Kate and Haldir – Arrival (sorry its short)

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They were now bound for the new world. However Kate was glad that they did not need to steer the ship. It seemed to float upon invisible wings, which served as another reminder of the grace and power of the Valar and Eru. They were actually bound for the ‘Old World’ as Varda had told them. At first Kate thought that the old World was Middle Earth but it was actually referring to Europe. From there, they would make their way to North America and the home to Kate’s untouched memory. Europe would be the lands of Eriador and by Kate’s guessing Great Britain.

She was glad it was bound for the United Kingdom. There had been books of this wondrous place called Europe with its Scottish castles, unique foods, and beautiful Italian cathedrals. She spent the days with Haldir pouring over books, which would teach them about the world to come. Haldir had noticed Kate changing within each day. Her ears were now no longer tipped. Her hair was slightly shorter as it now fell to her elbows. But she was still as beautiful as ever. Her turquoise eyes still had not lost their sparkle. Haldir still saw the light of the stars within them.

One particular night, Kate lay upon her couch below deck peacefully sleeping as the ship drew ever nearer to Great Britain. Haldir suddenly rushed into her room and bathed the room with light. She sat straight up and realized he was holding a flashlight.

“Where did you get that?” she asked.

“It was nestled within one of the cabins. This is a wondrous sight, Kate.”

She laughed. “To you it is. I have seen it before. My brother and I-” she did not finish.

“You have a brother? Kate?”

She touched her head. “I don’t know. How did I?” he stopped her.

“I wished to show you this,” he said holding a book to her and flipping through the pages. He finally found the spot he was looking for. Kate saw the image of a jet plane flying above the clouds. “They are metal eagles. They can fly, and they hold people within them.”

“I know Haldir. We will take one to America once we go to Great Britain.”

“Why do we not take the ship?”

“The Valar did not mean for it to go to America. Now can I please go back to sleep?” she begged.

“Oh I apologize, Kate. Goodnight.”

Before Haldir left, he placed a kiss upon her forehead. She watched him close the door to her cabin. Kate hugged her knees to her chest thinking.

“My brother.”

Kate awoke the early the next morning. Haldir was sitting beside her bed which surprised her.

“How long have you been there?” she asked stretching her arms.

“All morning,” he answered.

“You should not have. You should have slept. I think we’ll reach the United Kingdom today. We’ve been out here for weeks. I am getting tired of the salt water and all the fish as a meal.”



“What will happen when we come to your world? What shall happen to you?”

“I dont know. I dont know if I have a family waiting or if I’m married or-” Kate paused. And she decided to change the subject. “You know we need a name for you.”

“Is there something the matter with the one I do possess?”

“Actually yes. No one in America is named Haldir. We have to think of one more common. The only H names I can think of that aren’t completely idiotic are Hal, Hans, and Hayden. Either that or we can look through some books and you can pick out a name for yourself and you can have something like Harrison or Hamilton for a last name.”

“You choose, Kate.”

She looked at him in surprise. “Hayden. I think I like Hayden. Its not common but unique and special in its own way.”

Kate stood up from the bed and made her way to the closet. She opened the door and took out a flowing white dress with short sleeves. Haldir made a small bow and left the room. Kate knew any other guy would never have done that. She thought of Haldir. Why had he stuck with her this long? He knew now that she was not mortal. Kate wondered what would happen in their realtionship to come. Kate slipped the dress over her head and began to brush her hair. Suddenly she heard Haldir cry out from the upper deck.

“Kate! Come now!”

Kate hurriedly rushed up the stairs and to the stern where Haldir stood the wind blowing his long golden hair about. He pointed out to the Sea. Kate instantly saw them and laughed. A pod of dolphins was swimming and flying through the water behind the white ship. Kate wondered if she could touch one. She slowly stepped onto the balcony.

“What are you doing, Kate?” Haldir asked taking her waist before she went further.

“It’s ok. I’ve done this lots of times.”

The stern of the ship was built in such a way that under it rested a small platform where one could sit and dip his or her feet in the waves. Kate crossed the bars to the other side and stood on the platform. She knelt down as she saw a dolphin swim nearby. Kate held out her hand toward the water. Without a warning, a dolphin suddenly jumped into the air making Kate jump. She managed a small touch of the dolphin’s fin before he crashed into the waves. The creature landed in the water sending a wall toward Kate. She laughed as the water hit her, and the dolphin flashed an eternal smile at her. Kate turned and smiled at Haldir. He helped her onto the deck once again and smoothed a wet strand of hair out of her face.

“You are soaked,” he noted touching the sleeve of her white dress.

“Guess I should go change hmm? It was so amazing. I actually touched one. It was absolutely incredible!”

“Kate, I-” he said drawing near to her face.

Before he could attempt to kiss her, Kate cried out. “Land!”

Haldir turned and saw the peeked mountains and sandy shore coming into view.

“I think we’re in Scotland,” Kate said as they made their way to the front of the ship.

“How do you know?” Haldir asked.

“I dont. I just see a castle in the distance, and many castles are within Scotland. Look! there is a small harbor. Come on to the front of the ship,” Kate said taking Haldir’s hand.

Kate saw the bay and the sandy beach which led then up the steep rocky mountainside. As the ship neared the beach, she hoped they would not strike a sandbar or collide with the rocks upon the shore. She could see a few small fishing boats within the bay, but it was still early, and the bay looked isolated. The ship came nearer to the shore and very gently landed upon the sound. Then Kate noted that what had looked like a grand castle was but a small stone house now uninhabited and broken down. Kate and Haldir held to the balcony as the ship landed.

“I think this is our stop,” Kate said to Haldir.

“Come,” he said taking her hand.


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