Kate and Haldir – The Missing

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Kate tossed and turned as the images floated in her mind causing a stench.

“No! No! Go away! Dont! Just leave me alone! I’m sorry!”

Her cries grew louder and louder as she tossed and turned within her bed beads of sweat beginning to form upon her brow. Very soon, she did not know that she was screaming. Haldir opened the door swiftly and saw Kate. He rushed to her bedside and gripped her shoudlers strongly and shook her. Her arms reached up at him as she tried to fight him. Her nails scratched his face clawing at his clothes. He shook her forcefully.

“Kate, Kate! Kate! Awake!”

“No no no!” she panted and looked at Haldir in confusion. “Haldir,” she asked between deep breaths, “what are you doing here? Is there a problem?”

He looked at her in amazement touching her burning forehead and seeing the tears stream down her face. “You were screaming.”

She leaned against him. “A nightmare. It was another flashback.”

“Tell me what you saw,” he said wrapping his arms around her.

“I dont know. I-I saw blackness utter blackness. Then I saw a girl. She was locked in a cell it seemed a prison. There were,” she paused, “metal bindings around her wrists. She was screaming out in pain. Yet I felt it. It was torture. And the girl looked like me. I-“

He placed a hand across her mouth. “You do not need to speak more. What can I do Kate?”

“If you truly believe in the Valar, in Eru, then pray to them for me. I want to forget.”

She looked out at the window seeing the light of the stars pouring forth through her window sweeping across the forest. Haldir knew she needed something to calm her spirits. She was troubled within. Kate read his thoughts.

“How about a ride?” she asked seeming to forget the entire dream already.

“Kate, take this,” he said holding the necklace up.

“It’s far too great a gift to bestow upon me.”

“Why not? You are fairer than any girl I have ever known. Why should you not take it?”

“Is that the only reason you have pursued me?”

“No,” he answered instantly. “Kate, you are full of mystery and spirit. I do love your spirit. Many of the elf maidens here are shy and demure. They would never admit themselves as equal to a man as you do. You seem to want more and more. You work for more and more urging yourself to recapture your memory. You are determined strong and self controlled though at times you are in need of help. I wish to help you if you let me.”

“I am sorry but I cant.”

He seemed surprised.

“You are not to help me. You are not to get close to me, Haldir of Lorien. Do you understand?”

“No,” he answered. “Why are you afraid?”

“I am not. I simply do not want you to be hurt.”

“Can you not love me? I know for a fact that I can you.”

“But it could never work between us, dont you get it?”

She stood up and went to the closet grabbing a pair of breeches and waist shirt.

“Where are you going?” he asked standing up beside her.

“For a ride.”

“No not until you take this,” he said shoving the necklace in her hand.

She gripped it strongly. “How come you cant see that I am trying to protect you? You dont know me. I dont know myself. I dont want to belong to anyone. I am a no name slob. I dont belong to anyone and thats the way it is. And I dont want you to see me.”

He instantly began running. When he reached the bottom he could just see Kate riding away. Haldir sprinted to the stables and did not even bother saddling Halath. His hope to catch her was in vain since her horse was one of the Mearas. He urged his horse on though all he could see was her fading figure as she disappeared into the thick wood. Before long, he could not make out anything, but he kept riding driven by an urge deep within himself to find her. He then knew it was pointless to continue. He needed to speak with Galadriel. With a heavy heart Haldir turned his horse around uttering a few last elvish words, “Naamarie, Aa’ menle nauva calen ar’ ta hwesta e’ ale’quenle, vanya Kate. ” May thy paths be green and the breeze upon thy back, fair Kate.

Kate rode on not knowing even where she was riding to. She just needed to get away from things from Haldir for awhile. She could not bear to tell him of who she truly was. It would break his heart. She knew once he had given her the necklace he cared for her more than as a friend. She gripped her horse’s mane, but then realized it was not all she was holding. She stopped for a moment and opened her hand seeing the necklace Haldir had given her. She looked at her reflection through the stone. Kate decided to turn back now. It was nearly dark, and she did not wish to have another encounter with the wolves. But as she was about to turn her horse, she heard a voice.

“Freya, come.”

She turned her head and saw three figures standing before her. They were armed with swords. Their garb was different from that of the elves. They wore armor with sharp spikes protruding from the shoulders. Black veils covered their faces but for their eyes, and helms were upon their heads.

“What do you want? Strangers are not welcome in Lorien.”

“Then you are not welcome either.”

She looked in puzzlement. Before she could respond, something hard collided with Kate’s head. She tried to fight off the overwhelming darkness surrounding her, but failed. Her body surrendered and she fell from her saddle unconscious.


Haldir began to walk back to his room. Kate could take care of herself. He learned that when she had thrown her fist at him. He wondered how she had grown strong.

Yet the night was cold and dark. But as Haldir’s two sides debated within him, a figure suddenly appeared before him. He knew her at once and knelt amazed for she was within Valinor.

“My lady Galadriel.”

“Rise Haldir,” she said gently. “There is no need to be humble before me. I know your mind.”

She took his hands and raised her Captain of the Guard to his feet.

“Why have you come, my lady?” Haldir asked.

“To answer your questions.”

“My lady, I wish to talk of Kate.”

“I know Haldir. Ask me your questions.”

“Who is she?”

“Do you not think that is a question for Kate?”

“Aye, but she shall not tell me. Why?”

“She fears for you Haldir. She does not wish to reveal her identity to you as yet.”

“Will you tell me?”

“Nay, Haldir. I would not tell you without her consent. When she is ready she shall tell you.”

“She is gone.”

“That is another matter. She is not gone. She has been taken. I had warned her of it before. Kate resembles very closely the daughter of the Easterling King whom he lost to orcs. He believes she is still alive and because of a recently acquired Palantir, he has been able to locate her though he knows not why she dwells in Lorien. Haldir you have a choice. You either to stay here and continue your duties or you can pursue Kate. I can not tell you what your road shall be. But I will tell you it will be like nothing you have experienced before. But the Valar will be with you.”

“I will go Lady Galadriel.”

“Follow me.”

Galadriel motioned for Haldir to come beyond their meeting place. She led him down the right hall passed her chambers until she came to the last door. Inside were numerous weapons of different types. Galadriel went to the left wall where many bows rested. She took one, which hung upon the wall and presented it to Haldir. He held the object running his hands along its smooth back. The bow was of the Galadhrim he could tell from its intricately carved markings. But he had never seen one like it so beautiful. The metal was of mithril, which made it so light. Galadriel smiled and went to the right side of the room. There lay many different swords, daggers, and knives. Haldir unlike most elves was skilled with the sword. He also possessed many daggers. Galadriel lifted up a long sword with a jeweled handle. The blade was slightly curved and elvish words were written upon it. Galadriel spoke them.

“Look to the winds on the west for hope.”

“What does this mean my lady?”

“You shall learn. And this is also for you.”

Galadriel suddenly withdrew a necklace of gold from her cloak. Upon it there rested a small phial with a top.

“Use it only in times of great need.”

“Amin harmuva onalle e’ cormamin.” I will treasure your gift in my heart.

“Go now Haldir. And may your paths be green and golden. May the leaves of thy life never turn brown.”

“Naamarie, my lady.”


As Haldir ushered from the room, Galadriel whispered a silent prayer of safety to the Valar.


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