Kate and Haldir – Chicago

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Previously- “You are frightened. I can see it in your eyes,” he blocked her path.

“Shut up!” she said harshly. “I am afraid of nothing!”

“But yourself,” he said. “You are simply frightened of the fact that I wish to be with you, and the thought that even more frightens you is that you wish to be with me as well.”


Kate knocked her fist into his stomach forcing him to move out of her way. She walked away as Haldir doubled over in pain gripping his stomach. The same guy that had told Kate to kiss him walked out of the bathroom and helped the elf to his feet.

“Sorry man. Cant win em all the time. Women are so fickle aren’t they? One minute they are crying gushing over the beautiful romantic song you’ve sung to them. The next minute, they are hitting you for their own mistakes. I’ll never understand them female stereotypes.”

Haldir stood. “I have honestly no idea what you are talking about.”

“Hey man you from Sweden? You’re accent sounds a little Swedish.”

“No I am not from Sweden.”

“Where are you from?”

“I once served the Lady of the Wood within Lorien beyond the Mist Mountains. She no longer dwells there.”

The man laughed. “Lady of the wood? Lorien? Misty Mountains? Very cheek! Love your acting man! Swear you could so make it in Hollywood, and I bet you’d drive the girls crazy.”

“I see nothing silly about where I come from nor the Lady of the Wood. If you be her enemy then speak it, and I shall cut you to pieces.”

“Oh make no mistake. I think you’re great. What’s your name?”

Haldir was about to speak when he suddenly caught the sight of copper hair out of the corner of his eye. “His hame is Hayden, Hayden Murry.”

“Ahh,” the man said. “And you are?”

She held out her hand, “Katelyn Murphy, and you are?”

“My name’s Peter Flemming. I’m a director, but I was just in London for a business trip. Are you an actor too?”

“No sadly,” replied Kate.

“I think you could make it big too. I wouldnt mind having you come try out for a role. Think you’d be perfect actually,” he said noticing her long copper hair, beautiful turquoise eyes, and slender figure. “Care to try?”

“No thanks. I have no interest in the cinemas.”

“Well,” he sighed disappointed, “What about your friend?”

“No,” kate said. “He’s more into the stage. It’s his passion,” she lied.

“But anyone can get use to being rich and famous cant they? Its what Hollywood is all about.”

“Oh I rather think not. Seems much to fake for me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well I would be personally uncomfortable with all the artiface, the fakery, the make-believe. Its not only acting within movies, but real life as well.”

“Well it seems that we all are actors. All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

“Perhaps,” said Kate. “It was nice to meet you Peter Flemming, but I think the plane shall be landing soon. Have a good trip.”

Kate took Haldir’s arm sharply and led him away from the director. She did not speak to him until they had reached their seat.

“Must I be your babysitter all the time?” she said exasperated. “Look don’t ever, ever! under any circumstance tell anyone where you come from or who you are or what you are! Thank God it was just a director. Any normal person would have suspected. Look, your name is Hayden Murry. You are an American. Forget Middle Earth. Forget Lorien whenever you are talking to anyone. Do you understand?”

“Are the people here callous to the elves?”

“No its just-” how could Kate explain. “Ugh!” she said in exasperation. “Just trust me for now please?”

He touched her face. “I will do whatever you tell me to. I trust you Kate, and I always will.”

“Thank you. And before you try to figure out anything for yourself, ask me first.”

“I will.”


“Haldir, you really should see this,” Kate told the elf as she gazed out at the city of Chicago from the plane window.

“No thank you,” Haldir said gripping his stomach.

Kate giggled to herself and tightened her seat belt as they landed. After the plane had reached the ground, Kate climbed off followed by Haldir who was instantly amazed at the magnanimous overwhelming airport of Ohare.

“It’s one of the biggest airports in the world,” Kate smiled. “All the biggest airflights come here. Come on. We have to get to the baggage claim.”

Kate knew she had been here before. It seemed so familiar. Everywhere she looked, she recognized a new face or knew something about a certain item. Haldir seemed even more dumbfounded as Kate showed him the moving ramps which led through nearly endless hallways. Haldir stared at the different bilboards and signs for different places to travel to. He stopped Kate when he read one.

“I would like to go there,” he pointed to a deserted white sand beach with swaying palm trees and crystal clear water.

“I’m sure you would,” grinned Kate.”Ahhh, here we are,” Kate said stepping off the moving ramp and led Haldir to the baggage claim.

Haldir grinned as he saw the circular moving ramp for luggage. Kate had to stop him however when he nearly took a bag which was not theirs.

“Ok,” Kate said picking up her suitcase, “We need to go find the busses that lead to the rental agency. We need a car.”

“Must we?” replied Haldir.

Kate knew as soon as she saw the look on his face that Haldir did not trust the car for one moment. He wrinkled his nose in disgust as he gazed upon the metal contraption. He had only been in the car from London for a short time. Now he seemed perplexed by the atrocious odor that issued forth from the back of the car. Haldir clinmbed in reluctantly. Kate sat in the drivers seat and started the engine.

“I hope I can remember how to drive this thing,” smiled Kate.


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