Kate and Haldir – Josh’s Coming and Going

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Kate finally awoke and saw Haldir slumped over the bed his head resting in her lap. She smiled in spite of this, and slowly ran her fingers through his silky hair. He was beautiful she thought with the moonlight resting upon his face. Kate slowly brushed aside his hair and touched his tipped ears. She ran her fingers upon the edges. Kate ran her hands upon his own and wondered what it would be like to be held by them. His hands were strong yet clean and beautiful. Suddenly, Kate wanted to slap herself. She couldn’t fall in love with an elf even if he did come all this way with her and sing a beautiful song upon the plane. Kate would not let herself fall in love with him. The mortal pushed Haldir’s head out of her lap yet he still did not awake. She slowly slipped out of bed. Kate made her way into the bathroom and closed the door. No sooner had she wandered in that the mai ndoor to the room opened. A young man with dark curly hair cropped below his ears walked into the room. He saw the light on in the bathroom and smiled knowing Kate was in there. The young man kicked off his shoes and turned the corner into the bedroom and instantly gasped seeing Haldir slumped over the bed, his own bed. The man clenched his fists and made his way back to the bathroom door and knocked on it loudly.

“Wait a second!” Kate called out.

She opened the door wrapped in a towel holding her hair up in a pony tail. She expected to see Haldir and raised her eyes at seeing the man.

“Kate, what’s that guy doing here?” he asked.

“Excuse me, but who are you that you think you can wander right into my room?” Kate objected.

“Uh hello……..it’s me Kate. Did Europe do something to your brain. I thought the desk clerk told you I’d be over later.”

“Oh Josh, um sorry. That guy in there. Its not what you think. He’s just a friend from Europe,” she white lied. “We just got in tonight, and hes exhausted.”

“Why didn’t you give him his own room?”

“Well there were two beds, and I didnt know you would be coming over. I can get him his own room but he’s not that used to Americanized culture.”

“So who is this guy?” Josh urged her.

“His name is Hayden. He’s a friend from one of the universities I visited,” she lied again.

“Hmmm. Hope he’s not trying to move in or anything.”

“He and I are not like that. We could never be.”

“Well you said you were going swimming?” he asked looking at her.

“Um yes. I need to wake him up too. He wanted to go.”

“Well, I’ll join you. But I need to use the bathroom.”

“Well, I’m almost done.”

He raised his hand to his chin smiling. “We could get dressed together.”

Before Kate could even think of a response, she saw Haldir turning the corner an angry expression upon his face.

“Um, Josh this is Hayden, Hayden Josh.”

“Kate, may I speak with you?” Haldir asked her.

“Not now. I need to get dressed.”

Before the men could answer, Kate disappeared into the bathroom lockign the door behind her. She quickly changed into a swimsuit hoping Haldir would not say anything to offend the young man in her room. Kate recognized him, yet did not remember much of her modern past. Perhaps this Josh was not so vile. She would soon find out. Kate opened the door and wondered how ridiculous she looked in a bikini. *I should have gotten a speedo!* she ridiculed herself as she walked out. Josh instantly grinned and snaked an arm around her waist drawing close to her face. She escaped his grasp and gave the excuse of wrapping her towel around her waist.

“Hayden, did you want to go swimming?” she changed the subject.

Haldir answered, “Yes.”

“Well go change,” she pointed to the door. “Your things are in there.”

“Will you be alright?”

“Yes, Hal, Hayden. I’ll be fine,” she privately cursed herself for nearly saying his real name.

Haldir bowed slightly and ushered back into the room.

“He’s still kind of old fashioned,” she told Josh.

“Good thing I’m not,” Josh said walking into the room and withdrawing a beer from the freezer.

“Why didnt I buy a speedo?” she asked herself. “These things are awful for doing laps! I still dont even know why girls wear them.”

“You always look stunning, Kate especially with your clothes off,” Josh said winking.

Kate pulled her hair into a loose bun and piled it on her head. She suddenly shouted out, “Josh what in the world are you doing!?” she demanded seeing him taking his shirt off.

“I’m changing into my suit.”

“Well, wait for Hayden to come out.”


“Please, just go into the bathroom and change.”

“What’s with you Kate? You’re getting on my nerves,” he said approaching her. “That trip to Europe didn’t change you did it?”

“Maybe it did.”

“Better not have. You could be finding another place to live you know? Understand?”

“Ye-yes,” she stuttered.

“Good,” he said brushing a hand across her neck. “Love you Kate,” he whispered in her ear and slipped an arm around her waist. “Next time, I promise, we’ll go to Europe together.”

Before he could continue, Haldir came out of the bathroom. Kate’s eyes instantly shot up and she smiled. Haldir folded his arms, and she could tell he was embarassed. She didnt know why. His abs were like rock as were his muscles.

“I can barely believe men do this often!” Hayden exclaimed.

“Well they do, Hayden,” Josh said his name in disgust. “Be right back, Kate,” he kissed her cheek lightly and went into the bathroom.

When the door closed, Haldir said to her, “His intentions are obvious, Kate. I think it would be your best interest to stay away from him.”

“He’s paying for the hotel, Haldir. I don’t think I have a choice.”

“Yes you do Kate!” Haldir neared her. “You do not have to be his whore!”

“I am not!”

“Well he acts like you are.”

Kate touched her head. “I am not like that now!”

“Then do not encourage his actions, Kate,” he brushed a hand across her cheek.

“Thank you for your advice Haldir, but I will figure out how to do this by myself.”

“I am always here for you Kate. Please understand this.”

“Dont worry about me, Haldir. I’ll be fine.”

Before Haldir could reply, Josh came out of the bathroom a tower slumped over his shoulder.

“Ready to go baby?” he asked taking Kate’s hand.

“Um yes.”

“Let’s go.”

Haldir thought the pool quite amusing and even managed to have Kate climb in when she was compeletely relaxed in the jacuzzi. Haldir even attempted splashing games, and she enjoyed those as well. Then Kate understood what he meant when they came back to the room and started to watch television by Haldir’s request. He fell asleep presently since he was tired of switching from channel to channel. Kate thought it was quite amusing since he believe he could watch many things by surfing through the hundreds of channels. However the flashing lights gave him drowsiness, and he fell asleep holding the remote. Kate stretched, and Josh slipped his arms around her waist.

“Do you want to go to bed princess?” he asked her.

“No, not yet.”

“Come to bed, Kate.”

“What? Why?”

“Because I want you to.”

“What are you talking about?”

He gripped her wrist. “You know what I mean Kate. You’ve been in Europe for weeks. I missed you. It’s makeup time.”

“No,” she said firmly. “He was right about you.”

“Do you mean that guy? Do you think he could ever make you happy Kate? What has happened to you? You were so different before you left. I should never have let you go. You are crazy!”

“Look, I can lose my virginity whenever I wish, and it wont be to someone who stoops to namecalling.”

“You have already lost your virginity to me, Kate. What does it matter?”

“It matters to me. I wont do it anymore. And I dont think you will force me to with him here.”

He stared at her in shock. “I want you out then!” he finally yelled.

“I will gladly leave,” she stood up from the couch and began to gather up her stuff.

He watched her angrily as she quickly packed up her things as well as Haldir’s. She woke him up shortly.

“Kate?” Haldir opened his eyes puzzled.

“We’re leaving. Come on.”

Haldir nearly looked like he was about to rejoice. He instead picked up both of their bags and opened the door for her. Before Kate left, she turned glaring at Josh and said, “Think twice before you ever try to do this with another girl again.”

Kate closed the door firmly and stopped outside the hall. A tear rolled down her cheek and Haldir brushed it away.


“I’m sorry, Haldir. I remember him. I remember when he said that we were going to get married. He said I wasn’t just a toy. I remember.”

“I know, Kate. But,” he lifted her chin to his face. “I am proud of you. You did what was right.”

She sighed. “I know. Still hard though.”

“I am here, Kate. I am here.”


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