Kate and Haldir – Haldir in Chicago

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Kate knew as soon as she saw the look on his face that Haldir did not trust the car for one moment. He wrinkled his nose in disgust as he gazed upon the metal contraption. He had only been in the car from London for a short time. Now he seemed perplexed by the atrocious odor that issued forth from the back of the car. Haldir clinmbed in reluctantly. Kate sat in the drivers seat and started the engine.

“I hope I can remember how to drive this thing,” smiled Kate.



Kate took off faster than she expected nearly crashing into a nearby cadillac. She slammed on the brakes quickly and swerved avoiding the car. She turned to see Haldir gripping the dashboard tightly and closing his eyes.

“Sorry,” Kate blushed. “I had it in the wrong gear.”

“You say these things are effective! A horse would be a thousand times better.”

“Fine then. You ride a horse and be tailng behind me when I’m going one hundred miles an hour. We need to find a hotel so stop complaining.”

Kate drove out of the airport and onto the main highways leading into the city of Chicago. Haldir was astounded as he gazed upon it.

“It looks like Minas Tirith!” said he looking at the immense towers. “But only different.”

Kate looked out at the windows seeing the different people walking past. He wrinkled his nose in disgust as he looked upon the grafiti and litter. Yet he thought the Sears Tower was amazing. Kate finally pulled into the parking lot of the Ritz Carlton. As she climbed out of the car, Kate slipped on her sunglasses. Haldir opened his door and sgtuck his head out.

“Oh Kate!” he gasped.

“What now?”

“Why does the air smell so foul?”

“Haldir, many things are different here. You will have to get used to it. We have a lot of new machines here that contaminate the air. There is much to be said for the simpler life, Haldir. Yet there’s also much to be said for this one. Come on.”

Haldir helped Kate retrieve the luggage, and he followed her to the hotel. He seemed mesmerized by the moving doors. Kate walked through and folded her arms grinning as he continued walking through them over and over.

“Ok come on, pretty boy,” Kate finally grabbed his arm. “Stop playing with the door.”

Haldir walked in and smiled. “This place is beautiful Kate.”

“Good be quiet, dont touch anything, look dont touch, and dont go more than twenty feet away from me.”

Kate made her way up to the front desk as Haldir set the luggage down making his way to the immense fish tank in the lobby. Kate took out her identification, but then realized she did not need it. The front deskman grinned at her.

“Katelyn! So good you could come back for a stay. Should I reserve your suite?” the well dressed man in his late forties asked.

“Um, sure. Sorry it’s been a long day,” Kate answered.

“Just get back from Europe eh? How is Josh doing then?”

“I haven’t seen him yet,” Kate said looking confused.

“Well, I’m sure he’ll find you. He has a way of doing that easily you know? Well here is your key,” he handed her the metal item.

“Thank you.”

Kate turned back to Haldir seeing him gazing up at the many chandeliers and touching the persian rugs. She kindly took his arm and led him away from the fish tank.

“I’m tired so I want to get back up to the room,” She told him.

“You live in a wondrous time, Kate.”

“Not so wondrous when you’re around it though.”

Kate led Haldir to the elevators but she wanted to see the pool first. Haldir was not impressed since he had seen many fairer and larger pools made of polished marble and ebony yet he did enjoy seeing the jacuzzi, sauna, and steam room.

“Perhaps we’ll go have a swim later. I dont like coming to the pool when its crowded,” Kate told him.

The elf and the mortal made their way to the elevators, and Haldir stepped in nervously and panicked as soon as the doors closed. Kate took his hand to steady him as the elevator made its ascent.

“It’s ok, Haldir. This is a device that lets you shall we say climb the stairs to the tower in Minas Tirith without having to take a step. Very useful it is.”

Haldir left the elevator as soon as the doors opened relieved. He then noticed a mirror looking out at him as he stepped off. Haldir smiled and touched his hair. Kate grabbed him by the sleeve.

“Come on, Haldir,” she pulled him away from the mirror. “Yes we know you look sharp in your leather jacket. Let’s go.”

Kate reached the room and fitted her key into the lock instantly sighing as she stepped in. The suite was large and yet seemed familiar to her. There were two beds thankfully on the right side of the room, a television in front of the bed, closets and bathrooms to the right of the bed and a large bathroom with a jacuzzi tub to the left as well as a double window looking out at the city of Chigago. Kate sighed and collapsed on the bed.

“Very good indeed.”

Kate closed her eyes but suddenly bolted up as a loud noise filled the room.

“Ugh! Haldir!” she said taking the remote from him and turning off the television.

“Kate!” he said trying to take it from her. “Give it back!” he demanded.

“No! I’m tired. You can watch tv later.”

“All you wish to do is sleep? We already slept on the plane? How can you sleep in a city like this, Kate?”

“Haldir, I’m tired. Please, can you just be a nice boy and be quiet?”

“Very well, Kate. I shall be content to simply watch you sleep.”

Kate smiled and took her former place on the bed. Haldir gently approached her and covered her soft body with the covers. Haldir rustled Kate’s hair and noticed how much she had changed since coming here. She was even more beautiful he thought touching her copper strands, soft cheeks, and her ivory skin. She was perfect to him. Haldir made his way to the window and looked out at the city. It was so grand, and he wondered if he should have left his homeland. He looked back at Kate, and all regrets passed away. Haldir slowly drew the blinds until the room was dark. He knelt down beside Kate’s bed and watched her sleep. He traced the curves on her face and watched the rise and fall of her chest pleased that her nightmares had abated.

“Perfect, Kate. Divine. Kate, can I keep you?” Haldir whispered in her ear.

Kate stirred and turned onto her side so her back was to Haldir. He breathed in the scent of her hair and slowly touched her back. Haldir smoothed aside her hair and looked at her bare skin. He could see her back had many scars though it was still beautiful. Haldir slowly fell asleep to Kate’s soft breathing.


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