Kate and Haldir – A Mistaken Identity

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Kate awoke to a light flooding her sight. She knew she was in a bed. She also realized she was bare. She raised her hand to her face as images came to her. She had been in the forest, and the figures had tricked her. But who were they? Her question was about to be answered.

“Hello Freya. How was your rest?”

She saw sitting beside her a young man with cropped hair very unlike the elves. His once dark hair was now bleached a light brown from the sun. She looked around the room and out the window noting that she was no longer within the forest but within a city.

“Where am I?”

“You are safe and home. I have brought you home.”

“I dwell in Lorien.”

“The home of our foes is not the home of an Easterling Princess.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Your father wishes to see you,” he changed the subject. “Dress quickly. He wants to know of how you escaped the orcs and of how you arrived in Lorien.”

Before he left, the young man brushed a thumb affectionately across her cheek. She frowned in distaste.

“I am glad you are back. Soon we shall be bound.”

As he left the room, Kate wondered to herself. Galadriel had said that they wished to reclaim their Princess. She did look like the girl in the mirror, but Kate was not the Princess. How could she tell them, though? Her ears of course! They must believe her if she showed them her tipped ears. She wondered though why she still possessed them if she was mortal.
Kate rummaged through the closet attempting to find any sort of garment, which was not wildly colorful and did not expose her midriff. She wondered if all of the women in this land wore these kinds of clothes. Kate finally discovered what she had been looking for; a dress. She slipped the sleeveless white dress over her head. It fit perfectly and complimented her auburn hair. It was fairly low cut though, but at least it was a dress.

Kate opened the door and brought a hand to her face to shield her eyes from the golden sun. It nearly pierced her since she had hardly been able to make out its outline in the thick woods of Lorien. Now it shone hot as beads of sweat began to form upon her back. Though it was far past noontime, the sun still shone its warm rays upon her. No wonder the women of this land wore bright colored and flimsy clothing. Kate looked around noticing she was in a courtyard of sorts. Other people walked about near the houses and fountains. She was astonished at seeing the girls. Some of the young ones did not even wear coverings from their midriff to their necks. Kate already missed seeing the fine gowns of Lorien where layers of silk were used making them seem so beautiful upon whoever wore it.

Then Kate saw a woman running up towards her. She was middle aged and wore a small golden circlet upon her head. She grasped Kate’s hands while crying.

“Freya, Freya, oh how did you escape? Did they harm you? What were you doing in Lothlorien the land of the elves?” the woman flooded her with questions but did not wait for an answer. “Come your father wishes to see you. It does not matter how the questions are answered. You are here now. I was worried that you would not be present for your joining day.”

“What do you mean ‘joining day’?” Kate asked.

“Aseir and you shall be joined. Do you not remember?”

Kate did not remember. That was the truth, but she dare not tell the lady whom she guessed was the Princess’s mother.

“But, I-I-“

“What is it? You do not think he is worthy of you? Aseir is your father’s favorite of the noblemen! You shall bear him a worthy child as well! You must be joined.” The woman spoke so quickly that Kate had barely time to think of an answer. “You and he must be joined if only to continue the line, Freya.”

“My name is not Freya,” Kate blurted out.

“If your name is not Freya the one we chose for you, what is it?”


The woman burst out in laughter. “What kind of a name is that? It is so simple. It is so dull. Kate, Kate, Kate!” she continued laughing.

“It is short for Katelyn. My name is beautiful.”

“Of course it is Freya. You must be still sick. And I see you are not wearing your usual garb. What has become of you?” she asked circling Kate. “My daughter you have always enjoyed showing off your beautiful body. How do you think Aseir became so closely attracted to you?”

“Well I am not genuinely attracted to him,” Kate said frowning.

“That does not matter.”

“So you mean people down here are not allowed to choose whom they wish to marry and whom they love?”

“You will grow to love him. Just as I did with your father. You must keep the line going Freya. You are our only daughter.”

“I don’t care!” Kate lashed out suddenly. “I am not your daughter do you hear? I am not Freya. My name is Kate! I am an elf!” Though Kate knew herself that it was not true.

She pushed her hair behind her ears and revealed her pointed tips. The woman gasped.

“Freya,” she said raising a hand to her mouth.

“I-I’m sorry.”

The woman did not listen but suddenly ran away crying. She did not look behind at Kate but continued into the large building resembling a small castle.

“I’ve gotta get out of here. Tonight, I wonder if I can slip out unnoticed. No one will know,” she said to herself.

“Someone does know, Freya.”

She turned around swiftly and nearly collided with the man who had been in her room earlier. He gripped her wrists strongly.

“Ouch!” she said. “Stop that!”

“You are not to leave before our day.”

“I will never come to you. Who do you think you are? Let me go.”

“No Freya. Perhaps I should just do it tonight and get it over with so you do not run. What has become of you? You were so beautiful not only in body but in your heart. It was open to me. What did the orcs do to you?”

“You have me confused with someone else. Listen, I am an elf.”

She pushed her hair away once again revealing her ears. He simply laughed.

“Do you think that it matters to me whether you are elf or not?” Her eyes widened as he continued. “If you are elf then so be it. Your beauty shall not fade and in my old years I can still take pleasure from you.”

“NO!” she screamed and tried to wrench free from him. “I am not yours. Ow!” she cried as his grip tightened. “Let go!”

“You shall be much to busy tonight to try and run away. The sun is setting now my love. Come.”


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