Kate and Haldir – Kate’s Love and the Mysterious Stranger

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Kate bit into her scone and sighed as she tasted the delicious chocolate inside. Haldir preferred a simple bagel smothered in creamy butter and marmalade. kate sipped the cold Tazo berry in her hand as Haldir studied her features.

“Cooking is a necessity in Middle Earth,” he finally spoke biting into the bagel again. “Here tis an art. I have never tasted anything so delectable in my life.”

“Well the French are known for their breakfasts and beds,” she pushed her sunglasses over head and shooed away a bee.

Kate stood up as the bee landed on her scone. Haldir chuckled as she tried chasing away the insect with napkin. He could see fear in her eyes as the bee buzzed around her angrily as she tried ducking out of the way. Kate screamed as she felt the bee’s sting on her neck.

“OH!” she cursed as Haldir killed the bee with his fist.

“Come here, Kate,” he said moving her neck to his eye seeing the red bump growing. “Come,” he took her hand leading her inside. Haldir received a first aid kit from Starbucks and he led Kate to the lounge and began cleaning her neck.

“Oh I hate bees,” she grumbled. “I’ll never try a drop of honey again.”

“Do not fear,” the elf finished cleaning the wound and folded up the kit.

Before Kate could move, Haldir kissed her neck lovingly and moved his lips to her chin.

“Haldir, really,” she objected.

“In your words, `shut up’.”

Haldir crushed his mouth over hers in a firey kiss that left the girl breathless. Kate leaned into him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“I love you Kate,” he broke away from her lips.

“Uh huh,” she looked dizzy and he couldn’t help grinning. “Kiss me again,” she pleaded.

Haldir planted a brief soft kiss upon her lips and took her hand standing up. “Come on,” he said walking to the door.

“Elves,” she muttered following him into the sunlight.

“What now?” Haldir asked slipping on a pair of sunglasses which looked smashing with his golden hair.

“Well, now we go to the souvenier shop to buy trinket then to the shore to buy dinner. Then we’ll hit the waves if I’m not too tired.”

“Perfect,” he linked arms with her.


“Do you like it?” Haldir asked slipping the sea shell necklace over her head.

She laughed. “If I’m a hula dancer. I’m kidding,” she kissed his cheek. “It’s beautiful.”

Haldir quickly purchased the nexklace for Kate and a genuine conch shell. They made their way back to the car, but as Kate opened the door, something inside her snapped. Just a couple hundred feet away, a man dresssed in black threw a cigarette to the ground.

“Kate?” Haldir interrupted her thoughts. “Are you well?”

“Y..yes,” she stuttered. “Let’s get out of here.”


Kate stood in the kitchen sweat dripping from her brow. She wiped away the perspiration and continued stirring the cream sauce she was preparing for the chicken. Haldir observed her from a distance as her shiny copper curls were piled on her head a few strands drooping down the side of her face. Haldir approached her from behind and reaced up to remove a pin from her hair. Kate twirled around startled as the locks fell around her face. Haldir smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist. Kate reached behind her and turned off the stove. Haldir proxeeded to take out the pins until her copper waves tumbled down her back. The elf kissed her hot brow.

“Come with me,” he took her hand leading her outside.

Kate removed her apron, and took off her short sleeved shirt glad to run about in her light tank top. Haldir and Kate made their way to the beach and stepped onto the cool sand presently. Kate took off for the water, and Haldir followed her closely. She went knee deep into the water and instantly began a splashing frenzy with the elf. He retaliated, and the battled ended with Haldir holding Kate in his arms. They were both soaking wet though they hardly noticed. Haldir brushed his fingertips across her cheek and moved aside a wet strand of hair. Haldir met her lips and kissed her deeply. Kate melted into him.

“You are perfect for me, Kate. Look,” he said taking her hand. “It fits perfectly into mine. I love you,” he brushed his lips against hers barely even touching.

“I love you too,” she declared.

“I have something very important to ask you,” Haldir fiddled with something in his pocket.

Before Haldir could draw the ring out, an unwelcome voice spoke.

“How romantic.”

Kate frowned smelling the cigarettes. Haldir turned setting her on her feet as the figure appeared. He looked to be in his forties with firey dark eyes and sandy brown hair. What worried Kate was the pistol strapped at his side.

“Surely, you received my phone call, Kate. I decided to take you up on your offer, and I can clearly see from your appearance that you are unarmed,” he grinned arrogantly. “You always did have an awesome figure,” he drew closer. “Most likely from my training.”

“Touch her not!” Haldir’s eyes burned.

The man laughed. “You dont even know what she is. Thomas, you’re a whore,” his eyes gleamed. “You’re a failure. You’re a disaster. You didn’t get the job done. Or rather you did but felt the need to keep the benefits for yourself.”

“What do you mean?” Kate asked.

“This,” pointed to the ring on her finger.

Kate cursed. She never noticed it before. It might as well have been invisible. She looked at the gold band and the ruby stone resting in the middle. She recognized it all too well. Kate stumbled backwards landing on her knees as a flashback came to her mind. She saw herself clothed in black walking through the halls of a carpeted floor. She then saw herself running carrying a satchel as she came to a window. But as she was retreating through it, three bullets sounded, and she remembered the pain swelling in her back and neck despite the bulletproof vest. She fell through the window and remembered no more.

“Kate,” Haldir helped her to her feet.

“Yes, Kate,” he continued. “You remember now.”

“Take it and leave!” she said.

“Wish it were that easy. You left a trail of messes coming to America. The Embassy discovered who took it, Kate. Now their agents shall find the body of a dead girl lying on the beach. They shall identify her as Katelyn Thomas the esoteric thief at the Embassy who stole their top secrets. A replica copy of the ring will be found on her finger, and they shall credit themselves with the solved mystery. Time to say goodbye, Kate,” he reached for his gun.

Before he could take it out, Haldir lunged for him, and the gun fell onto the sand. The man overpowered the elf and pointed a knife to his chest. Before he could act, Kate pressed the gun to his head.

“You kill him, and I will blow your brains all over the beach.”

He dropped the knife, and Kate looked at Haldir motioning for him to stand up. Suddenly, a gun shot sounded in the air and seemed to echo through the world. Kate dropped the gun in her hand and touched her chest. She choked, coughed and blood came from her mouth. She had been shot….


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