinkles and forming nice even creases, and then set it gently on my bed. I glared at the offending object with obvious distaste, which she somehow managed not to notice. Then she went back to riffling through my wardrobe.
“I don’t believe it. You haven’t got a single other another descent garment in here.” I rolled my eyes and quickly went over and to rescued my clothes from her. “Oh well, I guess that one will have to suffice. Now be sure you pack it.” She gestured towards the vile pink thing. I walked over, grabbed it roughly, and jammed it into the very bottom of my bag.

Her eyes grew wide and then narrowed. She huffed loudly and stalked haughtily out of my room. I waited until her incessant muttering could no longer be heard, I and then set about packing the things I would actually be wearing.

Soon after, I headed off to see to the food we would be taking.


We said goodbye that night in the hall of fire. Then, woke at the crack of dawn, and set out the very next morning. The traveling was dull, as it always was. Adriel remained adamantly to against my pleas to bring horses. She claimed we wouldn’t want to drag them over the snowy mountains.


We were about a day out of the forest surrounding Rivendell when we came upon a fork in our path.

“Which way now?” Adriel asked.

“I don’t know,” I responded, “You got the directions.”

“No I didn’t, I thought you were getting directions,” She replied mildly.

“Nope,” I replied. “Well, let’s try that way.” I gestured towards the left path.

So, we headed off in the general direction of Lothlorien.
Authors’ note:
Sorry it took so long life is hectic.

, = “Sanctuary of the dead” actually it’s a field so it was supposed to be field of death but alas I could not find the proper words.

Please comment it makes me happy.


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