Kate and Haldir – Kate’s Doom

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Sorry all that this is late. I had a crazy week…….


“But that feeling won’t last, Haldir. I will get old and wrinkly someday, and then won’t you just leave and go back to Middle Earth to find an elf?”

“No, Kate. I will remain by your side until you die.”


Kate pulled into the driveway, stopped the car and sighed. it was a beautiful two story house shielded by many tees of hanging Spanish moss. The grass was upkept as well as the many flowers. Kate saw to the right of the house a walkout proch screened in. a small pond rested in the background. Kate turned to the sleeping elf and smiled seeign the growth of a few stubby golden hairs on his chin. He was so peaceful when he slept and she wondered what it would be like if she were his. Kate abandoned the thought and shook him softly until his eyes fluttered open.

“We’re here,” she told him.

“Tis a beautiful home,” he said stretching lookin at the house

“Well lets go.”

William was very surprised to see his siter standing on his doorstep at eleven oclock at night no less. Kate explained as best she could but he could tell they were both tired from driving such a long way. He unfolded the couch for Haldir and showed Kate to the guest room. She did not bother about changing but fell asleep in her clothes.

Kate awoke the next morning to the golden rays of sunlight pouring through her room. As soon as her eyes fluttered open, she heard a knock on her door.

“Come in,” she answered.

Haldir emerged carrying a tray of food. She nearly hopped out of bed to help him, but he insisted on her staying under the covers. Haldir set the tray upon her lap, and she inspected the hot tea, toast with butter and jam, eggs, bacon, and fresh orange juice. Kate sampled the toast, and Haldir smoothed a few strands of copper hair from her face and saw a tear run down her cheek.

“Kate?” he questioned.

“This tastes so wonderful!” she exclaimed letting out a whimper.

He grinned knowing she was not angry but slowly yielding to him. Haldir calmly kissed her cheek.

“William told you he would be at the beach, and you could join him when you were done if you so wished.”

“The beach sounds good,” Kate answered taking a sip of orange juice.

“Then I will wait and accomapany you.”

“Ok,” she smiled. “Thank you for doing this, Haldir. It means a lot to me.”

“I am glad for your sake then,” he smiled.


Kate laughed as Haldir soared upon the wave for a couple seconds but soon lost his balance and flew backwards into the water.

“I told you he shouldn’t have surfed,” Kate told her brother taking another sip of her pina colada.

“Kate!” Haldir cried coming out of the water.

She set her drink down and stood up as he came running out of the waves. Kate laughed as he approached her excitedly.

“That thing is amazing!” he pointed to the board floating in the water.

“You better get it before the waves take it, Haldir. That’s my brother’s board,” she informed him.

“Oh yes. Of course.”

Haldir quickly retrieved the board, but instead of taking it back in to surf, he rejoined William and Kate who were building a sand castle. William offered him a drink, but Kate stopped him quickly.

“He doesnt have that good of a stomach,” she whispered to William.

“Then we’ll get him a Daquiri,” he smiled.

William handed the drink to Haldir who sniffed it and sipped a little. He promptly grinned and sipped it quicker. Kate knew however he would be feeling it later on that night.


Kate was correct in predicting his hangover. Haldir spent dinnertime within the bathroom and requested some time alone when he came out. Kate suggested he lie down for a short while, and he took her advice. She smiled and was glad for a little time to spend with William. She took a bite of the lemon chicken he had made.

“So who is he?” William asked.

“Just a man who followed me over from Europe.”

“Well, is your relationship serious?”

“Why all the questions Will?”

“Come on, Kate,” he shrugged. “We share everything together. You know at least you can trust me right?”

She nodded.

“Our relationship is not serious to me,” sighed Kate.

“Meaning it is to him.”


“Well be fair to him, Kate.”

William began to clean up the dishes from the table, and Kate stood up walking toward her room. She opened the door quietly only to meet Haldir’s hands pushing her out of the door.

“Haldir!” she objected.

“Do not come in, Kate. I am nearly finished. Stay out there,” he ordered her.

Haldir closed the door, and she faced it puzzled. Kate eyed William, and he grinned.

“Ok, what do you know that I dont?” she asked him.

“He has a little surprise for you. Come with me. I’ll get you ready.”

“Ready?” she asked.

William ushered her into the guest room and began searching through the closet. He then produced a beautiful knee length white dress with no sleeves. Kate touched it smiling.

“It will look perfect with your copper hair,” William told her.

“What do you mean?”

“Wear it,” he suggested.

Normally Kate would have said no, but she had grown used to wearing dresses when she visited Middle Earth. Kate took the dress and closed the door to the bathroom behind her. She stripped her clothes and slipped the dress over her head. It fit perfectly. Kate undid her hair from the braid it was in and emerged. William smiled contentedly but forced her back into the bathroom. He took out a chair for her and had her sit before the mirror.

“You’re not going to do a makeover on me are you?” she asked laughing.

“Yes,” he smiled.

William was going to beauty school oddly enough, and she knew he was very good at makeup and hair. William applied a crimson lipgloss to her mouth and brushed some white eyeshadow across her lids. Her lashes were already long and dark so she had no need of mascara nor of blush to her rosy cheeks. William dragged out the curling iron and gathered some of her hair into a loose bun. He left the remaining strands cascading down her back as well as a few straying over her cheeks. He individually curled each strand and finally let Kate see herself. She looked at herself in the mirror surprised.

“Is that me?” she asked.

He grinned. “I haven’t lost my touch. Well you ready? By the way, that’s a beautiful necklace,” he motioned to the silver strand with saphire beads and the silver star given to her by Haldir.

“Hayden gave it to me,” she told him.

“A very precious thing to give.”

“Yes it is.”

Kate stood up and walked out of the bathroom seeing Haldir pacing in the kitchen. The color came to her cheeks seeing him dressed in a beautiful suit his beautiful golden hair falling to his shoulders. His eyes lit up as he fixed his eyes on Kate. Haldir walked to her side and produced a single white rose. She smiled and took it taking in its fragrance.

“Thank you,” she told him.

“Charmed,” he answered.

Haldir whispered something in her ear that caused her to turn even redder. William interrupted.

“Have fun you two.”

“What?” Kate asked puzzled.

“Come,” replied Haldir taking her hand.

Haldir led her out to the terrace and out onto the lawn. Kate knew he was taking her to the ocean. She could already see the dock, hear the waves, and smell the sea air. The couple walked onto the beach, and the mortal kicked off her shoes letting her feet sink into the sand. She looked ahead of her and gasped seeing a white table cloth set on the sand and candles lit all around revealing a tray of dessert. A stereo rested nearby playing beautiful love songs long forgotten.

“Haldir, you did this?” Kate looked amazed.

“Aye. Tis for you. I thought you would appreciate it.”

“Try overwhelmed,” she smiled sitting down.

Kate picked up the glass of wine and sipped it. She noticed Haldir drinking a glass to.

“Is that ok with you?” she asked.

“You did not actually think I was having a hangover did you Kate? I was preparing everything, and I had William distract you.”

Kate grinned and sampled the cakes put together by the elf and though they were the most delicious she had ever eaten. Haldir held out his hand to her when she was finished.

“Dance with me,” he said to her.

“I’m not very good,” she informed him.

“Come,” he urged.

Kate consented and stood up smoothing out the wrinkles in her dress. She took Haldir’s hand trembling from his touch. He slipped an arm around her waist and drew her in close dancing slowly to the music. Kate softly moved her head to Haldir’s head, and he could tell she was troubled. Haldir pulled away for a moment and brushed a hand across her tear streaked face.

“My Kate what is it?” he asked.

“Oh Haldir,” she sighed. “I’m not brave. I’m not strong. I cover it all up with sarcasm. I’ve changed. Ever since I came to Middle Earth and met you, I’ve changed. How have you done this?”

“Kate, what do you mean?” he waited for her to speak.

She looked up at him. “How did I come to love you?”


*I seriously am an evil person!”


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