Kate and Haldir – A Mysterious Phone Call and A Night Under the Stars

by Nov 3, 2003Stories

The next morning, Kate awoke late and discovered Haldir was no longer in the room. His suitcase was still there so she knew he had to be somewhere. Kate flopped out of bed and looked at the clock gaping. Had she actually slept to eleven o’clock? Suddenly, Kate’s cell phone rang, and she jumped. Kate sighed and picked up the item seeing the number. It was blocked. She held the phone to her ear and pressed ‘talk’.

“Is this line secure?” the voice on the other end asked.

“It’s my cell phone.”

“Good. Do you have the item?”


“2362, do you have the item?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Kate answered.

“Don’t try anything stupid, Kate. We know who you are, and you will continue to aid us or we will dispose of you. Do you have the item?”

“I’m hanging up,” she said.

“You shall meet me at the New York Rockafellar Center in two days at eleven pm on Saturday or I shall hang you up. I suggest you come alone, no tricks no police or it will be worse for you.”

The line went dead, and Kate looked at the phone in confusion. Probably just a prank, she thought throwing it back into her suitcase though secretly she was trembling.

Kate slipped a robe on and picked up her swimsuit and towel thinking Haldir had gone to the pool. She proved correct and found him there splashing and playing with a couple of children. She laughed covering her mouth for a moment as she looked at him from the second floor. Kate started down the stairs, and Haldir met her eyes smiling until one of the children covered his head in water. Kate laughed and headed for the locker rooms to change. When she came back out, Haldir was no longer in the pool but in the jacuzzi. He smiled at her as she stepped into the warm water and took a spot in front of a jet. Kate closed her eyes and sunk into the water. Haldir fixed his eyes upon her thinking she looked peaceful and even beautiful when wet. Kate was so relaxed, she did not notice his hand move to caress her cheek. Haldir traced the line from her cheekbone to her chin then rested his hand upon her lips. Kate opened her eyes and was about to speak, but Haldir pressed his index finger to his lips signalling her to remain quiet. Kate watched him as he neared her until his lips were a breath away.

“Not in public, Haldir,” she whispered gently pushing him away.

Haldir moved away, and Kate climbed out of the water wrapping a towel around herself. Haldir ushered out after and followed her back up the stairs. She reached the door and fought violently with the key becoming more and more frustrated.

“Kate,” Haldir laid a hand on her shoudler and turned her face to his. “What is wrong my dear sweet Kate?”

“Nothing!” she snapped and turned back to the door and finally managed to open it.

Kate threw her towel angrily on the floor and was about to turn the doorknob to the bathroom when Haldir suddenly took her shoulders firmly in his hands and twirled her to face him.

“I do not know what is going on in that head of yours, but I want it to cease now,” he said angrily. “Do you understand?”

Kate swallowed nearly afraid of him seeing the fire in his eyes.

“Let go, Haldir,” she ordered. “I’m still in my freezing bathing suit, and I want to take a shower. Talk later.”

Haldir loosened his hold on her, and she pushed him away violently retreating into the bathroom. He changed into the odd garments of the twenty first century thinking they were actually quite comfortable though he missed carrying his quiver along with him. Kate wouldn’t allow it. He washed his hair in the sink provided and quickly gathered it into a low pony tail since Kate told him the men of this country rarely ever braided their hair. He refused to cut it however. She did not take as long as he expected. She issued out of the bathroom wearing a knee length black skirt and a light blue short sleeved top which fell below her shoudlers slightly. Haldir could not help but smile seeing her hair wonderfully dried and silky straight falling to her elbows. She began packing up her things completely ignoring him unaware of his existence. He could tell she was angry, and the thought made him nearly laugh for he loved how beautiful it made her look. She finally kicked the bed in frustration and finally turned to him.

“You’re really going to come aren’t you?” she asked looking into his eyes.

“Aye,” he said. “Nothing you say will stop me.”

“Fine. but I want no words out of your mouth about how you miss television, and I wont play the radio constantly for you. We will stop when I want to stop, no unhealthy snacks. You start eating chips, I will kill you.”

“Agreed,” he smiled.

“What do you keep grinning for?” she asked.

“You look beautiful when you are angry,” he answered.

“Thanks,” she said sarcastically. “Now let’s go check out.”

Haldir helped Kate finish packing and gathered up the things. They had no trouble checking out nor renting a car. Haldir was about to complain about the car again, but knew if he did, Kate would drive off leaving him in the dust. She drove much faster despite the traffic leaving the city, and Haldir almost wishes he had requested a blindfold. They passed through the cities in silence. Haldir knew she was upset, and he left her alone and simply read a book he had been interested in. When evening drew near, Kate turned to Haldir and said, “My bum is sore. There’s a rest station coming up so I’m going to stop. Are you hungry?”

Haldir nodded. “But your snacks were quite good,” he motioned to the eaten apple cores and the empty bag of carrots.

“Ahhh, I should have given you some sugar. You must be tired now. I need some caffeine myself.”

Kate pulled into the rest station where a park rested and some picnic tables. She took a bathroom break and purchased some soda and snacks for the remainder of the journey. She would take Haldir to Perkins tomorrow. Kate came back out where Haldir was waiting for her. She handed him a diet coke, and he unscrewed the cap bottle wondering what this drink would taste like. He followed her to the picnic table and took a sip of the liquid. He nearly choked but swallowed the coke instantly nodding in pleasure. Kate smiled and handed him a snicker’s bar, which he eagerly ate as well. Kate tossed her hair, and it fell onto his shoulder as she looked up at the stars. Haldir gazed at them as well.

“They are not as bright as Varda’s,” he told her.

“No I suppose not.”

“But you make them shine even brighter, Kate.”

She looked at him again yet not surprised. Haldir reached up toward her face and rustled her hair.

“You are angry with me, Kate,” he said softly.

“No,” she turned away. “Just confused.”

“Why?” he asked.

“Because you’re an elf. You can have any long living beautiful elf you want, and you are still staying with me even though I am changing every day.”

“Kate, I love you,” he told her.

“But that feeling won’t last, Haldir. I will get old and wrinkly someday, and then won’t you just leave and go back to Middle Earth to find an elf?”

“No, Kate. I will remain by your side until you die.”


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