Kate and Haldir – Haldir and Kate’s Vision

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“Come. The day is not done yet.”

She neared the shore when he had finished. He offered her a hand.

“Come on. It should not take long for our underclothes to dry. Here,” he said grabbing his cloak.

She slowly climbed out of the water self consciously knowing that her white under shift was soaking wet. She turned her back to him as he put the cloak over her. She wrapped it around herself and looked up knowing the sun was still shining.

“Come. I wish to show you something else.”

He led her past the lake and waterfall into the woods once again. But behind the lake and waterfall, she saw two ropes forming a swing at the bottom. He took her hand and put it on one of the ropes. She slowly sat down. He took the ropes in his hand and began to swing her. She laughed as he swung her higher and higher. Her wet hair caught high in a sudden breeze. She realized now that it was curly. He finally finished, and she realized it was nearly nightfall. She was cold though her under shift was dry.

“Shouldn’t we go back?” she asked. “My dress is still back there.”

“I know not. I think you look beautiful sleeveless.”

She looked at the ground. He touched her necklace softly. The stars shone above them reflecting in her turquoise eyes.

“Can we go back?”

“Why? Are you afraid the night will last forever? If it does, it shall be perfect.”

“No I don’t want this night to last forever.”

“Why not?”


She was at a loss for words. She remembered what his father said. She turned away from Haldir. He knew this was the night. He took her by the arm.

“Please Lorien lord no,” she objected.

“Why not? No one will ever know.”

“I would know. I promised your father.”

“My father? What did he say to you? He knows nothing! Nothing of how to love! Just because he lost!”

“Lorien lord-“

“No Nimrodel. I am not like my father and I have no wish to be. Please stop calling me by that name,” he said brushing a hand across her cheek.


“My father did not name me Lorien lord. Tis Haldir.”

“You don’t understand.”

Kate’s emotional side was overcoming her. Ever Haldir came nearer to her, and she felt herself crumbling with each step he took. As Haldir drew near, a tear rolled down her cheek. He instantly caught it in his mouth placing a soft kiss upon her cheek. She looked up surprisingly. He caressed her soft face with his hand drawing even closer to her. She suddenly broke free from him and raced back to the spring. He followed her. She found her dress and slipped it on. Though she heard Haldir following behind her closely, she mounted her horse. She would have gone had she known the way. He mounted his horse.

“I do not understand you,” he said as they walked their horses back.

“What is there to understand?”

“Do you not want to be with me?”

“Being with you is simple. But I can not stay with you. That is far too difficult.”

“But why?”

She was silent.

“If you can not give me a reason, what am I supposed to think? That you hate me?”

“I do not hate you.”

“Someone I once knew said that. And then she left me. Give me a reason.”

She saw the lights of Lorien approaching in the distance.

“I can see Caras Galadhon. Goodnight Lorien lord.”

“Cormamin niuve tenna’ ta elea lle au’.” My heart shall weep till it sees thee again.

She managed a smile not understanding his elven words and rode away from his presence. As she was walking toward her room from the stables, she suddenly felt as if a dream had come upon her. There she saw the Lady Galadriel approaching her. She stood tall, fair, and white as she walked beneath the trees. She spoke no words to Nimrodel, but simply beckoned her. Galadriel led her to the southern slopes of Caras Galadhon’s hill. She led her to the enclosed garden. The stars shone brightly in the sky for Nimrodel could see since she stood in an open space. Galadriel walked lightly down a flight of steps into a green hollow. A trickling stream issued from a fountain nearby. Standing near was a pedestal where a silver basin stood. Galadriel filled the basin to the brim with the crystal water from the fountain. She breathed upon it and finally spoke.

“Look into the mirror.”

“But I fear what I shall see.”

“I command the mirror to show many things. What you will see if you leave the Mirror free to work, I cannot tell. It shows many things. Things that were, things that are, and some things that have not yet come to pass. And other things that could never be seen in this world. But even the wisest cannot tell what can be seen.”

Nimrodel approached and slowly stared through. At first all she could see were stars and a dim reflection of herself. Suddenly the stars went out. Nimrodel saw a small girl playing in a field of wildflowers. She knew who the girl was very much indeed. A tall man lifted her into the air as her auburn hair went flying. The image disappeared. Nimrodel saw herself older. She was in a forest mud stained dressed in a foreign garb of dark green. She carried a weapon in her hand, and loud noises issued forth from the piece of metal. Suddenly, she screamed as the figure fell to the ground blood issuing from her back as the result of two holes deeply embedded in her skin. Then the images changed. She saw herself in a prison. It was clear to tell that she had been beaten. The image faded. She then saw a girl very much in appearance to herself. The only difference was her ears. They were not tipped like the elves. The girl’s image faded. She saw Haldir. He was kneeling upon the ground weeping. He had something clutched in his hand. It was the silver sapphire necklace stained in blood. Nimrodel cried out!


“I know what you saw,” Galadriel turned to her. “It is in my mind as well.”

“What does this mean? Are these the shadows of my life of what happened and what will happen?”

“Things can always change, Nimrodel. You know now that you are not of this world.”

“Are you not surprised?”

Galadriel smiled. “I knew another such as you. But she came here in the form of a dream. Her name was Elenya. She also had the gift of the elves, but you do not. She returned to her world along with Legolas Greenleaf who became as a different person.”

“I do not have the gift of the elves. What gift?”

“Immortality if you can call it a gift.”

“So I am mortal?”

“Aye though you may take on the appearance of an elf. There is something else as well. It concerns the Easterling King.”

“Haldir told me of their race. What do they have to do with me?”

“The King has recently lost a daughter to orcs roaming upon their lands. You remember the picture you saw of the girl? That was her. Yes you take on her appearance. I fear the time is coming soon when they will come to reclaim you.”

“What does that mean?”

“You will learn soon. The question is what you will do when the time comes.”

“Can you tell me?”

“No. I am sorry. You must learn for yourself. But that encounter shall not last long. That is if Haldir truly loves you.”

“Does Haldir’s father know that I am a mortal?”

“I believe he sensed it. I also have spoken to him within a dream. You must be prepared, Nimrodel.”

“What about Haldir? I fear that he is falling in love with me.”

“I cannot answer that for you Kalista.”

“Is that my real name?”

“Yes, your parents loved the stories of Middle Earth. They picked a beautiful name for you.”

Kalista held her head down in despair. Galadriel met her eyes and lifted her chin up.

“Fear not. You will find your courage. Now go.”

Kalista walked back toward the rooms. Before she returned to her own, she met up with Orophin. He smiled.

“Hello Nimrodel.”

“My name is Kate.”

“Oh it is? Tis a nice name. So you have regained your memory.”

“I was wondering if you would give this back to your brother please,” she said removing the strand of silver and sapphires from her neck and placing it in Orophin’s hand. He seemed slightly disappointed to take it.

“Are you certain?”

“Yes. Thank you.”

It was just as difficult for her. During her time there, she had grown fond of Haldir. His arrogant manner, his teasing banter, his perfect flirtations with her as well as his kindness and concern for her. It was he who first rescued her. This would be difficult for them both.


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